Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is always a good sign and boy were they right on the money.
I was thrown by the opening scene though which featured two guys riding horses and in the background amongst the billboards was one that read Budweiser. I would have thought with Prohibition those types of signs would have come down, but after some research I saw I was mistaken and the show was accurate. Budweiser continued to brew its beer, alcohol free, and produced Bevo, a non alcoholic cereal beverage. I'm guessing it did not "taste great" but was very "filling."

Nucky set up Margaret with the whole Pretty Woman fairytale making her one of his mistresses. I loved the scene with the head of the temperance league...

Margaret- A man has made me an offer
Old Shrew- Financial? Domestic? Sexual?
Margaret- Yes
Margaret goes all Maino and answers ALL THE ABOVE!
Lucy thought her little tiger cub routine would keep Nucky interested in her jungle, but Margaret hit it on the head when she said, "maybe your cunny isn't quite the draw you think it is." Apparently she was right, because Nucky seemed to have women all over the city as do other men of influence. The Concubines of Atlantic City have it nice nice. A little Lysol flush up the easy bake oven and there's nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile Lucky splashed the pot multiple times with Gillian, but attracted some heat from both AR and Nucky.

A.R.- What kind of way is that to answer a phone?
Lucky- Can I call you back I'm with his wife right now.
A.R.- No you're not. You're with his mother.

Like Smokey said in Friday, "the older the berry the sweeter the juice."

Lucky- Since when do u need permission to look at the ocean?
Nucky- Look at my ocean?
Nucky- Since your boss tried to lift a hundred grand out of my pocket.
Lucky- Mr. Rothstein doesn't see it that way.
Eli- Mr. Rothstein doesn't run this town.
Lucky- No he runs New York maybe you heard of it?

How great were the scenes with Jimmy and Al. First the one where Jimmy is playing Five Finger Fillet with what has to be on of the most bad ass knives ever. I would have to put it in my top three along with Mick's from Crocodile Dundee and the Night Slasher's from Cobra. Also have to throw in my man Tristan from Legends of the Fall too. He get's freaky with his blade as well when he avenges Samuel.

Jimmy must have taken his entrance test to Princeton in pen because the kid brought a knife to a gun fight and walked away clean. Hova!

The scene in the Capone kitchen was amazing. How good did those sausages look?! Capone's wife offered up her condolences to Jimmy and Al chimes in, "you know Pearl, the waitress" Al's wife was lead to believe she got hit by a street car. Al tells her he wants to talk to that driver and make sure he's more careful in the future, WINK. While on the subject of Pearl, the man who cut her face, Liam, was not present when Jimmy and Al took out the Irish. We just might get to see that knife put to some good use I have a feeling.

The most moving scene of the episode came after Al came to visit Jimmy in his room. Capone brought him steaks as a sort of olive branch. He admits that Jimmy's jokes about him and the war hurt his feelings. We learned he considers Jimmy a friend. So much so that he opens up to Jimmy about his son's handicap. Capone's son is deaf, but I learned it is Al's fault. Capone suffered from neurosyphilis and was the cause of his son's birth defect. That's what he meant when he told Jimmy it's in the blood. Capone was apparently a talented musician. He played the mandolin as he said to Jimmy. I read that he wrote and composed his own music as well. So it appears he is a little more than the guy who "walks the dog and washes the car" as Torrio stated.

Other notables:

The guy who got jacked on the boardwalk tells Nucky "if there's a nickel of your money in a nun's cooz we'll shake it loose."
Nucky- "Why don't you let Eli handle that...and put a steak on that."

The Mayor of Jersey City gave Nucky a good heads up about not endorsing his man in the Senate. Sounded like Mr. Pimms Cup is a silent partner in a paving company in J.C. and will be giving the road money to them so he can turn a healthy profit.

Jimmy put a wad of cash that could choke a hippo in an ordinary envelope to mail home to Angela, no insurance, no mail order, no wax seal. Not even one of those string things you wind around the cardboard circle.

The card that fell out of Pearl's book had me misty eyed.

We learned that Liam the Irish thug who cut Pearl's face, was not present at the meeting which ended in the blood bath. I have a feeling we will get to see Jimmy's knife be put to good use soon enough.

I hope they didn't hurt that blond coat check girl when they offed the Irish fellas. Jimmy still has Liam to deal with, the goon who cut Pearl. He was not in that meeting.

And lastly...someone PLEASE TELL THIS GUY what "beating off" really means. JESUS!!!


