Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kismet and I'll Kiss You Back

As we got started this week I wanted to ask if anyone feels that the opening music for the show is a bit out of place. It rings too much like that of Entourage. Like I half expect to see Jimmy, Richard and two of their homies closing the doors to a Model T as they get out.

Speaking of Jimmy, there is some pretty obvious imagery going on with him and all the stuffed animals in the Commodore's parlor. We saw his standing by the bear just like his father did earlier this season and he was also positioned with the lion in the background several times whereas in earlier episodes he was in front of the cheetah/leopard cat. They all seem to reiterate the fact that Himmy has moved up in the word and id the new king of the jungle.Finally Jimmy had to answer for his mom's twisted affection when she planted several kisses on his lips before leaving him and Uncle Junior to talk.
I like the emergence of him as Jimmy's new advisor. We know he's not afraid to take action, but it was also good for him to have someone from the old school to ask for advice. The exchange they had was great, especially when Jimmy let it be known he is not shy on confidence when it comes to his chances.

The eventual standoff with him and the boys from NY was special wasn't it. Meyer is so sharp. Kismet gentlemen. Highlights were Jimmy tellin the mad butcher "you can't kill everyone Manny, it's not good business" and prior to that Richard scoffing at the "muscle" detail consisting of Meyer and Lucky.
We learned Margaret wants to have her Irish potatoes mashed by Sleater. How about the corn flakes she apparently spilled. They were everywhere. George Remus was back referring to himself in the third person. Two things to note there.
First did his new home look familiar to anyone. I thought it possibly was the same set used for Queen Sophie Anne's home in True Blood. Remus did mention he was going for a swim in his indoor swimming pool. Then the Cincy comment from Nucky was amazing...right Mute?

I knew when this "Chip" guy corrected Nucky for calling him Charles or Charlie, that he was they type of cat who would be friends with Marmalard. Despite this joker's lack of experience (and green shoes) he still was able to get Nucky the federal trial he wanted. Couldn't help but think of My Cousin Vinny during that court room scene. Also the look Eddie gave him when he put his arm around him was priceless, like I don't know what kind of pie those fingers have been in but get that shit off of me. When this guy fails Nucky and goes missing they are going to call the cops and give a description of what he was last scene wearing and they are going to ask if he was retarded like they asked Grandpa if Long Duk Dong was.

Sounds like he might be off the hook though if Shooter McGavin wants to keep his Veteran's League scam going. Homework for the week is for everyone to go look up Colonel Charlie Forbes. He was the one they mentioned in the line "there are crooks and then there is Charlie Forbes." The list of bad dudes during this period seemingly has no end.
What is at an end is Van Creepy's lights our love making with his frigid wife. What with Lucy squeezing out their love child all by her lonesome. "WHERE'D YOU GO TO FOR THOSE LEMONS DADDY? FLORIDA?!?!?!?!"
Also while on the subject of Van Alden, did anyone else expect Agent Clarkson to start screaming "Kaiser Soze! Kaiser Soze!" from his hospital bed? That dude was TORCHED!
Chalky is back in business but for how long? How long before Owen sets off a bomb in Margaret's pants? I don't care if little Teddy burns the whole school down, that priest better not get any ideas. Leave the ruler in your pants Padre! That is all I got. I feel like I left some things out but I weant to hear what you all have to say so I'm gonna leave it there. Come and get it.


  1. I have eaten a piece of my apple and am about to lean back on this rock and put my rifle in my mouth. Any of you dogs wanna come and steal my mask and stop me?

