Tuesday, November 23, 2010


After this week's episode I'm not sure if you can really call Atlantic City civilized. The Land of Oz seemed to be taken over by The Lord of the Flies and beat downs and murder ran amok. What a roller coaster of an episode for our man Jimmy Darmody. First we see the sensitive side of him as he compliments Angela talking about how in the trenches one would forget that there was anything beautiful in the civilized world. Then he goes all Sam Wheat on her. So Jimmy beat up the wrong person at Dittrich's photograph store. Minor technicality. The guy tried to be the meat in a bohemian sanwich with his and Jimmy's wife. He deserved every last lick of that tripod. How bout Jimmy justifying his boardwalk beat down to the onlookers by telling them this man had relations with his wife while he was away fighting in the war. Apparently that works, because no one said boo. "Hey man why you rearranging that guys face? Oh he buttered your wife's toast while you were in the trenches? Here let me hold him down for you."
Our other war hero Richard started us off this week in dream land as we saw him and Odette walking down the beach together. He was awakened by Margaret's daughter screaming at the site of his unmasked face, or lack there of. I guess she had herself a real "Harrowing" experience? Nucky in his usual dickhead tone chastises him for making an already tense situation worse, but then later justifies his presence to Margaret by calling him a war hero. You could "show Dick some respect," Nucky and tell Harrow the same thing next time.
Speaking of respect, if Al wants Torrio's he needs to start acting like a man. Anyone else wonder if Torrio's googily eyes is a shout out to Steve Buscemi's character from Mr. Deeds? Capone takes the sagely advice from the Jewish man at the Bar Mitzvah. He tells Al he should swap out his hat for a yarmulke because he is a man yet wears the hat of a boy. This is a pivotal moment for young Capone and it was summed up with an amazing quote from the old man, "All of us spend our manhood unlearning the follies of our youth." Al tells crazy eyes Torrio that he is going to help turn the brewery around and show him that he is ready to take responsibility for his actions. Torrio snapped on him earlier for the cigarette joke and in so many words told him "This shit's chess it ain't checkers!"

You get the feeling that this might be his last chance to make good, much like the situation Jimmy has been in and even our resident lunatic Agent Van Alden has landed himself in as well.
Supervisor Elliot buys Sebso's story about having to "make water" and killing the witness in self defense. He give him a week long vacation and sends him on his way. Van Alden is not so lucky and faces his supervisor's ire. He is told that one more slip up will land him down in the Everglades chasing moon shiners.
Nelson is coming apart at the seams. He makes one last desperate attempt to woo Margaret, but the whole "I can see into your soul and have come to save you from the fires of hell" routine isn't exactly getting her all hot and bothered. Maybe start off slow, like dinner and a movie my man. Just a thought.
Like many a rejected man, he takes himself to the professionals and ends up bedding Lucy. Loved how they showed his discomfort in simply ordering a whiskey at the bar and then the way it seemingly swept through him after he drank it. "AGAIN!" His hand was trembling as he lit Lucy's cigarette, but that was nothing compared to his Smeagol/Gollum impression after he finished her off.Some great camera work was used in this scene and I'm not talking about the POV shots. Before they tightened up on the twisting they started off with a wide angle shot of Van Alden's room and bookending the bed was a picture of his wife on the left and the Bible sitting on his desk on the right. Not sure what sent this guy over the edge but he snapped big time. I mean he basically went Elm St. on his own back just for thinking about Margaret. What is he going to do to cleanse himself of Lucy? Cut off a leg?
Lucy looked pretty good I have to admit. Hard to believe Nucky got tired of that, but we saw why it is he loves Margaret so much as she delivered her speech on behalf of Bader. Very interesting shot of her at the podium with the She felt dirty I think afterward when she saw Nucky and his cronies giggling at the table as they no doubt were discussing how much money Bader was going to bring them, but Margaret is becoming more like Nucky with each episode. Sipping champagne, playing politics, taking advantage of her power to get what she wants. She is straddling the morality fence and she knows it. That's why she looks at herself like she did in the mirror. Go back to when she apologized to Harold. She said she should not judge a man by what he looks like but rather by whats inside. Harold says he can't do that, so why should she feel bad for not being able to. Sometimes he forgets how he looks he says. He sees himself in the mirror and he has trouble seeing the man he used to be, just like Margaret has trouble looking at that picture of her from Ellis Island. (Which Van Alden kept btw) She isn't the same woman that came over on that boat.
I felt so bad for my man Harrow when her daughter screamed at him though. Later on while Margaret is reading to the children he sort of slinks into the room like the dog who had been yelled at for chewing on the couch, all sheepish like. She sees him hovering in the shadows and invites him in. I really like this guy. When he told the kids he was the Tin Woodsman and needed some oil I was beaming just like little Emily Schroeder.

