Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We're In Business

Nucky and Chalky come to an agreement and are in business together. Nucky asking the Jewish guy "what's mother fukker mean," had me rolling. It's like when Dave Chapelle said "wait until white people find out what 'skeet skeet skeet' means."

So Lucky Lu we learn intentionally got gonorrhea so he could avoid the war. I would think maybe intentionally breaking you leg would have been the way to go after watching that doctor prod and probe Luciano's D like he was that dude aboard the mother ship from Fire In the Sky.

What is Nucky's problem? Never seen a guy look do forlorn whilst getting the French treatment. And no way would I let Lucy have a baby and ruin that figure. I'd tell her to go pick up one of the preemie's at the incubator store and like Method Man said "never ever give my cootie away and keep it tight aight." That scene in the changing room at the French store was legen...(wait for it)...dary!

how about the Dentist giving the shooting victim the cocaine? The guy snaps to and starts cursing out Dick Tracy in tongues. I too like the woman do not care to repeat what he said, but that sh-t was funny.

A.R. wants Lucky to kill Jimmy for him and get him to tell him who the other shooter was. A.R. is one cagey cat. I feel like he's got his eyes on the prize while Nucky is being pulled in ten different directions. Nuck better watch out.

Vinnie Delpino shows up as part of D'Allesio brothers from Philly who are looking for their money from Doyle.

Jimmy is on his way to Chicago to join up with Capone it looks like. I like how the show is not just focusing on Atlantic City but crime syndicates all over the country. It's cutthroat out there. Chalk's man get strung up but he knows "it's all in the game." Instead of raising a fuss, he gets his percentage raised instead. Always business, never personal.


  1. I'm not suure if i'm offended or if im elated that the only black on teh show is names "chalky"..ii'll have to report back on that after i watch omar bitch people around on a couple more shows

    I didnt realize that Brownie Luciano got the burn so that he can avoid the war...i'm not quite sure why he would do something like that i mean its not like he iis a law abiding citiizen in teh eyes of the goverment anyhow ya know?.....at the same time, how does one intentionally get the burn anyway, i mean...does he walk up on the foulest thing he can find and "get all up in it?" is that even possible? you know what i feel like i may be jinxing myself either way by even asking so ima leave that alone. I respect Lucky either way

    Can we please talk about how damn sexy Nucky's girl is? "she makes the fire in my trouser" (if any of you can tell me what that is from you will be my besty of the day or BOD. just sayin...you KNOW that Nucky is gonna leave that d snarlin sexpot for the mediocre irishwoman with the ready made fam, and THAT old friend is gonna hurt.

    Question, soo oohara, u think that AR actuually knew that alpa was teh otehr shooter but didnt tell lucky on purpose?...thats deep, but what wuld be the point of that?..I think that he actually only knows jimmys the one because alpa said his name aloud but as always i yield to you..it's just very interest thats all.

    I LOVE THAT WE ARE DOING LINKS NOW....the doogie howser refrence actually made my pants tight like when Nuckys b snarled him over the cream, or when they showed us her landing stip, or when i saw her breasis for the first time, i dunno you pic. but it was that good.

    I worry for Jimmy, we all know how bad alpa played him out the last tiime that he went to him for help and i cant imagine that this time is gonna end any better for him but i can be honest i cant wait to find out.

    Sidenote, does anyone really think that jimmy lady was twisting the photgrappher or was he bing paranoid? hard for me to tell, but for the sake of the "bank" i went with the former.

    Lastly, the link too my man omar in the wire was superb i respect the sht out of you ohara, keep up the amazing work. you've got me hooked

  2. okay okay i'm finally all caught up. As a huge germaphobe/hypochondriac that whole scene with lucky getting his sausage prodded was borderline making me vomit. probably tied with agent dick tracy basically sticking his hand in the fat guy's rotting wound to get him to talk.

    speaking of that agent, something is really shady about him. really friggin creepy. he was smelling mrs schroeder's ribbon like a psycho serial killer and the way he doesn't wanna go home to his wife. i don't know, something is fishy there.

    contrary to all of you MEN, i gotta say that nucky's broad is annoying as hell. her voice, her constant questioning of every single thing, tony soprano would not have stood for it.

    Jimmy is now headed up to Chi-town and I think he'll find some solace there with Al. Even tho Al dogged him over the phone, now he's physically in town and can get sht done. It's only a matter of time before he's back in AC.

    Good show, lot of potential, but not quite addicted yet.