  2. Alright, I'm back. Sorry about the delay, but I have a hard time joining in without watching every episode beforehand so I am finally caught up yall...
    A few things in particular stand out in my mind when reflecting on the last Boardwalk episode, mostly mentioned by Chris here...The female's roles with all male main characters i.e Jimmy, Nucky and Van Alden seem to be more prominent than ever. If I see Jimmy kiss/borderline tonsil hockey slapshot his mother one more time I may throw up. I understand she had him at a young age, kissed his winkamajig as a baby and he can do no wrong in her eyes, but it's getting to the point of incestual insanity now.
    Marget for the first time I noticed seemed extremely bored while Nucky's pasty skinny ass one-pumped her this past episode. She seems to be playing the "why are you so distant" game to cover up her own disinterest in Mr. Thompson all up in her steez.
    Small flashback: agent Clarkson's raw face really queased me the f out...reminded me of the dude in "Hannibal" who's face was chomped off by the more about that....
    Margaret's "got it bad"..Cornflakes all up on the ground, uncomfortable conversation with Sleater. I get it. Sleater's the one that engages her, shows interest and allows her to play a role other than the supportive ass kisser to her man. He shows this by grabbing the broom himself to help out with the cornflake mess...Suave.
    There's definitely significance in the bowl full of lemons on the table when Van Alden returned to see his frigid wife tending to his baby mama...Longevity, purification, love and friendship is what lemons supposedly stand for, but in this case I feel like maybe purification is the only relevent symbol here. Perhaps the new daughter could mean the purging of sin, a new beginning, purification of the lies and strife he and his wife have gone through over the past year or so through the birth of a baby. Maybe Lucy will clean up her whorish ways now too. Maybe Van Alden's wife will start hittin the bottle herself.It's interesting that Mrs. Van Alden seemed to really care about Lucy wiping her forehead, talking about her fever, etc. Thats probably the last thing I would be doing if I had recently discovered my man had been smashing on strange.I know shes a religious woman, but it's still extremely extremely unrealistic to me.
    I thought about the SAME scene juxtaposition from My Cousin Vinny too! "Them Yoots Mr. Gambini?" haha..Those green shoes are amazing and there's definitely another Wizard of Oz imagery we saw much more of from the first season...Very Wicked Witch of the West or munchkin in the Emerald City shoes. Aggressive.
    I can't help but be reminded of The Sopranos episode when Paulie Walnuts is stuck in the woods everytime theres a night forest scene featuring opposing liquor/gangbanger squad cars. Those woods ahve really taken a beating throughout the decades...
    I miss you guys. Please embrace me again.Much love.

  3. I think the significance of the memons on the table was simnply that he saw someone had tidied up the apartment. Put the fruit in the bowl, mopped the floor, and then we see Mother Hubbard tending to Lucy. Who by the way was a little too proud of having that kid all by herself. I would have thought that, with all the ships in the night that have passed in and out of her hairy harbor that kid would have popped out from a hard sneeze. The lemons could reflect Van Alden's affair with Lucy. Like when eating a lemon at first it's sweet but then bitterly sour. Welcome back La! We missed you.

  4. i apologize for the delay jell....another gnar gnar post (obvi) the the music at the beginning, going to have to agree, i wasnt really feeling that, never drew the entourage parralell though, maybe because i stopped watching that show like four years ago (ur rich, ur famous, im not i get it) but either way i wasnt feeling the music.....

    was LOVING jimmy in this episode and agree my man is fittin to be mufasa soon they way he keeps conducting himself, a true gentleman. I know this is weird but did anyone else thing that nala was hot?...whatever, dont judge me.

    WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH JIMMY AND HIS MOMS ALWAYS KISSING AND SHT? it me or does anyone feel like he's not that into it, but she kinda is, so then he kinda is, so he does it (then u never call her, she gets mad and tells ur friends that u were too aggressive a lay then all her friends hate you and they talk about you to your friends and then co-workers and then u have to aplogize to her,even though it wasnt your fault and then ur friends again..oh srry, im rambling)..seriously's weird.

    two things;

    2.)anytime you throw the queen into this blog w/ a pick that says yahtzee, u take my heart andgive it a big old kiss...and i loooove ya for it...

    i'd be lying if i didnt sayu that i was a little offended that mute gets the first shoyt of the year even if it were for being from such a shthole of a town, i thought that would be meant for the bring brown jell loving machine but, i understand, next time.

    i'm proud to announce that i finally know this weeks 80's movie ref!!...I SAW THAT ONE! WHEEE...i think we building a bit of a tradition here (or maybe u have always had it and im late to the party)

    How amazing was it when my man the lawyer was throwing down the threeway and they threw him out!? i would have OBV got up and chased those b's back to their whrcaves to marry them ainstead of pissing and moaning but thats just me. also, were there really that many threesomes back then? if i wasnt black i would take my delorian and move back there in a sec, just not sure i could live the house negro life (more so than i already do) unless my name was chalky dunne (shout!)

    ps-you never cease to amaze me but the fact that u remember agent clarksons name in my second favorite movie of all time make me want to kiss u on mouth...ur my number one (MGC is my number one A, i miss her sooo much)

    so what do u think is going to happen w/ agent mc ladyy mctwistinthedark gonna raise that babay? i have a feeling/hope that that dude doesnt make it, my wishedand preditions havnt worked out so good so far tho we shall see

    last but not least MALLOR

  5. 2 comment worthy mentions...Chris : a lemon is NEVER sweet,,,,and Brownie my love... love you more GO-1-GO