Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This week we saw the playing field begin to level out as the balance of power began to shift dramatically. In the tug-o-war match for control of Atlantic City, Jimmy who previously had wrestled the flag well over his side of the line of contention this week began to feel the burning in his hands and the rope began to slide through his fingers. He is holding on too tight, needs to turn in his wings. He's got Daddy McMumbles telling him to whip out his cock or get proper fukked up the skirt and Nucky saturating the market with Irish Whiskey "straight from the old girl's tit," as our man Sleater put it.
Did you notice the reaction of his crew when he lost his shit and kicked the crate of booze over in the warehouse. It was like the reaction the Hickory High team gave Coach Dale after he told them they were going to use Jimmy as a decoy and Merle was going to take the last shot. Even Richard looked down at the floor. But this time there was no Jimmy to step up and say "I'll make it." I was looking for Al to rise to the occasion and be like "I'll sell it," but he never did.
Lucky and Lansky are gonna be alright. "Fuk a recession!" They got the H train ready to leave the station, just so long as they don't start getting high on their own supply. We finally saw the tensions boil over between Jimmy and Luciano. Lucky dropping the side comment that "he says a lot of things" when Lansky asked about the coast guard and then more directly when he told Jimmy he should set his catchphrase "I'll take care of it," to music.
That was a slap in the face but nothing compared to the one little Teddy got for pretending he had polio like his sister.
Nucky did his best to give Margaret a much needed break and took the attention starved cur to NYC. You see the look Nucky gave the lawyer when he reached onto his drawer and pulled out another Ty Cobb ball like no big deal. Who does this guy think he is, Mr. Mertle from The Sandlot? "GEORGE?!"
Nucky learned real quick he is going to have to pay if he is to have any shot of beating this thing.
Margaret got a similar message from the local priest and the outcome was just as dire. Padre was like Lisa McDowell as he preyed on Margaret's desire to show her faith.
That gesture of faith was worthless just like Nucky's previous lawyer's efforts. "Oh you made calls? Worth every penny." Sounds like the guy would make a great research salesman.It's hard to find good help these days, especially when they go on strike. Who knew Purnsley was a "KARATE MAN?"

And Halloran looked like Kevin Bacon in Animal House as he got dropped by the strike busters.
Eli gets more and more cold blooded each week. Loved how after he basically told his deputy he got what was coming to him he made sure he knew how to best prepare the peas he brought him before leaving him to go on looking like an extra from a Marilyn Manson video. "Butter...salt...delicious."
Eli is on his own now having put his confidant out to pasture. In these uncertain times even the most savvy of leaders are turning to other for advice. Nucky bent Rothstein's ear in NYC and during the town hall meeting between Chalky and "young James" they both at one point looked to their counterpart for approval.

There was some nice nods to history with the newspaper headline about the Black Sox trial and the Sacco and Vanzetti quip by Nucky. We also learned about Nucky's sister who lost her life to the bottle. But what of little Teddy. He is a weird little guy is he not? The comment about seeing Nucky burn his dad's house down, looking at his father picture in his little box of treasures...there is something brewing in that kid's head.
While we wait for that story to develop we said goodbye to another with the untimely demise of Angela and her lover.
Manny told her the most important thing is your health, which Jimmy tried to take from him rather than pay the debt he owed. So when Angela offered him money he instead took her life, to deliver a message to Jimmy and in the end showed Angela "Who's the Boss." (Ouch! Too Soon?) It did appear to me that Manny pulled the trigger regretfully, but in order to stay true to the game his hand was forced. The final scene Angela and Jimmy shared was touching, even if we didn't really believe Jimmy would change, and we of course knew he was never going to be "the person" she wanted him to be. Not without a pair of sharp scissors, some implants and a whole lotta hormones. The shocking murder ranked up there with some of the most disturbing I've seen on TV. It was almost foreshadowed in the aforementioned scene at their house where Jimmy stood drinking while outside their his "dirty laundry" flapped on the clothes line. Angela prepared a vase of flowers as if arranging her own funeral.
I cannot imagine what this is going to do to Jimmy. Perhaps it will be a rallying point for Capone and the others and they will get behind their coach and run the picket fence on the entire East Coast.


  1. i honestly found myself more disturbed from this episode than any i can recall in its nearly 2 year existance. i never really had any connection to angela, or really cared much for her either way, but seeing him just shoot her in the head like that over her lover, really took a sharp toll on me. i dont think i was this distraught from television since Trinity took the life of Rita... but i kind of understand where Manny came from, but he didnt have to shoot her. either way hes gonna get jimmy, she didnt have to die.
    moving along, the daughter being paralyzed is just so tragic. really difficult storyline, but i guess relevant for the time. im finding myself having just one complaint with the show- and its the multiple story lines and moving parts.... it can be a little too much to follow at times.
    i cant tell if rothstein has knuckys best interest in his heart, or setting him up for a blow up- he did try to kill him not long ago, right?
    lastly im equally disturbed by the preist shaking her down. i mean REALLY??!?! is anyone good anymore???
    all in, one of the greater episodes yet, and a fantastic recap.
    im finding myself more inclined to call buscehmi one of the greatest actors on tv right now; up there with the likes of walter white.

