Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I mean...
"So Jimmy's dad must have some serious pull whoever he is. We don't know who it is but my guess would be the Commodore. At least for now. If he is Jimmy might not have a dad for long, because that dude is dying ya'll. Was interesting how he noted that the dog was sick. Maybe there's something or someone in the house poisoning them."
All I have to say is we...

But it still remains to be seen if Gillian was acting alone in poisoning the commodore. One thing was for certain, the maid is in cahoots with her. Did you notice how she doubled back to take the cookies away when Jimmy came to visit? When the Commodore told her to leave them she had a look of panic on her face. I'm wondering though if Nucky is involved as well. He has to kick money to the Commodore each week and maybe he is tired of it and wants to send the old man on his way. I'm sure Nucky knows that the Commodore is not a big fan of his. Commodore went as far as to tell Jimmy that "the wrong man is running this town." Commodore gives Jimmy the Wikipedia upload on how he built Atlantic City up from a swamp and what an amazing man he was, and Jimmy just scoffs saying "you and your giant blue ox right?" He is no Paul Bunyan that's for sure, but he is a straight creep and molester. He had Nucky bring Gillian to him when she was only 13. The Commodore ranks right up there with the Colonel from Boogie Nights. "I'm what time and consequence made me." "You were 54 she was 13.
So the Commodore is crying over Fido in the box and I'm asking myself where did Jimmy get his cold blooded nature from. Answer: his mom Gillian. When Jimmy visits her and informs her that the Commodore made it through another night she is anything but elated. She goes as far as to say that she is surprised. Jimmy confronted her about the arsenic and she didn't exactly shout in protest at Jimmy's insinuations now did she. Her look said it all.
OK moving on...
So we finally met the "Great" Hardeen as he was suspended upside down trying to free himself from a straight jacket. Margaret asked Nucky, "Is it meant to take this long?" Made me think of Animal House when Mandy Pepperidge was giving Greg Marmalard the five knuckle shuffle in his car. "Anything?" "Maybe a little faster...ooh yeah." Couldn't find that clip but this one of him and Babs is just as good.

Nucky was probably wondering what was taking Margaret so long, to conceive his heir that is. We saw that he uncovered the her Lysol morning after cocktail. She doesn't want to have a child by Nucky or any man for that matter. Nucky basically wipes his ass with the suffrage movement when he fired back that it is not her right to decide whether or not to have a baby. Margaret doesn't want to bring a new baby into this life she is surrounded by much like Kay Adams Corleone from the Godfather didn't want to.
Margaret got a little ahead of herself this week I felt. Comments like "I'll do what is required of me," did not jive with Nucky or me. So what if Nucky had your husband killed Margaret? You were living in the 1920's equivalent of a Van Down By The River and the man you were sharing it with was beating you in front of your children. He murdered your unborn child and nearly killed you as well. You knew what kind of man Nucky was when you went to him for help.
Margaret, you live in a town house that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns, sometimes men with half a face. Who else is gonna do it? You? Madame Jeunet? Nucky has a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for your dead beat husband, and you curse the bootleggers. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what Nucky knows. That your husband's death, while brutal, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at your Temperance League meetings, you want me running the show. Nucky has neither the time nor the inclination to explain himself to a woman whose children rise and sleep under the blanket of the very lifestyle that he provides, and then questions the manner in which he provides it. He and I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you grab a handful of the Commodore's cookies or stop shoving that Lysol up your cooch and start drinking it instead. Either way, Nucky should not give a damn about what you think you are entitled to.
Margaret should have taken notice of her friend Annabele and how fast your spot can get blown up like hers did when Harry got taken in the original Ponzi Scheme. "Every shell game needs a mark."
Eli finally stood up to Nucky and was spot on when he said that no one cares about Nucky, they only care about what they can get from him. "How do you know? How do you know anything? I got a bullet in my gut from what you don't know." He was again correct when he said Nucky thinks because he takes care of Margaret it absolves him from all the sins on his hands. Thats how Nucky thinks. Van Alden is like Nucky in this way. I think he felt the same way when he "baptized" Sebso. Van Alden is a sinner but by doing "gods work" he is cleansing himself of his sins. I feel bad for Eli, not because he is forced to relinquish his badge, but because we learned he has eight kids. EIGHT! Nucky will keep money coming his way, but that is a grip of screaming mouths. No wonder he has to take his wife out to the tool shed to get anything done. The inmates must be running the asylum at his house.
Nothing gets by Van Alden man. Let's forget about his antisemitic remarks all together. He had Sebso pegged for being on Nuck's payroll and called him out for his new wingtips. "Temptation knows no rank Agent Sebso." It's a good thing Van Alden wasn't working at Shawshank the night Andy Dufresne escaped. "Andy did like he was told, buffed those shoes to a high mirror shine. The guards simply didn't notice. Neither did I... I mean, seriously, how often do you really look at a mans shoes?"
I'm sure it struck many as odd that the congregation of Baptists just sat idly by as Van Alden killed Sebso. Dave Chapelle touched on it once when he said "Well let me tell you something about those white guys. Those white guys are the most dangerous motherf**kers in them groups. It's true, man. There's no telling what kind of crazy s**t they've done to get them black dudes respect, but I'll tell you they've done some wild s**t." Van Alden didn't even have to take out his gun if you ask me. No one was going to say boo, especially the cat who just came into a pair of new wing tips.
Speaking of saying Boo, how scared must Angela have been when she got home after finding the Dietrichs gone to also find the letter she left for Jimmy on the bed missing? What an intense scene. For the sake of Tommy I don't think Jimmy will hurt her just yet. Instead he will let her live in fear. He isn't going to be an absent father like the Commodore was. He and Tommy going to keep all hours together some day, just the boys.
If the day comes where he needs to be rid of Angela I'm sure my man Richard Harrow will step up to the task. That scene with him and Jimmy talking about getting the D'Alessio brothers to pop their heads out was one of the gnarliest yet. Jimmy doesn't understand why he offers to go to Philly if the brothers are in hiding. "I would kill the mother, the sisters and the dentist." The dentist being the one brother who is not involved in the criminal dealings of his other brothers.

