Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire

We start off the week getting a glimpse into Nucky's family and childhood and it was not pretty from what we saw. His father was abusive and Nucky took a licking in and out of the house whether it was for eating out of turn or losing his baseball mitt. Nucky despises his dad but I liked how he told Margaret "he can't hurt me now." The shot of his brother Eli standing in uniform in front off their father's picture told me that Eli is going to fill the role of tormentor and make Nucky's life hell down the road.

Chalky returned this week and thought he saw through one of Nucky's tests when he refused to do business with a man from Manhattan calling himself Michael Lewis. (Did you notice how he offered to pay Chalky in $500 dollar bills?)
While at Chalky's club, Nucky is approached by Chalky who talks mentions the test. Nucky has no idea what he is talking about and we know this to be true. While there Nucky sat with a man named Harry who tried to persuade him to invest money with a guy who could return a 50% profit on something called International Reply Coupons. After seeing how Harry was trying to get his "friend" involved in a deal that seemed to good to be true I immediately thought of Madoff. This investment opportunity was discussed very quickly and was a seemingly insignificant conversation, but upon reading up on it I learned that the man Harry was referring to was Charles Ponzi. The profit that could be made by taking advantage of the differing postal rates in different countries to buy IRCs cheaply in one country and exchange them for stamps to a larger value in another country was the intended profit generator for a scheme operated by Charles Ponzi, which became known as the fraudulent Ponzi Scheme. Great bit of trivia I thought.

The aforementioned Mr. Lewis we learned is actually Meyer Lansky, an associate of Lucky's. He reminded me of a little A.R. at first and after reading up on him more I learned I was not too far off. Known as the "Mob's Accountant", he was a Jewish-American organized crime figure who, along with his associate Charles "Lucky" Luciano, was instrumental in the development of the "National Crime Syndicate" in the United States. So pretty much a bad ass.
We also met another man to be reckoned with when Jimmy met Richard Harrow at the Vet hospital. I loved the scene where he showed Jimmy the German sniper mask he carried around and how he waited three days for the guy to lift it so he could take his shot. Just amazing dialogue.
Jimmy did his boy a huge solid by taking him back to his place and hooking him up with his girl Odette. I waited to see the shock in her eyes when Richard turned around, but she didn't flinch and was more than happy to give him a Ticker Tape Parade on behalf of a grateful nation.

Jimmy's monologue about the German soldier was spectacular, right up there with Chalky's story about his dad. "It's almost impossible to describe the horror, it's a living, waking, nightmare." Basically if any character talks for more than twenty seconds you know someone is going to get got. "I'm not going to kill you Liam." OK whew...BLAM! Harrow returns the favor by helping Jimmy take out Liam. The camera work was top notch and the organ music Ala The Phantom of the Opera, that played as Harrow packed up his rifle was quite a nice touch given our man's mask.

Wrapping up with a few thoughts:

This chick is going to lose it and go postal if that quote on the movie screen has any bearing on her future course of actions. "I feel empty without you inside me." Who turns a woman who says such things away?

Lucky partnering up with the Pope boys from Philly is a scary situation for our boy Nucky and Chalky I fear.

Sweet Berry Wine...nuff said.

Nucky lit a match and closed a painful part of his life. He don't need no water, let that motherfukker burn! There are those I feel who think Nucky is all about the green, but he shows here that he is a way more dynamic character with a seriously dark side to him.

Looks like Jimmy is coming back to Jersey to make like the 213 and regulate. MOUNT UP! But he also looks to be in some trouble of his own now that the blonde haired kid turned states evidence on him for the shoot out. Great stuff so far and more of the same ahead it looks like.


  1. this guy really knows how to put together a blog huh?'ve got a gift my friend.

    Now, i have to be honest it was a rough wknd for me and im not that smart a guy which should explain alot but there was alot that was going down in this episode that i really didnt quite understand/pick up on, luckily i got jel D at the helm....

    Cant say that i was surpirsed by what was going down w/ Nucky's fam and his brother and it was further re inforced when u saw the two boys left his father to live after all these years, dude was livin like the crazy cat lady in the simpsons times 1000...sht was gross b. Greatt shot of Eli next to all of his schwag cop trophies and awards, man i hate the sht out of that mother fker. guy is THE WORST. I'm hoping we see the end of him before this season is out.

    Here is where the confusion started for me, it was clear (after Chalky asked nucky) that the lil man who tried to swing a deal w/ chalky did NOT work for nucky (im getting confused typing it out) but just because he was there w/ lucky a little while later that he definetly works for Lucky and AR or was he just trying to work a whole differet typpe of deal w/ those guys? did he really just work for Charles ponzi?....i dunno, i didnt much get that but i did respect how this mofo how NO kinda fear walking into the shark tank a couple times over, in spite of the fact that clearly he wouldnt be the forhead high to Lucy's wouldnt that be great. js

    More confusion for me, the whole thing w/ the sniper and jimmy and the the test?....1.) why did jimmy agree to take the test 2.)what did it matter that when they said that he would be embarassed because they would ask you if you made love to a woman make you NOT want to take it?...wouldnt that be ur time to shine?..."I LIVE IN A WHRHOUSE! THATS ALL I DO IS SLEEP W/ WOMEN....TAKE A LOOK AT SOME OF THESE LIKENESESS! COOL RT!?!"....i dunno maybe thats just me but thats what i would have done..s[eaking of whrs, cant believe that b actually twisted "two face"...thats dedication to the job, good for her and between jimmy making all that go down and his convo w/ the guy that guy that killed his b.....jimmy is slowly becoming one of the most bad ass mofos ever. Love it. Is there a chance that he could get even coooler and come back to jersey and bang out his girl and her girl in teh art studio?...i'll keep my fingers crossed and lotion ready.