  2. Buschemi is strong, but the best actor on the show is Michael Kenneth Williams hands down. No one commands the screen the way he does whenever the writers decide to grace us with his Chalky presence. Nice to have a new voice in the comments though, welcome Marc (it's about fukkin time)

  3. HAHAHA!...ok, ALRIGHT...so we found it huh?

    Welcome my man Marc to the building, already read through his comments and i like how he's bringing it this season, no matter how late (i will get back to his comments)

    i was going to say it to Jell on teh one but one it is the point of that..in the words of vince vaughn in old school "nice test", a great post indeed.

    100% on board, its very imteresting seein the shift in power from Nuk to Jimmy and then write back to nuk again, i know i can, but we can all feel Jimmys mounting frustration/panic and that sht aint playing so well w/ the rest of the homeys, and now Lucky Luc, Al and crew can see this kid has no kinda hand, he needs to light it up and amke sht happen or he's going to have a real problem.

    Reminds me; I was talking with someone in my office on what they will do at the end of this season if this episode stays true to form and Nuk is to go to jail for tax evasion; my response was "HOW GNAR WOULD IT BE IF THE SHOW CONTINUED ON WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF AL, LUCKY, ROTHSTEIN AND CREW!?!?!" (spend some time w/ that though, we could have another soprano's (real life kind) on our hands!! eeee!!

    (btw, i did know this week's 80's movie link of the week, even though its an oxymoronic BASKETBALL movie full of WHITE PEOPLE, i do know hoosiers)

    Its hard to address all of the content and the story line but the content really so strong this week it need to be addressed...LOVE LOVE this weeks eddie murphy motif! Strongest of the strong.....IM A KARATE MAN!...YES!!

    Have to agree, Eli is a real sack of sht dude....gets his homey all beat down basically to the edge of his life and then walking in w/ that "What did i do wrong technique!?!?!" luckily, im pretty sure my man w/ lord vader w/o the Mask on dropped a dime on Officer MCsnarlhersubjects so my man going too be wondering "what he did to deserve this" when he's he's got don persely all up in his backside in the clink.

    On to the real bidness, was SOOO sad to see Angela (samata, mona) go man, i know MArc didnt take to her but i loved that sexually starved bisexual queen. Im not sure if im so sad because i was waiting to see my man jimmy doo the right thing w/ the two b's or what, but it did make me sad. And i agree, the way that flatop just stood there and kept shooting their corpses was more than i like to deal w/ as well. That guy is gonna get his COMEUPINS! And to answer jell, what it is going to do to jimmy, is that its going to have him hitting that package in his pocket to cope and then going HAM on everyone that stands in his way....CANT WAIT!!

  4. And im SHOCKED that jell didnt choose the model shredding half faced Richard harrow as the best Actor this year!...chalky does his thing but its not exactly a stretch for him to play an angry /milltant blackman if ya know what i mean....JS

  5. So Welcome Marc to the program and I have to admit I agree with his comment about how disturbing this episode was... I had tough time sleeping last night thinking about this or maybe it was my wife coming to bed with no pants on ...either way enough with me let's get on with the show. I really had tough time digesting this episode
    The polio story line is not my cup of tea whether or not it is sign of times I dont see the need forit..Is Mrs Schroeder full of demons...? yes of course...so is Nuck, so is everyone.. but do we need to be exposed to her breakdown b/c of her child's sickness??No thanks.. Does she blame herself ?? Yes just like I blamed my college roomate for inviting a random girl to our dorm and my penis ended up in her mouth ?? Should my girlfirend be mad at Me ??? Hell no I didnt invite her or even call she showed up and there was in need of a friend .. How was I to know it would end that way?? So Mrs S bribes the church to no avail, so what does she do .. SHe totally panics.. tells Nucky she cheated and everything !! I gathered this from preview...I mean she Tigered the whole situation, instead of doing the IT wasnt me ..she confesses CMON MAN tha tis weak..Point i m tryin to make she obviously likes to hump she got preggers as girl .. had 3 kids with abusive husband, bangs Nuck then shoves the vinegar fountain up her vag, and bangs Gleaming the Cube Slater...She likes hog I respect that I admire it ...No reason to bring her daughter into it... Mute dont like that

