Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Lie AS WELL As Me, You Dolt

Roll down your sleeves, put on your jacket, bring Mrs. Schroeder a chair then go outside and block the entrance.

Agent Van Alden may be a ribbon sniffing creep, but he is proving to be sort of a bad ass too. First the aforementioned line where he orders the other agent around and then he walks in and decks the Irishman. Nucky definitely underestimated him that's for sure. The stare down they had outside the banquet hall was like two fighters sizing each other up at a weigh in.

The only reason this all went down was because Margaret Schroeder told Van Alden that James Neary lectured her. Without that bit of color, her report about the barrels of beer would have just been another pin in the map. This obsession with Margaret gets our square jawed lawman into some trouble it looks like in coming weeks.

Not to be outdone by anyone, Nucky also had his share of great scenes this week. My favorite of which had to be when he tells Eli, "you wanna be taken seriously, learn how to fuking speak!" After Eli takes a swing at Nucky and misses(which was awesome by the way) Nucky tells his brother to go home to his wife. Eli asks Nucky where he is going to go and in doing so exposes Nucky's weak spot once more.

Nucky wants a wife again and most likely a family. Recall the scene where he is looking longingly at the babies in the incubator store window. I think we may learn that he and his wife had a baby at one point but lost it. If this proves to be so, it would explain his hefty donation to the incubator store in a previous episode.

Also explains why he went knocking on Margaret's door late at night.

Too bad Nucky couldn't use some of that cash to bring in a decent plastic surgeon to fix my girl Pearl's face. When she walked into the parlor showing off her scarred face, she reminded me of Jerry Hall in the Tim Burton Batman movie. looking like The Joker's girlfriend in the original Batman movie. I still thought she looked pretty darn good even with the eye wrap and all. Sadly I knew as soon as she kissed Jimmy that she was going to off herself. I figured she would down a whole grip of opium, but the gun was certainly the quicker route. No palm trees though that way.

I guess she heard Torrio when he said, "if she was a filly, they'd shoot her." Poor pearl should not have gone out like Barbaro.

Speaking of lame, I expected a little more out of my man A.R. I was disappointed at how nervous he was about the article tying him to the Black Sox scandal. A man of his wealth and power should just have that writer removed from the staff, or have the story buried. A man like A.R. doesn't sit around with horseshit on his pants waiting for it to dry, he goes out and buys a new fuking suit. Am I wrong? Man up Arnold!

I love this Gillian, Jimmy's mother. Angela walks in to find her son passed out on the floor. Gillian recalls she used the same trick with Jimmy as a child, "whiskey and milk were a godsend."

From the scenes for this weeks upcoming episode it looks like she and Lucky "bump" into one another next week. Go head Lucky!

I really liked the story Jimmy told Pearl about the 4th of July where his mom and him went on a sail boat with one of her beaus. Great picture he painted with The Stars and Stripes.

Loved hearing Duncan O'Connor belt out Carrickfergus at the banquet.

My heart fluttered every time I heard Margaret say "barrels" and "garage" in her Irish brogue.

And lastly the little person Joaquin Phoenix look alike had me buggin out. I like how he stood tall (no pun intended) and told Nucky he only looks like a child when he was negotiating a raise for him and his men.

Nice to know some things never change. A new movie is set to come out called The Soprano State which shows that N.J. is still the most corrupt state in the nation. Here's the trailer,


  1. you, my friend....ur good.

    I actually thought that is ep was a liiiitle bit on the weak side, except for the last couple of mins but i guess they cant all be gems.

    Agent Van Alden iss a complete and utter freakshow, whether he's smelling hair wraps or smiling when people are spilling out beers, the guy really creeps me out. Would imagine there's alot of punching the clown in his world and to some weird sht.

    Agree w/ you Jell and have been saying its since the incubator scene, Nucky is in depserate need of a family and looks like he was finally in motion to do so. I have two things to say about that scene tho, 1.) I feel sooo bad for the actress playing maragaret having to smooch this snagglefug steve buscemi and who knew mags wud have such sexy azz legs??...i was lovn it!...Cant wait to see what goes down between margaret and nuckys sluttier/sexier/bushier b. should be good.

    btw "Sadly I knew as soon as she kissed Jimmy that she was going to off herself. I figured she would down a whole grip of opium, but the gun was certainly the quicker route. No palm trees though that way"...i have to admit, i didnt see her killing herself but this quote is so well done for alot of reasons. I felt really really bad for pearl, mostly before she almost made me lose my dinner when she came into the parlor.

    i was truely saddened to see that lucky didnt show up this week to knock the stank of jimmys mom but leave it to my homey to catch what looks like a scene from next week where it looks like he may.

    An issue that wasnt addressed that has been a real big dea for me in last weeks ep. What the fk is up w/ jimmys mom telling his wife that she can be free?...where is she going w/ that?..would she really want to raise her grandson, wasnt having one seed enough of a strain on her social life? and it really doesnt look like she is in the mood to slow things down anytime soon. And am i the only person who fkn hates jimmys current wife??? and why did she walk past the photoshop at first and then turn around and go in to seemingly meet the dude (who may have been her lover). Was she having second thoughts?....and wasnt that dude married as well? When jimmy went in w/ his son it appreared to me that the wife and the hubby were taking to jimmys wife and son like they were both in on it. Could there potentialy be some hot girl on girl threeway in the "bohemians" future?

  2. I thought the exact same thing re. Jimmy's girl Angela walking up to the photo shop. Important to note that technically Angela is not Jimmy's wife. That being said my mind def also went to the weird swinging couple/atlantic city key party idea as well when she walked back to the store. I don't think you are off base there. Either that or we bot are seriously demented. Either way I'm cool with it.

  3. sorry for lack of responses will be in full effect tomorrow ...

  4. Agreed that this episode was weak. Hey look guys, a group of midgets have to put on leprechaun suits or other fairy tale apparel and beat eachother up and guess what!? They're pissed about it! Shocker...Nucky def has halitosis and for some reason I feel like his penis looks like a withered baby eggplant. Gross.Poor Margaret..Oh the price to pay for gold digging....