Thursday, November 18, 2010

Everyone In Paris Is Doing It

This week's episode was titled The Emerald City and appropriately so. We see Nucky reading The Road To Oz while at Margaret's house. Nucky didn't like Margaret asking and arguing about matters of the city. It ruined the whole artificial world he has created where he comes over and plays father and husband. Margaret bringing in outside real life issues ruins the illusion or pulls back the curtain to show that Nucky maybe isn't this grand wizard of Oz or AC but actually just a money hungry tyrant. Or as A.R. called him, "greedy and unreasonable." Nucky lives a charmed life in his very own bubble. A.R. lives in the real world so to speak.
The scene where AR played pool was very interesting and symbolic. The green felt is the Earth and with his delicate touch A.R. maneuvers his way around the table with grace and poise. Conversely we saw Lucky breaking and then trying a kind of aggressive bank shot which ultimately failed. A.R.'s style is more effective. It doesn't disturb the other balls until its their turn to disappear off the face of the earth/table and in the end he wins the money. He never loses his calm where as Nucky shows his temper often.
Interesting to note also that A.R. is the only one who Lucky allows to address him as "Charlie" we saw last episode when he corrected a man for addressing him otherwise. Well him and Jimmy's mom but that is over I have a feeling. Just a wild guess.
The scene with Gillian and Lucky and then Jimmy was epic. A few things to note.
-Gillian's hair looked amazing.
-Lucky lifting up the sheet to look at he Franken-dick with a sigh of relief.
-The shadow of Jimmy walking into the apartment to pay Lucky a visit was a nice shot.
- Jimmy throwing the coffee on Lucky then saying "I wasn't sure if you took cream?"
-Jimmy and his mom are very close, but how close. Anyone ever see the movie Taboo?

Speaking of things taboo, we learned that the photo store guy Robert was only giving Angela hopes of getting her art work evaluated by the dealer from NYC, in order to get her to join in a little three way action with him and his wife. He may not bite, but he definitely sucks. Jimmy returns home just in time and although she resists at first, Angela decided to take a break from the sea food buffet and eat some meat again.

After getting the drop on Lucky, Jimmy learned that A.R. had made a deal with the D'Alessio brothers, but was abrubtly interruped by Van Alden and his assistant in the hallway with their guns drawn. Loved how Jimmy got the slap in on Lucky just before the cuffed him.
Jimmy gets taken in and interrogated by Van Alden but he doesn't crack. It reminded me of the scene from Murder By Numbers when he was being interrogated for another crime he blatantly committed but showed the same ice cold resolve. He was so smooth when he surprised Nucky in his office. I like how when Nucky tried to get down to business Jimmy cut him off and made some demands, best of which was that Harrow get's to stay on board. He wanted to hear Nucky give the order to kill the D'Alessio brothers and when he asked, "even the kid?" Nuck's stare conveyed the message and Jimmy just sniffs and says he is going to go eat his steak. Jimmy is cold blooded ya'll.
Jimmy loses that composure though when he sees Billy the witness in the hallway. He once again finds himself asking Nucky to bail him out of trouble. He even asks if they should call his dad. Nucky scoffed saying "are you that nervous?" So Jimmy's dad must have some serious pull whoever he is. We don't know who it is but my guess would be the Commodore. At least for now.
If he is Jimmy might not have a dad for long, because that dude is dying ya'll. Was interesting how he noted that the dog was sick. Maybe there's something or someone in the house poisoning them. Maybe the maid who he treats so horribly. A couple episodes ago we saw him feed the rest of his dinner to the dog when he lost his appetite. Maybe that is why the dog is sick, if he is in the habit of feeding it from his own plate.
Eli might not be far behind the Commodore from the looks of things. I'm not a fan of Eli but I did laugh when after Nucky told him he needed to rest he asked "how do you rest your spleen?" Eli worried about the Italians spilling more blood. It's not blood Nucky's worried about, it's ink. The political angle of the show is really heating up.
I thought it was also great when the deputy was talking about the D'Alessio brothers and how they killed two customers and shot a waiter in the face while sticking up a restaurant. George the bag man then added, "that little bastard called me fat!"
Eli in disbelief at what was just said fired back with, "they're fuking killers George, sounds to me you got off easy." But Nucky's face was even more priceless.

