Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Pups Have Grown Fangs

Oh man Jimmy, you really need to make sure the family is out the house when Uncle Alfonse calls. My heart dropped when you turned around and asked Angela how long she and cherub cheeks were standing there. It wasn't like when Mikey was talking to One Eyed Willie and turned around to find the Goonies standing behind him listening. This is gonna put you in the marital equivalent of the Lighthouse Lounge's basement where the Fratelli's had Sloth chained up.
The convo Jimmy and Ang had outside the house was so intense. I feel like intense sit downs was a theme this week. Angela has leverage now on Jimmy and played her card right away as she went digging for Clams with Louise from San Fran. Miss Louise is actually Louise Bryant. Her real life story is portrayed in the 1981 movie "REDS" with Warren Beatty as her husband. She was a communist and anarchist but apparently passed Angela's "sniff test."We met another historical figure in the stables when Rothstein introduced Meyer and Luciano to Max Hirsch who was one of the most successful trainers in Thoroughbred horse racing history, but i could not find any mention of foul play when it came to his track record.(Pun Intended of Course.)
Rothstein was back in a big way and thankfully so, because I had almost forgotten what a bad ass he was. He owned the screen each time he was on this week, from sniffing out the load of horseshit Meyer and Lucky were trying to shovel his way to his advice to Nucky about waiting until an opportunity presents itself and then betting it all. Otherwise you might have Julius Benedict telling you, "you moved too soon." Like Jules, Arnold Rothstein has no respect for those who have no respect for logic. He is always good for a quote too and this week it had to be "There are cheaper ways to get a tan than picking losers gentlemen." Loved Luciano's response, "my last horse is still runnin'."
Another member of the old school trio, Torrio, was oblivious to Capone's dealings with Jimmy, but why would he think a guy who has no clue who Romulus and Remus are would be capable of weaving his own web of criminal enterprise. Side note: I love the way Capone calls Jimmy "Princeton."Poor little Emily. The doctor is right, there is a bug going around and based on her listlessness and fever she either has TB, Polio or Scarlet Fever. In the scenes from next week we saw Margaret comforting her in what looked to be a hospital bed and Katie burning all her toys and clothes in the yard. Do what you want to the gangsters and thugs, but leave the kids alone. I can take the throat slitting and the head smashing, but hearing that poor little girl moaning in pain as the episode closed out was too much. Some other parts worth noting:
-Gillian:Success has many fathers dear...Failure is an orphan.

-Van Alden crumpling up the check and taking the free meal after all. (Where is he still getting all the cash from BTW? That's as good as money.)

-Nucky is THE worst crier I have ever heard, but I liked how they showed him looking at the baseball mitt earlier which eventually lead to being overcome with grief. The baseball glove was a reference to the story he once told Margaret about when an older boy stole his glove and his father made him fight for it. Eli was right, their father greatly shaped the men they grew up to be.

-Nucky asking Teddy to start calling him Daddy which he does and tells him it's his move. Nucky agrees and takes a spin but we all knew he was thinking about his strategy with Jimmy and his enemies.

-Jimmy wishing Nucky good luck and Nucky returning the gesture.

-How bad was Owen Sleater sweatin when Nucky and he were sat down for a drink and he was asked about his "Irish friend."

-Nucky is going to sell the surplus Tommy Guns to the IRA and get his swagger back.
And to finish a few of my favorite scenes depicted in pictures.


  1. I have to tell you Jell, you really put it WORK on this thing!!! At first i had thought (and stated) that i felt like this epp was a tad bit medicos after hearing it was "unreal" but between chattin you up on the phone and reading the Post w/ all this history, insight and above all HOTSHT!

    I actually didnt quite get why jimmy was sooooo concerned that Ang and the Cherub heard what he was talking about, i mean did Ang really not realize that the reason jimmy carried a gun around all of the time and never actually went to an office in teh am, and was up all hours of the night acting creepy yet wearing custom suits that costs 3 dimes durning prohibition was because he was a bootlegger!??! stop that ANG, just stop it.

    I will tell u this, it was good to see Ang is out there diving deep again. (or clam diving as my ma so elequently put it) and the research that you did on finding out who Louise Bryant was REALLY brought it home. So in one fell swoop i got horny and leanred something, (it may have been its hard to learn when ur horny) but either way how awesome is that!?!?!?!?

    Def many many Deep/akward convos this week, whether it was between Ang basically telling jimmy how little she cares about him, (am i the only one that wishes jimmy would make this thing work and instead of having Ang and her b's creep around being "invisible" act like the guy from season one photo studio and have them both be VERY visible in his bedroom????) to Johnny Torrio and Alphonse having a stern talk to even Rothstein telling his boys that they are full of shite...alot going onhere boys and from the looks of it, the Vets may be the ones that are going to end up on top. These kids dont really know what they got themselves into.

    Question; is there a reason that jimmy doesnt just ask his pops for the 5k to pay the butcher to get this guy off his back? this sht is getting out of hand man. and it looks like my boy jimmy is about to Crack. As much as i hate the giggles mcgee there was no reason to lose his cool and throw him off teh balcony, that sht wasnt rt.

    Another thing...if i were Nuck and a crew of people were trying to kill me, the last thing i would do is take a "good luck" from jimmy on teh way ou of the door.....atthe VERY least that would end w/ a "WHATEVER MAN" and then have Sleeter throw a bomb in that piece but maybe thats just me.

    PS--love love love the gifs...ESPECIALLY THE ONE WITH KATIE AND MAM.....and a close second is the "i miss odette"...hahaha....insane....

    is that my boy is that picture below btw? w/ the model b?...pls pls...i need to know!

  2. You know it Brownie. That's Luciano (Vincent Piazza)on the left with his B, don't tell Gillian and on the right we have Richard Harrow (Jack Huston)at the Victoria Secret fashion show.

  3. Jell .. I hate you and love you for the Louise Bryant referrence.. You know my passion for historic people and events so that sent me into a tailspin I am just coming out of ... I just thought the Pepperbush was some random likalotofpuss only to find out she is some historic communist... WWTF how can i recover.. ?? Angela just loves her estrogen kissing buddies doesnt she.. I mean doesnt she want/need some soosuage??? Bc it aint like there are purple headed double dongs floating around in the 20s...
    I really enjoyed the Jimmy/ Ang sit down ..WWords were to the point and brutally honest and sincere very powerful scene ending with ANg knowing she is the #2 woman in his life and always will be .. And him knowing that she doesnt really love him or feel the same way he thinks he feels about her..
    So sad seeing the sick girl crying and coughing.. nothing worse as a father to see a sick child and knowing u cant do anythign about it .. most helpless lifeless gut wrenching feelign u can have .. Brownie knows this when he gets his late night calls from his varous offspring askign for their monthly checks..
    Torio/AR/Nucky meeting very short to the point and a foreshadowing of thigns to come.. Nucky knows the IRA needs help in the cause and the cause will bring back many a favors in return.. the Tommy gun wil change the war in Ireland and turn a country into turmoil and battles for years to come.. But to get what he wants support and outside muscle he knows it is th epath he has to take..
    Owen is a dirty filthy man and I like the way he works and he is going to knock boots with Margaret again there is never such a thing as one time .. Once u knock boots with someone u r attracted to it is like potato chips you cant have just one .. more twists are coming litterally and figuratively..
    Van Alden and the burly German girl are definitely going to share a weinerschnitzel moment .. the city is corrupting him day by day until he eventually is beyond the point of return and corruption takes him over.. Once u go down that path it is tough to return ..