Before Sebso's demise, the Deacon remarked that "Every road leads to a reckoning." In the season finale, we will see this come to fruition as it looked as if it will be an hour chock full of retribution. Margaret has left Nucky, but I can't imagine for long. In the meantime he is lost as we gathered from him walking into the fortune teller's in the final scene of the week. Eli is not going to take his demotion well. A.R. is in deep with the Black Sox and his lawyer advised him to go to Chicago and call on anyone who might owe him some favors. Chicago will be afire when he comes to town with Torrio and Capone still running things.

Other notable quotes:

Gillian- No one deserves to die alone

Harry: I don't give a cun-ts hair u boob!
Annabelle: You're totally broke? You fat worthless fool!

Nucky: What happened to the tears?
Annabelle: Ride me like you used to and I'll soak the pillow through
Nucky: I'll keep that one in my pocket

Nucky: I thought she was your Friend.
Margaret: So you wouldn't fuck her?
That language does not become you.

Nucky: I didnt want to hurt her.
Eli: What the fuck are these for?

Sebso: I just bought these.

Loved Van Alden using both "mortal combat" and "micturate" in the same sentence while talking to Sebso.


  1. So I'm finally involved in this whole Boardwalk life and there's only one remaining episode this season. There was so much to cover in this past week's show, I almost had to jot down a few notes. Almost.;-) Well done getting it all in there succintly and detailed O'Hara.

    So far it looks like the maid and Gillian took some tips from young Misha Barton's mother in The Sixth Sense..Luckily for these biatches there were no nanny cams in the 20's.."Neva trust a big butt and a smile"-Bel Biv Devoe knew what was up with that maid's style.. "ROB MOORE YOU'RE DEAD!"or the Commodore is soon to be at least.Of course the dog has to die first. Poor Toto...(Think it actually may have been the same type of dog as Toto, although I dont think this was deliberate).

    Damn, I think I would have at least taken a weekend trip or something more than a trip to the icecream shop with the kid before coming home to Jimmy.

