Thursday, November 11, 2010


This Agent Van Alden is some demented and sadistic cat. His wife Rose is crying about not being able to conceive and lamenting her period flow coming each month and all the guy says is "PLEASE EAT!" We knew since last week that the money Jimmy was sending home wasn't getting there but this week we finally learned it was old Agent 'Silas' who was intercepting them and keeping them in his desk drawer. Lucky for Angela, Van Alden hates his wife more than Jimmy so he ends up sending her the cash. That was some nifty camera work when they showed his wife Rose opening the letter from him making you think you were going to see the wad of cash to pay for her surgery, but then instead it's Angela, Jimmy's girl who finally receives the bank roll that could choke a hippo.

While Angela was getting paid, Eli found himself getting jacked the ski mask way by Vinny Delpino and his crew of Italians. Unlike the Manning brothers, this young Eli can't come close to stepping out from his big brothers shadow. Nucky throws full on blow out parties with pros and gambling while Eli and his handful of friends watch hand cranked p-rno flicks and nearly burn the place down.
Speaking of on fire, Margaret Schroeder KILLED it this week. The scene with her and Lucy was tops. First off I love how confident our Irish flower has become, ordering another round of sweet cakes and really enjoying the whole "ball of wax." She is going to start boozing soon enough I feel. Then she is sitting there in that hat looking all bad ass like the Emperor as Lucy is ushered in by the French store owner who lurked in the background like Vader.
Lucy held her own though, well up until the point where she got the taste slapped out of her mouth.
Lucy- Oh shell help she's very helpful aren't you Mrs macdougal Schroeder Is that Irish for bitch?
Margaret- You're not at your best now and you should leave.
Hey Lucy...what did the five fingers say to the face?

Nucky trusts her above everyone else as he asked her to secure his ledger from his desk. First off, who leaves that smoking gun in an unlocked drawer like that? Scrooge McDuck built a friggin money bin to protect his lucky dime and this guy just leaves the keys to his empire sitting amongst the stamps and envelopes. Not very smooth Nuck. Who do we thing was on the other end when the phone on Nucky's desk rang and Margaret answered? My guess would be Lucy.
Loved how mischievous Margaret was when she opened that lefter, but he face said it all after she saw the figures and numbers. Nucky isn't just rich, he's WEALTHY. Torrio is Rich, but Nucky and guys like A.R., are WEALTHY. There's a difference. Just listen to Chris Rock.

Nucky showed just how much cheddar he can throw around when he secured the Presidential Suite by tipping the hotel manager a few hundos at the Republican Convention. Nucky also backed the right horse when he ditched Senator Edge and jumped into bed with Shooter McGavin a.k.a. Harry Daugherty and swears allegiance to Harding if Shooter will guarantee that the only way Edge will ever see the inside of the White House is "on a guided fukking tour."

Along with Daugherty, President Harding is our latest historical figure we are introduced to. Although himself a man of political talent, it was no surprise to read that he was careless with his associates and rewarded his friends with powerful monetary positions. His administration was known as The Ohio Gang and notoriously consisted of Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty, Interior Secretary Albert B. Fall, and Navy Secretary Edwin C. Denb. They were considered to have been responsible for acts of corruption and cronyism. The resulting scandals are considered to have led to the suicide of one associate, Jess Smith, and the jailing of Fall for his involvement in the Teapot Dome Scandal . They were all indicated in acts of bribery and price skimming from bootleggers and drug dealers. Harding's creepy wife's psychic was on her tarot cardfs because Harding would go on to die suddenly while in office in 1923.

Jimmy and Nucky meet face to face again. I was a little dissapointed when Jimmy offered to drive Nucky and his butler back to their hotel. Nucky gave him attitude because he incorrectly thought Jimmy was neglecting his family and all Jimmy does is basically offer to go get his shine box. Nucky should know Jimmy has been away for awhile he don't shine shoes or drive people around no more. He cracks skulls with his boy Richard Harrow who I was psyched to see is sticking around. Looks like he will make the trip back to N.J. too with him. Jimmy realized that Nucky was right when he said because of his Irish blood Jimmy will never be one of Torrio's main guys. We saw this realization while he watched Al and Torrio playing cards. He would never be let into the inner circle. Like my man Henry Hill in Goodfellas explained.