    Jimmy is going to unwind like a mofo and the jewish cosak butcher is going to get what is coming to him .. I mean even Nick Cage and his chemical super freak skills aint gonna save this guy..He is going to the Rock and he aint coming back.. Not sure what becomes of Jimmy does this hate & rage fuel him and give him a clear path.. He has always been hesitant to spill blood for sake of spilling it, but Mute thinks that he is gonna call down the thunder and hunt some motherfuckkkers Wyatt Earm Tombstone style..With Richard playing the role of Doc Holliday.
    Poor Angela tough way to go with the last words she hears are you need to take care of your health and then your husband did this .. like it's not my fault I have to shoot you and your lesbionic cochita in the head I was forced to do it .. But let's not cry for poor Ang I mean look how she went out minus the last 2 minutes.. In the span of 4-5 hours she got her doors banged off by her husband and porb not the cuddle let's quiet make love style..B/c the son was with Gma so the house was empty and as married guys know whenkids are away and house is free it's lookout cookout style ..Schit gets thrown around , hair gets pulled, pet names are used, barking & howling usually follow, sweaty uglies rub together (bc you can actually be naked wihtout lil people walking in and asking Daddy why are you buncing on mommy's tummy with out a shirt and grunting") ..all in all it is Olivia Newton John physical session...SO THEN After this session Ang is so hormoned up she calls her lickalotofpuss friend to keep the mojo going.. Then she gets the minora & majora orally pounded for a good 2 hour session. I mean it was midday when her and Jimmy banged and it was def late when Manny came b/c best attacks are in Middle of night so she literally got to spend the half of the last day of her life stimualted with pp and toungue..I dont know about you guys but when Mute goes Mute would like to go that way .. Minus the PP stuff, except Mute's own PP, b/c Mute dont do the PP thing except Mute's own PP.. But Mute does like vageene ..

  6. Brownie, great call on Jimmy jumpin on the Orient Express down to the White Horse Tavern.
    You know i love me some Huston and Flow, but I have had a special place in my heart for MKW ever since his days as Omar on The Wire. It's all in the game though, right? Indeed.

    Mute, I'm speechless. The way you went all CSI and put together the last hours of Angela's life like that? Special. And you could not have hit the nail on the head any harder with this, "and as married guys know when kids are away and the house is free it's lookout cookout style"

  7. " But let's not cry for poor Ang I mean look how she went out minus the last 2 minutes.. In the span of 4-5 hours she got her doors banged off by her husband and porb not the cuddle let's quiet make love style..B/c the son was with Gma so the house was empty and as married guys know whenkids are away and house is free it's lookout cookout style ..Schit gets thrown around , hair gets pulled, pet names are used, barking & howling usually follow, sweaty uglies rub together (bc you can actually be naked wihtout lil people walking in and asking Daddy why are you buncing on mommy's tummy with out a shirt and grunting")


    kid is a real gem....also, on another note...the level of depth that mute hits us with on angela's sexual escapades for the day has me calling for the "the kick" like my man LEO needed in "inception"...im not sure where im at rt now, i know whereever it is, my pants are shorter and i repect the sht ut of angela alot more. My level of respect for mute can go no higher

  8. thanks guys i m blushing.. I appreciate the kind words I m merely trying to keep up with you guys.. Sorry the poor Angela I feel bad for her crap is BS I mean she went out properly orgasmisized ..I applaud her... I mean would u rather be her or teh Commodore ? Or the ass face fed agent who got blown up in the liquor fire .. ?? exactly ... when I go make sure the dong is empty and the smile is on my face ... ear to ear baby.. If I was her i would have naked swan dived on his gun in hopes that it went up my vageene and I could go out with the proverbial ... BANG

  9. im speechless like the commodore. just sitting here making sounds.

    and BTW while im on the subject...CAN WE GET THE POOR BASTARD A CHALK BOARD ALREADY?!?! Anthony Hopkins had one in Legends of the Fall and they lived in the middle of no where. JS'n

  10. I forgot about that .. Jell I appreciated your Commodore comments about Jimmy's cock but it got me to thinking.. Maybe Commodore wasnt talkin about Jimmy standing up and being a man maybe he was being 100% honest and that Jimmy should show his cock.. Maybe he has huge pickle and Chalky would respect it???

  11. BTW while im on the subject...CAN WE GET THE POOR BASTARD A CHALK BOARD ALREADY?!?!


    (ps-we talking this am....just a heads up, my first fkn words would be "hey, so you guys know that jimmys ma dukes was slappin the dogsht out of me everynight until i went to sleep? can we please hurt this b??...if you can button up a three thousand dollar suit, u can make sure that sht gets dealt with..js)