Ok enough happy time, let's get to the REAL.
Mickey Doyle realizes he is going to get cut out of the deal between the D'Alessio brothers and AR and crew. So he turns coat again and confesses to Nucky and Jimmy what has been going on. Jimmy spitting in his drink and then dropping the glass on him was great. I also thought the scene when Nucky is choking Mickey and Jimmy has the gun to his head was a nice foreshadow of what was in store for the D'Alessio bros at the distillery later on.
A.R., Lucky and Lansky are some unit. Nucky, Jimmy and Chalky are probably the only crew who can match them I would say. Seeing these two crews go back and forth is like a great gridiron grudge match. Reminds me of the old days of Cowboys/Redskins or Steelers/Raiders. It's no secret A.R. is using the D'Alessio brothers as his pawns. The only way he is going to get his hands dirty is if he loses his napkin while enjoying his cake and milk. On the other side, Nucky uses Jimmy and Chalky to tie up his loose ends.
A.R. asked Mickey why he thought he was a good gambler. "Cause you're lucky."
"He's Lucky, I create my luck." It's the age of information and Rothstein is a successful gambler because he does his "due diligence," or dare I say...channel checks?
So Meyer Lansky first approached Chalky posing as Michael Lewis. Chalky notes this when he is speaking with him and the D'Alessio brothers at his distillery. Sort of a nod to the fact that he knows who Lansky really is and reminds him how he tried to dupe him once before. The fat brother Matteo tells Chalky if he plays his cards right he'll be able to buy himself a Packard for every day of the week. This ends up biting him in the ass but if you listen to Chris Rock he rationale was not too far off when you think about it.

Regardless of intent, that comment confirmed for Chalky, that it was they who lynched his friend in an earlier episode. He gets the drop on them and says say hello to My Buddies.

Lucien D'Alessio (the one with "dogshit" on his face) talked himself right into the business end of Jimmy's problem solver and Matteo opened his mouth one too many times as Chalky shut it for him once and for all. Chalky admitted to getting skimmed by Nucky back when he ran the diuce game at Chicken Bone Beach, but he knows he has a strong ally in him. Loved how when Jimmy shoots Lucien Nucky looks at him as if to say "was that really necessary?" and Jimmy just rolls his eyes at him. Jimmy is a Regulator. He knows he has to be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn his keep.

Couple quotes to mention:

Nucky: That's the South, they're not exactly known for their forward thinking down there."

Nucky: "Andrew was a tailor and he became president."
Margaret: "Wasn't he impeached?"

Jimmy asks Mickey how Lucky fits into everything and Mickey replies, "your mother didn't tell ya?" Guy has a lot of balls laughing at Jimmy when he says he slammed his hand in the ice box.

Nucky: "You're lucky to be alive you fukking Polack!"

A.R.: "Nothing Says I'm sorry like money."

Lansky: "How do you do?"

Nucky: "There's another dego running around with dogshit on his face?"

Great episode, so much to discuss. There is a war a brewin, and Al Capone remains the wild card that could come in on either side and sway the tide of battle. I think his allegiance still is with Jimmy, but we will have to wait and see.


  1. My first comment in a great blog Chris. As usual you are doing a great job recaping and pointing out the stuff I will never notice when lucy's tata's are in high def.
    Not much to say after that recap. I think Jimmy is going to take out the D'Alessio brothers one by one. Best part is.. AR collects $500k on each brother thanks to Jimmy.
    My man Nelson. I honestly thought he was going to choke her out or choke himself out after that scene. i cant figure out if he is trying to get to her so he can get info on Nucky or if he just wants a taste of the good life like Nucky.
    That is all for now.