    "Dear Jimmy,

    I'm going to Paris to make sweet oral love to my best friend (the woman..not her husband you recently beat the shit out of) and touch her boobs. Much love and peace to ya.
    p.s.-Tanks for the kid and the angry sex
    Angela--------> NONO JUST KIDDING !!

    Back to the emerald green reference and it's symbol of money, envy, and jealousy Margaret seemingly tries to leave behind with the emerald bracelet Nucky gave her. So tough to escape the horrific state of being she was coerced to endure huh? Listen bitch, you were sharing a bed with your two kids, your abusive husband was Lifetime Movie stylin on your ass and now you are pissed that Nucky is lying to you? Since when does your everyday snaggle toothed bug-eyed scrawny dude in your town run the show without a little dirty work involved?

    Poor Sebso.I bet looking down from heaven the little Jewish guy wishes now he had kept his wingtips on before his final plunge. He could have tried a little harder though without em.I didnt get any sense of scissor kicks or anything, but Alden I'm sure has some major retard strength and we all know he's got serious pent up sexual frustration burning deep up in there that make him a serious force to be reckoned with.Now I know that prayer group wading around and in the river doesn't appear to be the most aquatically sound, but couldn't someone at least reach out a hand or say something?! Something to the effact of "Yo Frankenstein, chill on the dunking..God woulnd't approve." Stoked for the Finale.

  2. Ok, ladies (especially new ones) and gents...so it would seem that there is alot to get through here, in typical fashion Ohara points out things taht i had no shot of noticing, not sure if thats because i'm enamored w/ Margaret, Angela, Gillian, the b handy Mcgee from animal house (love that smile while putting in work btw) annabelle, or lucy mcbusherton.... but somwehre along the lines here Brownie Luc is being distracted from subtle little things like aunt jamima trying to grab the ccookies and its takes a true intelect to catch and point these things out and for that i thankya thankya ohara. After watching pretty much the entire season over this wknd i realized that there is def no wasted movments in this thing w/o you jell i would prob have missed 90% of them.

    At the same time, i guess it wouldnt make sense if you pointed them out but to throw them in my face w/ that self falatin' opening hurt me a little bit, but i guess you done so much i can get over it. =) (great call on the commodore 64)

    I have to be honest, rather than Nuck being involved w/ gillian in teh poisining of the commodore i think that it's probably just a scheme by gillian to put her boy atop on the town and i think it's a scheme that is gonna cost her, her life in teh finale next week, i cant imagine that my man is gonna stand for that once he puts this all together (unless of course they blame it on Aunt J, which would be so typical)

    Agree that Margaret may have taken things a little further than she is really gonna be able to handle and i would be shocked if those two got back together, but i guess that is gonna come down to what the fortune teller tells him at the end of the last ep, so that could go either way...I do think however that pants tore a little bit when anglea went int her little tirade about drawing the shades, really dont think it's fair that i didnt get to see that. you know that aint rt.

    The whole deal w/ wackado and sesbo was just flat out fkn weird. What kind of man would let himself be drowned in a baptism by another man like that?...that's some real pssy sht. and why wouldnt anyone there try and help him out...js. that sht was weak. I think going forward i only want to see him when he's twwisting out lucy, or when she's twisting herself, or when she's naked. thats is all

    THE SCENE W/ ANGELA AND JIMMY WAS FREAKY!!..I was sure that there was no way she was gonna let the son go to sleep. EVER. i know i wouldnt, that mofo is scary. What was the meaning of papa dietrich calling his wife "wicked" about her games and then them bouncing?...that line was enough to have her change her mind?...she hated that mofo anyhow?...and how fast could he have really gotten away, his whole sht was broke up?...i'm gonna need anwers on that one asap.
    great week, obv the finale gonna be bittersweet but cant WAIT to see what happens

  3. DIGZ!!!! i respect the sht out of anyone who can make a BBD reference and then follow that up w/ a joke on my man sesbo the lesbo. Couldnt agree more, cleary that that dude could have givin us a lil more fight, if not to save his life than at the very least but he was getting btched out in front of the entire Southern Jersey basketabll team, i mean...man up nucka!!

    btw--was wondering what was actually IN the letter tks for clearing that up....
    "tks for the kid and the angry sex"! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  4. hahah...so happy you appreciate the BBD....muah. God, I finally found such a happy place and now I have to wait for next season to start :-(. Does Lysol really work? That can't can't be the smoothest way to avoid a goalie's error...Even in the 20's...