I like how Jimmy always toasts "to the lost." Very appropriate given the holiday this week. I also like how my man A.R. only drinks milk while he is rehearsing his testimony with his lawyer in anticipation of the investigation into the Black Sox scandal.

Jimmy is headed home and he is doing some recon on his Mom's main twist Lucky. Looks like he also is going to put a hurt on the phtographer using the guy's own tripod. Harold also get medievil with the sawed off. Chalky sells out to A.R. and his boys and Lucy turns rat and talks to Van Alden. We learned that Nucky had a son but he died. He stands to lose a lot more though as Atlantic City is Under Siege and Steven Seagal hasn't even been born yet.

A lot to discuss as a lot went down. Looking forward to the comments as always. There may be a few new people joining in but not to worry they share our same enthusiasm for all things good about this show.


  1. Ok so...the post came a little later today (because of so mucch love yet so much information) that i was gonna read it now at 330 and then respond tommorow but after reading the first few paragraphs of this hot fiya i GOTZ to get down now. (i was loving it as is but when i saw the Rick James clip WOOOOO!!!)....

    aight so down to business,...have too agree w/ ohara on agent van alden, guy is a flat out nut. Not only that but what the fk is teh deal w/ his life at home??....i think that this is the first time that i have ever said this in my life but i actually WOULDNT want to a see a scene where those two twist, i think i'd be more aroused watching the national chess final then watching those two bump hairy uglys.

    Speaking of hairy uglys, how weird was it that the the way that dudes used to watch porn back in the day was that one dude had too wind the reel the whole time while the other guys used to pull their cranks (not pictured in the episode but u can assume)...

    The scene between Lucy and Margareet was AMAZE...i have to agree w/ you jell, and the EMPORER refernce was fkn INSANE!! it!! it just me or is Lucy just as hot when she's all drunked up and getting slapped as she is when she's naked showing the beav in nuckys bed?? js

    I'm also not sure what the story is w/ nucky trusting margaret to look after the books, i mean you KNEW she was gonna go through them, as a matter of fact saying "walk the ledger open while closed" was never gonna work. thats like "i cant do anything w/ u tonight babe, but dont ask me what im doin and whatever you do DEF dont come to the bar pls"....that sht will get u busted, belee dat.

    Had a rollercoaster situation w/ Nucky this week...on the one hand i loved how that mofo is gonna play out senator edge cuz he knew about the back handed deal, (and obv gets extra points for working w/ shooter mgavin) at the same time i really wasnt feelin him tryin to punk the sht out of my man jimmy (dont u ever keep me waiting) and then begging him too come work for him after his lsr azz brother got shot. we'll call it a draw but watch it nuck.

    Would LOVE to know what jimmys moms said about Lucky btw..."i dont know son, he's an evil dude but gat damn can he twist like wind blows!!"...btw-make no mistake jimmy is gonna get too all those philly mofos and will PROB make his way toowards lucky. Especially, w/ the help of my man two face, cuz you KNOW he aint to be fked w/!

    Unfort i have to cut it short because 1.) we have some kinda gas main break and 2.) the day is ending but like i said i had to jump in this mofo when i saw hoow ohara was bringing it. Stay up