  2. Jell, ur creativity and dillengence to this blog really knows no bounds. I already said this to you but there hasnt been a week yet that i havnt looked that the lead pick and title and become giddy waiting to respond! Week in and week out you make it harder and harder to find something to follow up w/ to these posts, u pretty much have it all covered but i'll give it the ole college try.

    So there is no doubt that this show is quickly becoming one of my fav HBO dramas, there is even less of a doubt that the pick of Jimmy's Wife making out w/ frenchie Mcphooto B makes my pants short enough to show my ankle bones, that's just good ole fashioned hot girl on girl action and i respect that.

    Even tho picking my favorite "picture/video reference" in this mofo is like picking ur favorite strip club, (cuz they all fantastic) I have to say the pic of the dormandy's next to the pick of sam wheat and demi is way up there for me, its fkn gold jerry! gold i tell ya.

    Am i the only person who's stomach turned when Jimmy seed was like "that's mommy's kissing friend"?...while that ass whoopin def got his point across (and maybe it's just me) but wouldnt it have been better revenge and much better thinking to see if maybe jimmy could get down w/ the two of them going forward?...maybe he asks after he impressed the b's by throwing that dude threw the window (the window that was foor feet up on the door mind u), maybe he asks them to invite a third bohemian b into the mix and it can be the four of them, i dunno, im not a dr but i think he could have made this thing right alot better by beating his ass. but what do i know.

    Came as no shock to me that my man richie the sniper fell in love w/ that proski and i was very impressed w/ him winning over margaret and the kids by prenetnding to be the tin man but i really dont want to hear much more out of him going forward until he is shooting ngga's eyes out the back of their heads from 500 yards away or wacking down philadelpia italian guys, sht like that. More of that, less tin man in the woods pls. tks.

  3. srry gents....ran a little long there...

    here is part duex;

    GOOD LORD did agent wackado make a 180 this week..and i respect that! First and foremost, did anyone else think that as soon as he opened the little face window that they would recognize one of the biggest prohibition agents in all of atlantic city if not the biggest?...i guess these guys really not the sharpest tacks but that is a bit redic no? Either way, dont want to hate on the man getting in and throwing the gaga to Lucy but i just found that a bit odd. Also, is lucy a pro or did wackado win her over w/ his "charm and looks"? was she always a pro? could i hire her now, is she into atm? nevermind. but that sht was cool.

    The smegal reference was sooo special, and i can tell you...Wackado def got his hands on the precious. A little furry than i prefer but precious none the less.

    Couldnt agree more that Margaret is heading down the path to the dark side more and more each week and like i said before i see her being more like a lucy in season 2 (which i hoefully also means naked more often.

    CANNOT WAIT to see where this war goes as its getting better and better by the ep, a guy that i would like to add to my death list is giggles the irishman, guy annoys teh fk out of me, i think that he is gonna get it.

    lOVED how chalky decided to take the mans life w/ his bare hands rather than use his piece, choked my my out while he looked into his eyes, THATS how u take a man out. Have to imagine that he gonna play a VERY pivotal role in this war between Nuk and AR, and i very much look forward to that. Cant imagine how AR is gonna respond to this kind of insulance and even tho they really didnt show much of anything in the previews i have to imagine that there are many deaths to follow, i just hope that they dont pull one of those "do nothing in the second to last episode and save it all for the finale" cuz that sht would really bother me.

    Either way, was a great week and much to discuss, so lets light this candle.

  4. Special Guest Commentator this week on the boards: sorry for my absence boys, just too many dang shows out there and I'm not uber hooked on Boardwalk yet, though I do think it's quality.
    Here goes:

    Felt so bad when Margaret's daughter was screaming at seeing Richard. Poor guy was just trying to get some sleep on a couch half his size. Hasn't he been through enough without the reminder that he's missing half his face? It was a very sweet moment later when Margaret welcomed him in for story time and the whole tinman thing happened. I think he's a good guy to have protecting her and the children.