Speaking of weird faces did anyone else notice the way Van Alden almost Gumped his pants when he was staring at Margaret's immigration photo.
He is so distracted that he doesn't see his man totally double crossing him. I think the agent killing the witness was on a direct order from the FBI boss, but he may be having his strings pulled by Nucky. Did you notice how when Van Alden called in to say they arrested Jimmy his boss was not visibly pleased but had to convey false enthusiasm to Van Alden over the phone.
When agent Sebso was driving the witness I was just waiting for Harrow's bullet to come crashing through the car window, but I liked the actual outcome even more.
How about Sebso playing Goldilocks and Three Bears while trying to select a rock to smash himself with. The first one was too big the second was too small but the third one was just right.
Margaret looked like a bit of alright in her blue dress that she got compliments of Madame Jeunet. I bet she never thought it would come back to bite her in the ass when she told Margaret that she did not realize how much power she had as Nucky's woman. "My daughter didn't help you Madame Jeunet... I did."

Wild ending to the episode as Nucky is almost assassinated by the D'Alessio's. Nuckys butler Eddie sure likes the ladies and seemed yet again distracted by the hostess at the club Babette's, but when the sh!t got real he was there to go all Kostner on them and save the day.

Some great quotes this week:

Jimmy: Lotta fellas still alive that shouldn't be.
A.R.: Reputation takes a lifetime to build but only seconds to destroy.
A.R.: You know what's nice about the Bronx Zoo Charlie? There's bars between you an the monkeys.
Nucky: If we only elected good men then we would never have leaders.

Can't wait until this week's episode. Until then be on your best behavior or face the wrath of Mambo the Zulu tribal chief from Africa!!!


  1. Chrissy,
    Another great recap I did enjoy the more in depth view of AR this episode. AR is smart , powerful and quite savy. He knows he needs Lucky just as much as Lucky needs him, funny how there is a mutual repsect there even though they come from different ethnic backgrounds. Back then this was a major deal and I m sure causes some issues within both "organizations".
    Jimmy D is so sweet, come back from Chitown where you are banging hookers every other day, walk into your house as if you never left , kick out the weird photographer people, kiss your fiance, bang her on table against her wishes, tell her you are having another one, throw coffee on Lucky after he bangs your mom, put a gun in his face, get picked up by feds, slap Lucky in grill, pull stone cold steve austin on the demented Van Alden/Silas, manuver way to get only witness against you killed and then prepare to unleash hell on some mofos. Jimmy is going to make Vinny Delpina pay and the Pollack Jimmy Doyle is going to end up in a bad place, and I dont mean the back of a volkswagon either. Jimmy is going to become King of the AC underworld and Chalky is going to help.. It appeared in previews Chalky comes to Nucky asking about AR situation I smell something here Chalky knows about the Philly boys, knows Nucky butters his bread and treats him like a man with respect..I imagine him and Jimmy are going to get some schit done.
    Margaret you little Irish vixen, arent you staarting to spread your wings? She si starting to understand the depths of her power and influence and it sure looks like she is going to use it more and more..Loved her putting the Frog dress lady in her place, that was sweet... But she knows Nucky trusts and somewhat respects what she has to say and that he runs AC, so if plays her cards right she can put herself in quite a nice spot. plus sexier each episode, wouldnt mind her hummmng Danny Boy on my balls at all.
    Dork executing agent kind of looks like Michael J Fox's cohort in Secret of My Success, he annoyed me then and he annoys me now...Dabney Coleman is in a bad one and now I am very curious as to whether he is Jimmy's father. If he isnt then Jimmy's dad is a bad mofo, but one question if he is really powerful how does he not get Jimmy out of the AR fix ? Or does he? if he 's the commodore's son why didnt commodore take care of his wife & kid when he was at WWI or in Chi town .. ? AR has to realize he has to work with Nucky to get the booze right? Where does Capone fit in with Nucky the Mick or Lucky the Wap? Sounded like Capone isnt big fan of Lucky from Jimmy's comments after the cream incident.
    Final note how big of a downer is it when you just bust a nut, laying in bed recapping your stellar performance, admiring your dong's marvelous performance, thinking about how hot and dirty it was and smelling your fingers only to get hot coffee thrown on your shit.. ? Not sure about you guys but that would really suck for me .

  2. "Everyone in Paris is doing it"......this fkn guy just gets me.

    So not blowing smoke but i cant get over hoow well done this whole thing is....from stem to stern this blog is just an overall A. Also, I dont know if my columbian homey dunner brought something out in all of us last week but u mofos are really starting to hit some deep sht. I respect that.

