Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well...I Aint Building No Bookcase

Sorry for the delay in posting this recap it has been a crazy week.

Nucky is worried about keeping Chalky's vote so he can stay on top, but if you ask me it's Chalk who should be running this town. The monologue with the Grand Cyclops was Emmy worthy. Chalky is like Michael Corleone, Sayid Jarrah and Nino Brown all wrapped into one bad ass gangster. "My father, he'd make that wood sang..." He spoke with so much emotion and the pride in his voice was genuine when he described how he and his father walked right in through the front door of the white man's house to see those book cases. You know what was coming at the end of that story, just like you knew what was going to go down when he took out his daddy's tool, but my heart was still pounding the whole time.

Nothing though shook me more than when the Sheridan's goon cut the face of Jimmy's girl Pearl. Again, I knew it was coming but there was nothing I could do from my couch. Keep the bandages clean and rub some Vitamin E on that cut girl and I'm sure Jimmy will still share his bed with ya. She had the "mass appeal" going when she whispered to Jimmy that she was going to head "East" to the opium den.

I was also on cringe alert every time Lucky came around Jimmy's mom Gillian. Initially I thought he was there to kill her and send a message to Jimmy, but it seems he is letting his little head call the shots for now. I can't really blame him. Guy just got his equipment cleaned out and back in running condition. I'm sure he wants to make sure it works and Gillian presents quite a nice opportunity. Loved how she did not want to be called grandma, "not while the peaches are still in season."

Mrs. Schroeder turned some heads as well when she showed up the Senator and out debated him at Nucky's party. Nucky could not be more smitten with her and less interested in Lucy right about now. I'm a big Lucy fan but even I was yelling uncle when she popped out of the cake.

When the senator finished his champagne in Nucky's office and asks for another drink I could have sworn he said, "I think I'll have a pimps cup." I quickly realized I was mistaken and he was in fact asking for Pimms Cup. Pimms is still sold today. Created in 1840 by James Pimm it is distilled according to a top-secret formula only known to six people. Its a light and refreshing taste blended from excellent liqueurs and full extracts apparently. Maybe try some Pimms in a Pimp Cup.

How about this cat Mickey Doyle and the brothers from Philly.
"What is yas all named after Popes?"
"What of it you don't like god or somethin?"

Did Micky remind anyone else of Newman from Seinfeld? Same creepy and sinister laugh and wiggling fingers.

Loved the episode and loved getting more into the other characters like Al Capone, Gillian and of course Chalky. Nucky is the focal point, but I can see his appeal wearing thin with too many scenes. Chalky on the other hand needs more screen time which I think we will certainly see. Jimmy showed off why he got into Princeton when he tried to give Capone some good advice. Jimmy is book smart but he also appears to have graduated Magna Cum Laude from the School of Hard Knocks growing up under Nucky.


  1. First and Foremost,

    Let me start by saying that this is so incredibly well done. From the clips of the show to teh links to the music, i can honestly say that this makes my the words of mike tyson, ohara "i take my hand off to u"...well done

    Aight, lets get down to it....Jell, u looooove u so omar huh?..not that i dont agree and that he doesnt do an amazing job, just tickles me how much u love you some chalky. Respect.

    I really wish that they had showed what chalky did to the grandwizard but maybe some things are just left alone. I look forward to seeing Chalkys role in teh future, he's a bad ass mofo

    Question; obviously this is BASED on true events and characters etc but is it entirely accurate to the story line? I hope its not as i would like to allow these guys a lil freedome to make sht happen..JS..

    two things we are in complete agreement on, i thought i was gonna vomit when he sliced up that b's face (love how he got a solid twist in before he did anything, why not go backdoor action before you kkruegar up a b's mug, it just makes sense)..the second thing is that, as sexy as his girl is, my man buscemi does a great job of playing up how sick of twisting the same b he is, cuz i feel the same way now...she is alost down rt annoying

    Lucky and Jimmys mom....i have been talking to people about this....does she just want to twist my man out or is she gonna try and hurt him for coming after her son?...i could go either way, im hoping that they twist and then she kills lucky but again, i dont think that the true story so that would lead me back to my question of how close to the truth this story is....either way, i reallly starting to get hooked, i just need to see some more nggas dyin.

  2. Like Biggie said "you're nobody till somebody kills you." don't think thats the case with Lucky though. as far as history goes he is just getting going with his "career." Same with Al. He is getting along on muscle alone, but he I think we will see him smarten up as we go along.

  3. I'm sooo tempted to start reading up on this shzzle but i dont want to ruin the story line for myself.....but everyone knows that al capone and lucky luciano are two bad ass mofos

  4. Dude...Nucky's girl ALMOST down right annoying? All muscle and dental retardation aside, Nucky is a fuggin baller...Unless his trashbag retard has a muzzle on at all times (sans i guess when her moouth is useful) he should have tossed her before the end of the first episode. Margaret hands down has more "lady in the street, but a freak in the bed"'s not just the "mother quality thing" trust me. Ask Nucky.

    Jimmy, is a dreamboat. Will in Good Will hunting meets Leo in well...pick a movie. Granted if he were living in the present I feel like he'd smell like a mix of wet towels, weed and Miller High Life. Regardless, if I had wood, he'd make it sing. Sorry boys.