Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making a Statement

Snow is coming down as we open the second episode in Chicago at the funeral of Jimmy Colosimo. As if we needed another reminder that Summer is past us. We see that Nucky has sent flowers. Great touch.

Nucky wipes his hands of Jimmy, but now has Agent Van Alden creep creepin around. The square jaw of Revolutionary Road fame is a grad A creep. Reminds his wife to clear her pipes then he looks to do the same as he sniffs the hair ribbon he took from Margaret. I see a major showdown coming between Nucky and him over our Irish lass.

Nucky takes the Goodfellas attitude of "Fuk you pay me," with Jimmy. Felt bad for him when his wife seemingly blew off his Santa come late gesture. Was happy though to see him almost get the French treatment from his wife. When he showed up at the show girls rehearsal I thought he was looking to get rid of his blue balls, never thought for a second that was his mother.

Speaking of balls I loved A.R.'s story about the cue ball. That cat is not to be trifled with. The show down over the phone with Nucky was great. "I don't care if you mother was one of those drivers." We caught a glimpse of Nucky's temper and perhaps a hint that it will get him in trouble down the road.

On the subject of drivers, Nucky's butler Eddie provided some good comedy when he frets over not having the proper hat to chauffeur in.

Highlight of the episode was Al "Brown" Capone making his "statement" to the Chicago reporter. A close second was Nucky's girlfriend Lucy telling him he should grow a moustache like Douglas Fairbanks and then showing her sass as she stands in the doorway asking who Mrs. Schroeder is. I know Nucky still hurts from the loss of his wife, but Lucy is some consolation prize.
Good follow up to the premiere I thought. What is it with gangsters leaving half dead enemies in the woods of South Jersey? Reminded me of when Pauly and Christopher lost the Russian in the Pine Barrens in the Sopranos. This time it looks like the unfinished business comes back to haunt them though.

Excited for the emergence of Chalky White and looking forward to the Commodore getting his after the way he treated his house keeper. That guy is a real "deek."


  1. I enjoy this show…but one thing I ‘ve noticed , Leigh please don’t be offended or think I m weird, the naked women all have gigantic aerolas…
    I mean was this normal during the 20s? are the women really like that in real life? Is it costume? I just want an answer
    I know its weird but this is what I ask myself when I watch

  2. Leave it to Mute to say what we're all thinking...i respect that.

    I'm beginning to say that I enjoy the show...especially the fact that we see teh origins of all of these big gangsters during the 13 years of prohibition...i hope that they dont get away from that as right now its all that is keeping me holding on rt now.....

    My favoriite part of the Ep was when my man Capone "made a statment" to the reporter at the bar...btw, who ever knew that Al capone used to tend bar?..thats the kind of sht im talkin about...
    as u can tell by the name my fav character is Lucky Luciano, dude seems like a complete hothead w/ a ballin ass suit (who is sitting on 500k in cash in the 1920's)

    leads me to another point...how crazy is it how much money all these cats have back in teh 1920's?....Colosimo had 10 balloons in the bank?...Nucky spends 40k like its 20 dollars....thats some real sht back them..i respect it.

    my prediction as of now is that Nucky is gonna want the irish b so he can raise a family w/ her (as we all know that he is looking for kids aftr he stared longingly in the the incubator sore, btw wtf was that?)

  3. Sorry...I'm late the this game(hey you guys! Sloth style), but I am going to start my upkeep of this blog as I did the show which I caught up on during a sunday afternoon marathon. Few things I noticed so far in the show...

    1- Mutedric, yes, the women do all have huge aereolas...I haven't seen many others than my own and i think it's a newer trend for the silver screen to feature alot of fake jugs in which case the aereolas (aereoli?) tend to be smaller because just the actual boob gets bigger with implants...not positive on this though because regardless the aereolas look massive on the show.

    2- Agent Van Alden may be creepier in this show than in Revolutionary Road i.e."Pop, couldn't you just sit there and eat your wonderful egg salad, and quit horning in?"

    3- The incubator store freaks me out. I guess in the 20's it was the equivalent to puppy shops in the west village? ummm I'll take the Labradoodle pup and the redheaded premie in the back corner, thanks.