Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making a Statement

Snow is coming down as we open the second episode in Chicago at the funeral of Jimmy Colosimo. As if we needed another reminder that Summer is past us. We see that Nucky has sent flowers. Great touch.

Nucky wipes his hands of Jimmy, but now has Agent Van Alden creep creepin around. The square jaw of Revolutionary Road fame is a grad A creep. Reminds his wife to clear her pipes then he looks to do the same as he sniffs the hair ribbon he took from Margaret. I see a major showdown coming between Nucky and him over our Irish lass.

Nucky takes the Goodfellas attitude of "Fuk you pay me," with Jimmy. Felt bad for him when his wife seemingly blew off his Santa come late gesture. Was happy though to see him almost get the French treatment from his wife. When he showed up at the show girls rehearsal I thought he was looking to get rid of his blue balls, never thought for a second that was his mother.

Speaking of balls I loved A.R.'s story about the cue ball. That cat is not to be trifled with. The show down over the phone with Nucky was great. "I don't care if you mother was one of those drivers." We caught a glimpse of Nucky's temper and perhaps a hint that it will get him in trouble down the road.

On the subject of drivers, Nucky's butler Eddie provided some good comedy when he frets over not having the proper hat to chauffeur in.

Highlight of the episode was Al "Brown" Capone making his "statement" to the Chicago reporter. A close second was Nucky's girlfriend Lucy telling him he should grow a moustache like Douglas Fairbanks and then showing her sass as she stands in the doorway asking who Mrs. Schroeder is. I know Nucky still hurts from the loss of his wife, but Lucy is some consolation prize.
Good follow up to the premiere I thought. What is it with gangsters leaving half dead enemies in the woods of South Jersey? Reminded me of when Pauly and Christopher lost the Russian in the Pine Barrens in the Sopranos. This time it looks like the unfinished business comes back to haunt them though.

Excited for the emergence of Chalky White and looking forward to the Commodore getting his after the way he treated his house keeper. That guy is a real "deek."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The World's Playground

Well here we go again. New shooter coming out! Boardwalk Empire kicks off amidst a bevy of new fall shows, but the word is out that HBO has another winner. The show is being touted by many as the new Mad Men for its historical appeal. Steve Buscemi heads up a cast that looks to provide some amazing drama.
The premiere marks the return of Michael Kenneth Williams to HBO as Chalky White, an early favorite for name of the year. Most known for his role as Omar on what I think is the greatest show ever on television, The Wire, I hope he brings the same blend of wit and ruthlessness to this show.

Boardwalk will be held up against The Sopranos no doubt for comparisons. Is Nucky the new Tony? Can Buscemi be as captivating as Gandolfini was? We will see. Looking forward to your thoughts and predictions.