    On to biness, I can honestly say that i never really liked the nukca AR but after his showing in his pool hall w/ the guids from philly, i'm on board 100%. Guy literally runs sht. Whether its "i'd rather make my money the honest way" to "You know what the best part about the zoo is..."..guy is the fkn KING of the one GOTS to love that.

    I think that i said it last week but II literally had no clue how this deal w/ jimmys ma dukes and Lucky was gonna play out but can honestly say that it couldnt have gone ANY better. What i actually said was

    "Would LOVE to know what jimmys moms said about Lucky btw..."i dont know son, he's an evil dude but gat damn can he twist like wind blows!!"...btw-make no mistake jimmy is gonna get too all those philly mofos and will PROB make his way toowards lucky"---brownie last week

    And agree w/ Jell that jimmy is a cold blooded mofo but u gots to give some to his mom foor basically twisting out lucky all this time, acting like she was in love and sht and then stting him up too get wacked like it was NOTHING. (shout out for the SICK rick james link two weeks in a row AMAZE!) And even tho i wanted to see my namesake get wacked and knew it couldnt happen, how sick was it the way he was laughing when jimmy goot pinched and couldnt finish the job. guy is good.

    Now on to the horny stuff; It was clear as day that my man fro the art shop was tryin to get his train on (two b kind) and was using the art as a tool to get that done but when he pulled out "everyone in paris is doing it" i LITERALLY almost sht myself. I immedialy sent out blasts texts tryin to get sht going and will soon be changing my bbm status to match such an iconic notion. fkn genius. BEST part of teh whole deal is that jimmys wife was down for the triz/basically got caught/was then pissed/then twisted jimmy out (because of his pimpand)..thats a emotional rollercoaster of EPIC porportions. This b has the fkn libido of a rhinosaurus. A milf i could really get down w/. I heart her.

    u knew that jimmy was gonna be a steel trap in front of agent wackadoo so that was no surprise right doown to the last detail he was rock solid. my only problem was (and maybe its just me watching to muc law and order SVU) why the fk did he say anything at all?...ever heard of "lawyering up?".

    Couple things that I couldnt sign out w/o diiscussing before my questions were;

    the shot of agent wackadooo w/ the link to Forrest "gumping his pants" HOLY FK THAT WAS INCREDIBLE

    the comment about sesbo finding the roock that was juuuuuuust right and the pick of my homey eddie pulling a kevin costner for Nucky were literally OFF THE CHARTS. UNREAL

    Question: Am i the only one that thinks margaret is really showing her dark side and that she will be a total badaszz in season 2?

    How the hell did Nuck get to Sesbo?...guy has been working for Wackadoo forever?

    Who dies first?...boys from philly? jimmys mom or Eli (pls pls pls be eli)

  3. to my boy mute

    "Jimmy D is so sweet, come back from Chitown where you are banging hookers every other day, walk into your house as if you never left , kick out the weird photographer people, kiss your fiance, bang her on table against her wishes, tell her you are having another one, throw coffee on Lucky after he bangs your mom, put a gun in his face, get picked up by feds, slap Lucky in grill, pull stone cold steve austin on the demented Van Alden/Silas, manuver way to get only witness against you killed and then prepare to unleash hell on some mofos. Jimmy is going to make Vinny Delpina pay and the Pollack Jimmy Doyle is going to end up in a bad place, and I dont mean the back of a volkswagon either."

    this is so fkn money u have no idea.

    Have to respect the the secret of my success reference, how sick was it when he was MJF was getting funky w/ the boss wife in the office??..that made my little pants move i think. Wasnt that his aunt or some weird sht? the b who he ends up dating in that was super fkn hot...and i mean super, wasnt she the b who played supergirl? ok, im getting distracted.

    Agree that Chalky and Jimmy are about too get down and do some real sht, annd looks like from the previews that AL is about to make his way back into the scene as well. Gonna be a fkn bloodbath for those philly boys and AR and crew. (btw, i forgot that Lucky and AL hated eachother, thats a battle i want to see.)

    Lastly, i gotta be honest mute....people pay alot of good money to get the treatment that lucky got in the bed whether it be hot cofee/lunch etc...@ least thats what ive heard.

  4. Brown
    he didnt lawyer up b/c its 1920 and its not like these guys knew about shit like that .. I admit I get caught up it trying to put the show in today's terms but it's straight 1920s gotta member that..