  5. Cam I said WE..."WE" figured it out/Nailed it! It's a team thank. Fam-Lay son. If you still are confused hit me on my beeper.

  6. and La Lysol was the best thing they had i think back then. Wire Hangers weren't invented till the 50's I don't think. "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!!"
    So aside from getting a "smush-smortion" the lysol works best.

  7. No like dog tongue or lamb skin jimmies or anything? or they just didnt want to....merkins? With all those hookers there was def a demand for merkins...like the french did it. I'm starting to get why Angela went all lez..less nonsense to deal with.

  8. dog? really?...i actually have a gnarly post in re lysol...but i cant find it anywhere. i been looking back

  9. Holy shit .. things getting hot now and right in time for the finale...Great calls on the Commodore being Jimmy's dad we def knew that a big one was coming. Lysol I mean if it can make your floors shiny spic & span then imagine what it must do to the inside of a vageene?I mean talk about the ultimate inner vag power wash ..
    Margaret does she switch sides go to the Dems and really f everything up ? Does Nucky come back to her knowing how important she is to his way of life? She holds some weight b/c she has used Nucky's money & power to influence other women...
    Commodore poisioning..ok few questions..1. Jimmy ON HIS OWN finds the rat poison in the garbage, no one knows except him knows, he tells his mom ....BUT then he says he is going to be ok, the commodore that is, why does he stop the poisioning if his mom is doing it & he can benefit from it.. ? Dont u think he 'd let it go on so he could get the POWER? is it loyalty to nucky , i doubt it? But why does he stop it if he knows it can hurt his mother? no way he takes commodores pedophilliac side, right? That puzzled me
    As for Jimmy's b , almost leaving.. Loved the tension there could cut it with a knife. Jimmy knows how to use fear as an ally and he will.. my guess is he ships her out of dodge and raises his son with his mom ... If you aint with us, yous against us. He will let her go but she will suffer first, and say she has lost the right to be a mother.. or some col dshit like that.
    AR going to Chi-town.. well we all kind fo know how this is going to play out ..Capone and AR will cross paths .. words will be exchanged and lines will be drawn... Now I dont have Wiki up but I imagine that there is a turf war here NY vs Chi..and even though AC is from NY originally he is full time Chi Town and both are dependent upon Nucky to get their booze since the land way to Canada is being watched by mounties (Site the Untouchables) so I m guessing we will have a "just like a wap to bring a knife to a gun fight" moment.. Where there will be some pushing and shoving, maybe a a lil slap fight where feeligns get hurt but a resolution will come. My thoughts...AR needs to clear his name from the Black SOx scandal, he needs a FAVOR... who in Chicago can provide a FAVOR like he needs ? come on with me altogether now ..Torio and Capone.. and for their help in the matter AR will take care of the Irish problem.. Just a thought ?

  10. Also Chrissy ...EXCELLENT Few Good Men tirade ... nothing gets my blood flowing more than a Jack Nicholson tirade, following up with Shawshank ..whoooooHHEEEE I needed a cold shower... Its pure beauty my man .. Finally Agent Van Alden... like i said kids I kind of dig that crazy mofo b/c you never know what to expect from him ...he is a the guns of Navarone.. supperfly TNT , mushroom cloud laying mofo, mofo.. and if he wasnt such a zealot I 'd wager a guess that his wallet was the one with Bad mofo written on it .. I mean you cant put any limits on this guy ..whisky, hooker, swindler, federal officer, preacher, baptiszer, murderer, interrogator, redeemer.. I mean look at the gamut there, anything is possible with this guy .. You call him f'd up I call him a living, breathign Hypocrisy that I kind of admore the fuck out of ... I mean ending scene, drowns his WHITE partner in backwoods Black Baptist Baptism, calls on God to remove the devil from him , ends up drowning him , realizes he fucks up, dusts himself off grabs his gun & badge and raises his hands and walks into the woods...I mean seriously???? Guy is Steven Segal above the law

