Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Choice Is Yours

For me the best scenes came during the meeting Jimmy called with Capone, Harrow, Lansky, Lucky, Doyle and Eli. The exchanges were amazing highlighted by Capone and his back and forth with Luciano. Eli whacks one guy with a wrench like Col. Mustard in the library and now he's all gung ho about offing Nucky. The stress the decision weighed on Jimmy was evident, but Mama knows best. What a tremendous scene that was when Jimmy emerged from behind the fetching flapper and we saw the frightened look on Nucky's face. Nucky looked to his side, like Billy the Kid reached for his gun when confronted by Pat Garret,but as we know, his side arm Owen Sleater was a bit busy tending to matters at home.
Sleater is not be be trifled with, whether it's dealing with IRA traitor Del Grogan in the bathroom...

Or the boss's lady B in the bedroom.
I thought it rather comical that the first credit the come on screen following the scene where Sleater makes Margaret see the Holy Spirit was that dude Cox. Speaking of which it looked like Lucky was having a bit of an issue again rising to the occasion but after a little trash talking from Gillian he was able to climb back into the saddle. (Have we ever discussed if the reason she like sleeping with the young Luciano is possibly because he reminds her of Jimmy?)

This episode was the pay off we had been waiting for as several story lines came to a head. We also saw a couple new ones take shape, most notably Van Creepy being a single dad and working with the new federal prosecutor Esther Randolph. I think we have said goodbye to Lucy for awhile if not for good. The shit stained diaper on the record player was subtle. She really was glowing though wasn't she?
So much great stuff here. I could ramble on and on but I'd rather hear your thoughts. Hope you like the fan art from this week. I tried to capture the best moments of the episode and all the amazing dialogue.


  1. I am a little confused as to why Jimmy did what he did ?? Was it to warn Nucky or was it to let him know there is a new boss in town ??? Lots of entertaining stuff in this episode .. The poop diaper was not subtle but owed be $3k so u got me a phonograph ???? I poop on you ...the Charlie line to Gillian was awesome i actually stoop up and applauded when I rewinded it a couple times... Why couldnt I think of that line?? Probably b/c I didnt grow up near Belmont... So what is the arrangement going to be /??? Who is going to run stuff? What happens with Eli b/c he seems very angry and ready to spill more blood? Can't wait until Mrs S finds out while she was shagging, Nucky was getting capped in the mitts that is going to be a funny scene.. Where were you Margaret .. ? Um banging the Irish driver ...BTW Mrs. S is a little deviant ..she gets knocked up and is banished from family (not sure if it was consensual seems like no)... Gets married to beater who knocks her up , gets him offed so she can bang the man in town who runs schit.. then she gets bored and takes on the help . I mean WTF mustache guy better watch out b/c she has hot vag and needs random new popsicle sticks in there to cool her down .. anyone with working PP better watch out.. Her family scene was sad i m sure the story line is going to bring her sisters into it which is gonna be lame unless they get nude and make an FBI sandwich with Van Alden ... Finally new prosecutor doesnt like Van Alden he is not her type she is a likalotapuss....

  2. I know the poopie diaper wasn't subtle Mute, I was bein sarcastic. What are you my English Teacher now Sammy Sabbath?

  3. So, maybe i'm wrong but.....BEST EPIOSDE EVER!?!?!?! WHAT WHAT!!!....

    First off, i have to agree w/ you jell, just seeing all those known criminals in their infant stages sitting down in ametting devising the plan agasint nuck really had me going man....not to be GA but i literally had goosebumps thinking whether or not things like that could/did happen and that and thats how these guys vut their teeth and got the starts that they did, as we all know how they ended up.

    Am i the only one that hated but now LOVES my namesake?...on the one side he's a slippery fker but at the same time he dttime he doesnt take any sht off of ANYONE (read; "oh yeah, u remember meeting me eli?...not as well as i do i'd imagine") ..tween that and the way he was talking to a known psycopath in Capone i wanted to jump up on teh screen and chest bump that mofo and then BANG! "I'M GONNA WHIP YOUR TRIM LIKE A PHILLY IN BELMONT!!" OOOOOHHHH WHEEE! this guy just gets me!! but anyway, the dude is just a real G and i respect that, as a matter of fact, w/ the exception of stupid pssy ass Eli, there isnt a dude in the new faction that i dont like. (also, not sure if she is twising luciano because he reminds her of jimmy or just because she flat out loves to twist people but the whole oedipus complex play of sortsthat we have going on here, really freaks me out and at the same time intrigues me, a good call by you either way tho)

    Speaking of dudes that get this guys respect, my man sleater is bringing THE RUKUS to AC. after tearing that cat up in teh bathroom (shout to the ando reference) him throwing doown w/ margaret had me jumping up and down in the bed (ps, he must be holdin, because she yelp liek a puppy getting beatin when he got in there)..guy really knows what he's doing out here and i respect the sht outta that

    In this ep we really see the beginning of the end for nuck, tween his lady getting shredded up in his bed, hos brother calling for his brain to be blown out, the law turning on him, vanweirdo turning on him and finally jimmy trying to put him down (the reason he did that mute was to send a message to him on what he thought was the way out that he was the one responsible and even though it wasnt something that he wanted todo that he can "play" this game even though nuk thought that he didnt know the rules and that he made a decision that should have been his end)

    btw, before i forget, the screen shots that you put into this thing are PERFECT!..look at capones face when he's talking about throwin the gat in someones mouth! pefecto! (excuse the ebonics..i lost myself)

    So i take it that, PPaz ISNT coming back! hahahahah! well played Sammy sabbath! "you owed be $3k so u got me a phonograph ???? I poop on you" hahahah.....and speaking of speaking of poop and the belmont (which have both been referenced) i once fell asleep in a pile of horshit in belmont, true story...and i DIDNT whip andy phillys trims i can tell u that...ok now i hate myself.
    and no more sht talking on new proscuter, she knows whats she's doing...she was on law and order so u know she has the expirience and oh she makes my pants move so theres that.

  4. Oedipus complex Brown ???? Wow getting Greek on me respect .... FYI when u strangle the bag out of someone so hard their fingers getting chopped off is pretty bad ass... then following it up with a subtle (ode to Jell) spitting on teh dead man basically says I choked a mouthfucker out .. how u like me now ..