    What is gonna come of my sweet lucy?....even though she's annoying as fk, i also feel lonly every day im not inside of her and thats the truth.

    Another, great one jell D, u keep doin what u do, i respect the sht out of it

  2. Chalky thought Meyer a.k.a Short Pants was sent by Nucky to see if Chalky would make a deal to deal whiskey on the side and cut Nucky out of the money. We learn though that Meyer is really serious about buying Hooch with Lucky as his partner. They want to cut Lucky out of the picture and make money for A.R. so he can get his revenge in a way for the lost shipment Jimmy and Al hijacked. Mr Ponzi was only referenced by the fat dude eating the peanuts who is "dating" Margaret's girlfriend. As for the tests I was just reading about them last night in Sebastian Junger's book WAR. The army did studies on what type of men came out of the war in sort of exit interviews to help create a better screening process for applicants that would in theory produce better more well adjusted and stable soldiers that would fight better and better handle the mental strains of combat. A sort of psycholgical profile to find the ultimate warrior.

  3. ok...see...not that i would EVER question you...but im not so sure that lil man lets call him "woodhead"....(looks just like danny) ever really worked for Nucky? what evidence of that is there?...again, not to question u i just didnt get that. As for the tests, i get the whole super solider deal but why did jimmy agree to it?..if it was so embarassing why on earth he agree to it?...what did he get out out it is my question

  4. We both on the same page. "Woodhead" works with Lucky and never worked for Nucky, BUT Chalky thought he was a sort of spy sent by Nucky.

  5. OK looks like Chris answered most of the questions..But in short Meyer Lansky was a bad man in the mob world, later in life he ends up buying a bunch of casinos in a lil place called Las Vegas I m sure you heard of it. Yes LL is trying to cut out Nucky but he doesnt realize how embedded Nucky really is.. I personally think LL is using the philly guys to take the fall for Jimmy & Nucky .. offering up the hit on Nucky's bagmen .. See no good/smart mobster gives away something for free..Not an easy hit, not a girl not booze... there is always strings and not just their cut they want to own every part of you so you can owe them a favor..AR needs Nucky, LL is finding a way to get back with Nucky good graces ...
    The only way Jimmy comes back and lives is if they allow it (AR & LL) ..Jimmy is the man.. he's bright and he is fearless...Guy could end up doing some things..also in case you dive in .. Jimmy is one of the Fictional characters in the story, which leads me to believe 2 things.. 1. they wrote the part for him 2. hes gonna be around for a while.

    the naked wine scene in the bed was great they cut to black about 5 secs too quickly for me. But the funny thing was Jimmy's girl mentioned "he knows every time he looks in my eyes he knows? who is he Jimmy ? the Photo dude? who?
    lots of great natural booobs in this show i have to admit i know they arent as big as I usually like but the natural supple breast sandwiches give me a subtle twinge below the Mason Dixon line.
    Quick thoughts..Nuck's dad not around for long, neither is the Commodore ..these 2 deaths will play an interesting role in the show....

    Awesome Phantom coorealtion Chrissy that was well done by u ..have to admit you are on your A Game as usuall with this

  6. Again, I'm tardy for the party, but much respect for a great post Chris and Cam, way to ask for clarifcation on some points you misunderstood...Please continue with this. It helps me deal with my own retardation after a long weekend or generally speaking. Mute...great imagery with the supple breast sandwiches, but wheres the bread part?

    Few questions, thoughts etc.. First off, did anyone else notice Harrow kept making eye contact with Jimmy's crotch? I did.There are fewer creepy characteristics of a man than mouth breathing and a wandering eye and Harrow owns both traits.

    Next, I can't say I was surprised by Chalky's belief that the lil guy was part of a setup. How many vertically challenged white guy would honestly have the balls to walk into a dark smoky room with Chalky and his homies by himself without at least the token buddy backup with retard dad strength.

    I'm glad the same bullshit mind games and playing uninterested, then sensitive, then backtracking, then...ok you get my drift. Anyway glad that shit happened back in the 20s as well. When Margaret shot down Nucky about rehashing his past for a second, I'm not gonna lie, it felt good to watch such a sweet and sensitive chick shut him the fuck up for a second (even though she didnt mean it and was just listening to her girl's advice). She eventually caved and apologized. Shocker.

    Lastly, I have been trying to think of who Lucy reminds me of and I finally came to the conclusion that she talks at times like Tai in Clueless ..the scene where she calls Cher a "virgin who can't drive". You're welcome Brownie.