    Altho I don't condone violence, Chalky did choose the perfect method for taking that guy out. Slow and real. Jimmy on the other hand...oy. Well, I admired his cajones in his business dealings, I think he took it a little too far with the "kissing partner" especially since it wasn't actually him! Granted he tried to make it a 3some but still. Effing slores let him take all the blame and that's not something I can get behind.

    Agent Nelson is a freak-a-leak and when he came in to Margaret's house I was like OMG this dude needs to be committed. I agree with Tru-Nutz's idea that he could be using Lucy for more than one reason.

    Until next time...

  5. First and foremost – Jell this blog is the shiznit. As my man Brownie stated, it truly knows no bounds. I have to say that I learn more when I read your comments than when I actually watch an episode (although I may or may not be sizzled when I watch….JS). What an episode! I want to start by applauding the character development of Jimmy Darmondy. I think they have done a great job of showing how war can really tear on the soul and how effects of Post Traumatic Syndrome cannot be controlled. I watched a special called Wartorn on HBO which was all about PTSD and how soldiers can’t assimilate into society after the horrific influence of battle on psyche. This is evident with Jimmy for he can’t control himself in certain situations and no matter how hard he tries to “be normal” and go back to the way things were (Sam Wheat kind), he and Biggie know – Things Done Changed. His violent nature is being harder to control and the good vs evil theme is starting to reoccur in all aspects of the show. This episode was also the breaking point for good ol’ Al Capone and he needed to get punked by Torrio. He was acting a fool and there is no place for his childish actions when men are trying to handle their biz. It should be interesting to see how Capone conducts himself after he said he’s going to tighten it up. My sentiment is that Capone will team with Jimmy and they will put their animosities behind them to run shit. They are both ruthless and act on a whim so it could make for some soiled knickers around the playground formerly known as Hotlantic City. How about my main man AR? This dude pimps so hard he drags the mink on the floor. You got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em and AR controls every situation that he plays a hand. You have to really respect this guy because he is so polished and Nucky has his hands full for sure. Jell – great usage of the quotes in the post and “earn his keep?”…..so special. Lastly we come to the homie Van Alden. I’d be lying if I said this cat didn’t creep the sht outta me. He is a real “scene” and it is evident that he couldn’t handle all the temptations and finally “came to his senses” Poor Lucy almost got snuffed out worse than Jodie Foster in the accused. I digress…..Van Alden is having some serious internal issues at the moment and it seems as if he has been out of the game a bit too long. Start off slow dinner and a movie HA! Nucky is going to have a tedious journey ahead of him A wiser man than myself once said:

    All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

    As you were….

  6. BTW I failed to mention that I thought the picture of the D'alessio brother getting his cap peeled back by Jimmy's bullet looks like our boy Troy

  7. Btw--i wanted you all to be the first to know that Brownie Luc now has a hit on on tru nutz....THAT WAS MY QUESTION IN RE AGENT WACKADO..did he really just want too twist her to have a one up on nuk or is he gonna use her to get inside the operation "IMA GET UP IN IT" (which btw, of all of the weapons that he has handled in his career and training i would think that his sexuality would have never been one that he would have chosen)....either way i think she gonna end up dead. much like you tru nutz =)....Dunner, sick Biggie ref and u bring up some great points, also, lets talk capone?...i dont know the history but how is he gonna break free of googlied torio?..he gonna wack him?...i felt like he might....FURTHERMORE, WILL SOMEONE TELL ME IF LUCY IS A PRO??

  8. was that a threat Chris O'Doyle?

    Brownie, settle down. you need a ride home?

    Chalky. spoiler alert..... The real chicago history is the Irish mob that Capone and crew hit, come back and try to take out Torrio. he lives and gets freaked out, takes his money and moves to an island somewhere. on his way out he tells Capone, Chicago is yours. i believe that happened in the early 1920's maybe 22 or 23. so its not far off in the show. Jimmy is the only fictional main character in the show i think. Enoch (Nucky) Thompson (real name Sampson) controlled AC until 1940 when he was sent to jail for tax evasion. He died soon after his release from complications from syphilis. (maybe from the real Lucy of the day). they did have penincillin back then but did not know it could cure his illness. He was making about $500k/year tax free back in the 1920's. that's about $20mm/year now. cash.