  11. i'm embarassed that i never pointed out how gnarly the few good men rant was....very very well played jell.....btw-mute, ur killing me over here sooo funny...

    ps-jimmy was def not in on the posion, he wouldnt have eaten that cookie just prove he wasnt involved, if he did thats fkn commitment to a bit, and i respect the sht out of that

  12. Cam just made a good point about the Commodore. Jimmy would never give up his mom. Aunt Gemima is gonna take the fall for this one. She's gonna be singing "Oh my lord, lord, lord, lord!" like Denzel at the end of GLORY. THIS IS ATLANTIC CITY! THERE ARE RULES AND REGULATIONS!

  13. I didnt mean Jimmy was in on the poison I meant that why did HE STOP ???? if he was the only one to know why does it matter??? I m thinking Aunt G is goign to bust out the Fred Sanford .. Elisabeth i m coming to join you honey

  14. hmmmmm "no one deserves to die alone". Maybe Angela gets wacked along with the Commodore?

  15. Fried Green Tomatoes style, Aunt J and Gillian be cookin up the Commodore-Angie Special BBQ blend for Jimmy and his son....

  16. Well done once again Jell – You’re like the modern day Nostradamus kid. RESPECT. L-Digz is spitting hot fyre and love the new addition. This shit just got real. I mean linking the Commodore to Colonel James? That made the button pop of my jeans like the first time Eddie Adams from Torrance got bamboozled by rollergirl. Straight up special – When Jimmy goes to see his pops and Fido is in the box is it a sign that friends, loyalty and morality are lost. Dogs are a man’s best friend and having Fido laid out in the pine box just shows that evil will soon run rampant over ACizzle. Alliances will be broken – you can’t smell beef with a broken nose baby. Another symbol is the duck on the mirror in Nucky’s twistchamber. Duck can be interpreted as many things but in Celtic culture it symbolizes adaptation to surroundings and in Mandarin culture it symbolizes marriage and fidelity. So you can look at it as for Nucky it means he wants to find a woman to marry and raise his kids but he is not able to and for Mags it means she is trying to adapt to her new surroundings but she can’t. The reason children: AC is morally inept and the evils that surround them (ie the sauce) will ultimately rot their inner sanctum. And your welcome. Richard “the phantom” Harrow is also interesting to see how the dark side can totally errf up your perspective on life. He is similar to Erik in Phantom of the Opera because he yearns for beauty, but lives in hell. He is enchanted when he listens to Mags read to her children and wants something more out of life, yet he is a cold blooded killer who is willing is merck a women and the poor med school dropout. Another link to the celebrated novel is seen by Nucky’s trademark carnation. The carnation can be interpreted as the rose with black ribbon from the novel for Nucky seems beautiful yet is cloaked in darkness. I digress…Only one more episode left and there are still more holes in this story that the Iraqi navy.

    That is all for now friends…….

  17. Chalky Dunne..I'm sorta glad I've never met you yet because I want to keep this little fantasty going. Your commentary got me slightly hot and bothered with all that Celtic symbolism, inner sanctum, cloaked in darkness carnation sexy talk.I'm not allowing this blog to go in that direction but keep talking. please.

  18. UM ... I think my pants just moved as well. I agree on the premise of the alliances being broken, and to an extent formed it has already happened. And as I agree with the AC bringing everyone down to their lower levels to an extent I think it is more exposing people for who they truly are and not letting the glam and money blind us.. WE know that is never enough they always want more and that sometimes within evil can be good and vice versa... People use their own rationalization to justlify every action...it is human nature...we all WANT TO DO good but we get blinded by that by outside influences whatever they may be

  19. Such a bittersweet moment for me rt now....so proud of what this blog has become at the same time so sad that it is almost over!....CHALKY, HOLY FK...thats some deep sht, did someone get sticky while watching the show and reach new depths? i respect the sht out of it either way, i'm almost embarassed that i spend most of the time looking at boobs and bush. Almost.

  20. B-Luc....Boobs and bush can be some deep shit (Apparently, reeeally deep bush in the 20's.)Give yourself some cred!