  2. Where does one begin after that analysis by my main man COH. As Maude Lebowski would say "He's a good man and thorough". Not an easy task to comment after the one two punch of Brown and OHara but I will start with the symbology that is powerful yet subtle. The forces of good and evil are apparent everywhere and the effect of alcohol on the city of lights is beginning to unravel. First thing I noticed was the freakshow formerly known as Van Alden. This cat is bananas and his actions have some strong parallels to the Catholic Church and Opus Dei. Opus Dei is an organization of the Catholic Church that teaches that everyone is called to holiness and that ordinary life is a path to sanctity. Opus Dei means "Work of God" in Latin and this can be interpreted as the work of Silas in the DaVinci Code, aka Creep Van Alden. Van Alden engages in self mortification (when he pummels his back with a belt) and this is a practice in the Opus Dei movement. The ‘Work of God” in this case is the prohibition of alcohol. Van Alden characterizes Opus Dei because he attempts to bring justice to the criminal ops yet he swaying from conventional methods and starting to bring the ruckus. He leaves his wife when all she wants is to raise a family and he is so focused on the “Work of God” that he is turning into a monster. This should ultimately unravel in mayhem. Another parallel I found is the basic struggle of good and evil and how innocence can be corrupted. Maggie Schroder is the key innocent figure in the story and her allure to the finer things in life are beginning to take precedence. Let’s just say that my Irish butterfly is beginning to embrace the darkness and soon Nuck will have his hands full. She is beginning to neglect her children and kick it in the Ritz while punking b’s (For the record I respect the sht outta that). Lucy needs to watch her mouth and Jeunet needs to help with the sale. How the mighty have fallen! Eli is a punk and his jealously is ultimately going to get him strung. Nuck is his brother and he should know his role and shut his mouth. There are pimps and ho’s in the game and Eli is no doubt a ho. Nuck needs to powder up his hand and slap that btch. As my man Guru once said…
    They say it's lonely at the top, in whatever you do
    You always gotta watch motherfckers around you
    Nobody's invincible, no plan is foolproof
    We all must meet our moment of truth
    ……that is all

  3. Welcome Chalky. Good points. Atlantic City is one big tidal pool. When the water pulls back you can see all the creatures that live beneath. The show does an amazing job of keeping you in the know about relevant issues, like when the bag man comes to ask for the day opff because his daughter is getting fitted for her leg braces. Polio was very real then and plagued many a family.

  4. OK Ok WTF.. I Mean Chrissy this is by far your best post ever not just this site but TB site as well .. I mean the tangents, the clips, the pics, the moive reff's...etc this shit is on....Side note notice Harding and the judge's comment at Torio's "these OHIO boys know how to do it"..granted it led to Teapot Scandal (Another great ref Chrissy) but at least mofos got paid b/c thats how they do it in the OH ...
    Lots has been covered and many questions answered without me, much respect.. Silas thing had legs and Dunner knocked it out of the park.
    Dare I make some specualtions.. One, Jimmy;s mom 's snatch saves his life .. Never ever underestimate the power of the puss especially in the 1920s puss went a long way, especially for a guy who had a malfunctioning dong.. I mean its not like he gave him a back rub after a hard day at work..she fixed his unfixable dong and made it work again, for all intents and purpose she has the midas puss.. So no way Lucky offs Jimmy as a matter of fact I think the Philly boys are offfered as a sacrifice for Jimmy's life... I know I said it last time but I believe it now more than ever.
    AR is in some hot water and media scrutiny is serious matter back then..THe Black Sox scandal enveloped the US coast to caost ..America's game was tarnished and an NY Gambling Pro Jew was to blame .. Fair or not AR was under some major heat and I think he has to take a step back and realizze what is at stake here... Amends will be made and alliances will be formed..
    Now here is the question Jimmy obviously comes back to AC, and Capone obviously rises to run Chicago, and AR teams with the Italians to run NY, so what happens? Does Capone side with Nucky or AR? Does he get Jimmy's back after he leaves? they seem to be genuinely tight now does this change? Does Someone else get to taste Lusy's kooch? Wait how did that get in there? Does Jimmy get to be the meat in his lesbo wife's sandwich ? Does 1 face become Jimmy's personal hit man ? Does one of Nucky's boys off Harding b/c Shooter McGavin fails to keep his promise? Harding is assassinated in office? many thoughts boys, but basically shit is about to go down..People have sinner and they are going to pay, because as they say nothing in life is free especially in AC... PEACE