  9. Wait, syphillis can kill u?....fk.

  10. whoah whoah whaoh there Professor. Don't go all wikipedia on us and spoil the surprise.

  11. Sorry boys for the delay the holiday week threw me of... I have yet to watch the upcoming episode but the recap for this week was AWESOME.. Sam Wheat??? seriously Same FUCKIN Wheat ?? I loved that ....
    Listen in 1920 if you almost lost your leg and died for your country in a war while some pencil thinned photog is trying to Doo Wopp your wife you are allowed to throw the guy through an Andy Dufrense prison escape route both ways not just a stinking store window. You ask me the guy got off easy ...
    Like stated before Margaret is starting to come into her own and see how much power she really has.. Dont be surprised to see her use the power of the women's vote to solidify her standing with Nucky ...Not just some lil fling she is going to control the pooty and the vote.
    Jimmy is the man and no doubt he is solidifying his place in the GAME. Remember Al capone ripped off AR to get the booze from Nucky sooooooooo if he is starting to take over he is going to want to solidify his place with Nucky and cut out the competition .. AR... So as for sides I think Al is coming to the AC side and hell's coming with..
    As for agent Van Alden what can be said that the show and your comments havent ..? Guy is freak to the highest standard. He reminds me of that college kid that has a girl the first 3.5 years of college and finds out the going into last semester that she has been cheating on him, then he proceeds to nail everything with a heartbeat for the next 6 months while giving the double barrells to the ex and establishing a legacy b/c every girl that wanted him for 3.5 years has a shot at him and wants a piece .. The guy walks off campus with his diploma and a LEGACY... Look out for Van Alden guy could just be hitting his mutherfuckin stride ...

  12. wonderful! great stuff all around. depending on how much coffee i can ingest tonight I will do work on this weeks episode and get the recap out tomorrow or wed at the latest to keep this momentum going.

  13. Ahhhh finally caught up on the Empire and the Dirty Jerz....kinda feels like Agent creeper after his quivering load blow...EW APOLOGIES FOR THAT. Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me..

    Van Alden:(n);The trophy insecure dooshbag who always finds himself with the leftovers.(v) Van Alden-ing: To creep, diddle, or lurk. "God, I wish you would stop Van Aldening around the playground"..Lucy worked it though despite her restricting ginormous booshwa and poor choice of scenery. Kudos to the Agent for successfully twisting (literally) Lucy in a manner that allowed him to hide his back gashes. I happened to be eating dinner last night during this scene and had to toss my spicy tuna roll to avoid gagging it back up.

    During the scene where Margaret is staring at herself in the mirror I actually read it not just as her questioningher image and morality in her current situation with Nucky, but I could have sworn there was a slight shadow under her belly hinting that she may have been pregnant. Sort of in a "fuck what have I done and why didnt I have Nucky wrap it up in lambskin" kind of way.

    If for some reason Chalky in real life dies or decides to leave the show like baby Chrissy did on Growing Pains before being replaced with a girl 5 years older than the prior season (God I hope that never happens) I'de have to say a great choice in replacement would be Wesley Snipes or Lawrence Fishburne...HBO could probably get Fishburne's daughter to do a few kickass hooker scenes as well....Just a thought...

    Seeing way more Oz imagery in the series as the episodes go on...The emerald green imagery, the tinman/Harrow alignments, the midgets, Margaret, the good witch of the north, and the yellow brick road, boardwalk...twisters...Can't wait for the next post. Now that I'm caught up, hurry up Chris!

  14. L-Digz..Well done in the Van Alden break down. also no such luck for Wesley Snipes taking the part as he is going to the clink for 3-5 years for tax evasion...also never ever apologize for going weird I dig it and it is what gets me through the dark cold nights... and I thank u

  15. You are very welcome Mute..thank you for your acceptance of my weirdness...Been a lifelong struggle and feels good to be embraced.