  1. WOW.....Tremendous recap, great segues into Croc Dundee, Budweiser & my Favorite COBRA...Love COBRA. "You're the disease and I m the cure" ..The Prohibition agent is seriously banged up when I saw the belt, the pic and the towel I was like is the dude gonna choke himself while he strokes himself. Which I didnt think was invented until the 60s but then he Silasd' himself which was downright weird.. I mean i m weird no doubt but that is tops for me.
    Gretchen Mol must have a tremendous cooz b/c it seems like dudes bend over backwards to hit that and truth be told I dont blame them she's yummy mummy. Her cooz is going to save her son's ass which is kind of ironic if you think about it .. Mom helps guy's d to work as good or better than before and in return her son gets to live...what are the odds of that?
    The Lysol flush, um WTF? Does it work ? Does it Burn ? Does it drip out ? Do you flush it out with water ? How long does it take? Do People do it today ? Should they?
    I really respect Nucky I mean guy has dough and he spends it on whatever. He aint afraid of anyone or anything yet he s very smart on the battles he chooses..Have to admit the AR stuff is going to get interesting and I think it ends up with Johnnie Torio taking the fall when Al sells him down the river.
    Jimmy is my fave smart kid but flawed and disturbed ( Sound Familiar) and he likes Pootytang which is sweet. He smartly doesnt trust Al b/c he sees him when he loses his temper and it scares/worries him .. Wonder how this thing plays out b/n them do they become friends/associates/enemies..Does Jimmy come back to AC w/ Al's blessing ? The ambush was so well planned and well thought out ..Hit them when they least expect it and he was so calm and collected during in it.. So money
    Irish lady is kind of annoying and needy and she's now in huge dilemma be a whore or break away and do something different. Cant imagine what that feels like or what she is going to do. I think she bails...I did like the line by her neighbor ..Blah blah blah her kids did this , she moved uptown...SHE's A WHORE .. way to sneak that one in I loved it so subtle.
    All things being equal I think I'd hit all 5 major women in the show in .2 secs and GM wud be #1 b/c the woman knows what to do, how to do it and she fixes D's.
    Only complaint about show is too many midgets, freaks me out and makes me itchy..

  2. Great Davinci Code(Silas)reference my man. And yes that ambush was so well thought out. I loved how calmly Jimmy says Thank You to the redhead when she hands him his coat and hat with the gun. Guy is about to off Irishmen like the Potato Famine and there isn't a tremble in his voice. That's Hannibal Lecter type nerves. "His pulse never got above 85, even when he ate her tongue."

  3. oooooooooooo KKK!!!

    so let me just start by saying there is just sooo much love in here yet sooo much information i fkn love it!! ...and the addition of mutdric? verklemped!

    So this episode, the best one BY FAR..and im really really starting to like this show...obv not TB yet but like da ngga flloyd christmas says "ilikeit alot"...and the best ep of the year all but had to be followed w/ the best post of the year. BIG SHOUT OHARA, RESPECT.

    Love the research that was done in the begnning there on bud, and im not even gonna tell you how much the link to maino gives me wood but more than anything the screen shots of nuckys herim really brings it home for me, that ugly mofo is out there doing his THING! is it me or is Margaret becooming really hot all of the sudden?..and i LOVE how she punked the fk outta Lucy in the store right before she pulled the "fku, fku, ur cool, fk u" and im out to the old frogger in the shop. Loved it!

    I will say that i was a bit dissaointed in my homey Lucky between the whole ED deal he was telling jimmys moms after he beat and they way Nucky and his punks ass brother made a fool out of him in the damn office, i thought my man was much more of a thug than that..hurtin my name sake a bit.

    the jimmy to cobra to croc dundee ref is GNARLY. that is all.

    I Can honesty say that I never thought that i would see Jimmy become such a thug mofo but the sht that he pulled off w/ the irishman was insane! guy is like a fkn white nino brown (man i wish i could do links)..then at the afterparty after gmoney (capone) trys to clown my man he makes a damn fool of him and his "lost brigade"..sick! btw, was i the only one who thought something was gonna go down at the peace offering? great moment between the two there and even "greater" work again on the research jell. I heart you. ...

    last but not least can we PLEASE talk about how the senator was getting down!?!?!?! omg!!!!

  4. hold up, wait a minute, let me put some questions in it!...

    WTF was up w/ agent wackadoo?...agree w/ mute, i thought that my man was gonna tie that belt around his neck and go to town on his junk (which i respect)....but beating himself in the back? come on. what is the deal w/ the lysol? that so that she wont have nuckys seed?..can i just give that to b's so they dont get preggers?...spray them in the face and im good?

    Am i the only one that doesnt want jimmy to leave chicago? my man is running sht bro!

    I didnt get the peach thing....what did that mean please? i know it was from his b that died but why did the b (who tried to twist him at first) bring that to him?...lets say he was like yeah lets do this..was she gonna twist him up and then give him the memento?

  5. the senator was getting his freak on .. i mean eating and getting ridden is not easy to keep up at that pace.. Guy looked like he was in a prolonged session and wasnt close to stopping.. He had to have chemical help.

    I think Lysol is/was a cleansing of teh seed method not sure and dont really care.. If push comes to shove I shove and push and shoot it in the eye or bum.
    Jimmy going to get more power bro he 's too smart no to he knows what is going on so he will align/position himself correctly

  6. i think the other girl was just trying to cheer jimmy up when she came into his room. plus he is single now. even with the limp he's quite a catch. wasnt the senator gettin down with the DT it was the mayor of Jers City remember. He tipped off Nucky about Senator Edge being in cahoots with some paving company and advised him not to back him so hard. I FORGOT to mention Jimmy putting on his dog tags again prior to the Irish ambush. It was as if the soldier was BACK!Signified he meant business, like Lincoln Hawk turning the hat around.

  7. I totally missed the whole thing w/ the dog tags but that is a gnarly call.....also...this is fkn amazing

    " think Lysol is/was a cleansing of teh seed method not sure and dont really care.. If push comes to shove I shove and push and shoot it in the eye or bum."