Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some Things You Just Have To Swallow

Episode 16:

Jimmy is a leopard who wants to change his spots, but he needs to crawl before he walks. We saw a couple instances this week of how he still has a lot to learn. He told Mickey Doyle he would be dangerous if he had a brain, but he's the one who throws a lit cigarette butt on the ground in a warehouse of alcohol. Doyle quickly stamped it out. Doyle is a goof, but he also knows where he can let his little quips fly. Jimmy initially endeared himself to the butcher Manny Horvitz, but cracked one joke too many when he mentioned he only had creamsicles in his ice box after Manny had issued him a warning by telling him about the body parts of people who crossed him in his freezer.

He also does not yet have the intuition to know what is going on in people's minds like Nucky does. He admitted to Angela that Richard is a complete enigma to him.

Ah Richard, will you have enough room on your mantle for all the awards you are going to take home this season. His portrait monologue showed us his biggest obstacle to finding love isn’t the hole in his face, but rather the one in his soul. Unlike Forrest Gump, he was unable to get in touch with the emotions necessary to echo the love his own "Jenny" Emma showed him. While this frigidness has made him a skilled killer it leaves him as empty inside as the empty barrels of his shot gun.

Rose Van Alden can't get Nelson to reciprocate her love and he used the same crumpling of paper trick "Peggy" used on bobby Bowden.

Chalky has nothing but love for his family but the man can only take so much disrespect from that Carlton Banks son of his. While Chalky did resemble the drunk dad from Eddie Murphy's RAW while demanding his Hoppin' John and intimidating his daughter's "educated buck," I think he was really venting his anger over the earlier scene where Travis scoffed at his sister for asking their father to help with her homework.

The poor guy courting the daughter had that same helpless look Elvin used to make when Cliff Huxtable would tear into him. Not sure who Nucky was whittling down that stick for, prob his son, but I hope there's enough left when he's done to go after that loud mouth from the neighborhood meeting too.Given he state of temper, Nucky might want to rethink calling Chalky "boy" going forward.

I was shocked we didn't see Sleater take down Katie, but I'm confident by next week she'll have sampled his "blasting jell."
As if being left looking like Anthony Hopkins in Legends of the Fall after his stroke wan't bad enough, Gillian seized the moment to celebrate "Slapsgiving" a few weeks early.
Some other moments I enjoyed were:

In this last shot, Nucky referred to Margaret's kids as "munchkins" a definite reference to the often mentioned Emerald City. Perhaps this was a sign that Nucky feels like he is getting closer to having his empire back.


  1. A little more depth this week than usual and i respect that, very very very well written post this week that had some C&C music Factory in it "things that make ya go...." This guy has got range, and thats why we love him so!

    Before we get into that, LOVE the whole "say hello to my little friend" video. Thank you for adding that, unfort for jimmy i have to agree w/ jell, that although he can show that he has the propensity to be a badazz we did learn that our boy surely has alot to learn after viewing last week. It's obv that the guy is close to being "da man" but now w/o nuck and clearly without commadore ourboy may be in a little bit over his head.

    I do have a question; what exactly was going on w/ Angela and richard, i agree that we learned alot about richard in that scene (that the dude has IIIIISSUES) i was a bit confused as to why angela seem to be so overly interested. i mean yes it was different and a bit shocking but call me a pervert but i felt like there was some kind of connection there, we all know that angela is more than capable of looking past someone's looks (or gender) to find love, was she seeing more in our man richard than "meets the eye" (srry i had to)....and now that we're on the topic WHEN R THEY GOING TO BRING BACK THAT HOT GIRL ON GIRL ACTION!? just sayin.

    The whole deal w/ Van Freakshows cronies being on to him had me thinking that maybe this dude was in for it, but once the irishmen blew one of them sky high i'm pretty sure that guy that survived (the one who was reluctant in the first place) is going to find a place to bury that dude and either go along w/ the freakshow or just leave it b. there is obv no shot that this dude is going to carry on this crusade on his own and there is even more no possibity that he is going to explain why he was down at the distillery so.....thats that. You actually see someone dragging someone to the marsh in scenes from the next and they try and make it look like its something else but there is no way its not one of the probys....

    I'm embarassed to admit that i hhave no clue who the dude crumpling paper or what hopping john's were (and i thak you) in the sweater is i will admit that between my man eddie murphy, and the Elvin (saaaaandra's husband) i was dying at the referecnes! (someone say i look like elvin, and i'm gonna go HAM on them, although i did always have a thing for sandra, well and denise, and vanessa, and now im loving rudy. So maybe i'm cooler with it than i thought. Oh wait, i also had a couple of emotions for claire now that i think of it...damn billreally did the right thing didnt he!...bless him.

    Goes without saying that Nucky (who was sharperning a stake in his garage) is fed up with the way things are going down and is going too tear sht up, cant wait to see some clansmen get the "bidness" as us negros say, its gonna be magical.

    you know what i didnt understand? Why does AR want Charlie and kshea to head the shipment? how does that help him?

    Wtf is going to happen w/ the commadore?is he just going to be Gillians Rick james going forward? "WHAT DID THE FIVE FINGERS......SAY TO THE FACE!?"....was i the only one that thought she was going to throw a pillow over his face?

    Also, is Shooter, the attornery general going to help nuck out or is he going to sizzler and leaving this dude behind?

  2. Lots going on ... and i m going to try and be brief for once..honestly because I want/need feedback...Chalky why the outburst? is it anger ? spite? resent? is it the pasty skin color he sees on his daughter's new bf? or is it disappointment that he cant be everything he thought he was? or is he comfortable as the thug gangsta he is and wants to start eliminating the mofo's against him First Blood in the woods style??? I dont know but i m in..

    Lt Van Creepy ... love he is stealing scratch .. he will not kill his impregnated prisoner rahter he will kill his.........WIFE... Yes u read that right ..his wife is going to die whether that is at his hands or indirectly he is going to get that done... Also after this bomb explosion burns the face off his agent what is going to happen ?? he is going to scold the balls off the pants of the 2 idiot agents there ..AND he will get the booze that Jimmy owes Manny this will play out quite forcefully.

    Commodore --Awesome legends of Fall ref Chrissy ..I was thinking the same thing when I saw the stroke..nothing worse than trying to understand a guy who blurts out COCK COCK COCK COCK and slobbers al over himself ..even I draw line there.. He is going to give everyhtign over to Jimmy and Jimmy is going to go back to Nucky and get this all straightened out.. Commodore is Hall and Oates --:He's gone "

    Irish dude that is now Nucky's right hand man is one angry mofo ...I like his style and like his anger..the bomb building scene was AWESOME .. guy is going to be legend... and the scary thing is he likes it ...my kind of guy

    anyone else have some thoughts as to where this is going ??? what Happens with Nuck? Mrs Schroeder ?? is she who she says she is? Chalky course of action? Irish guy end game? 2 face ?? can he lick Jimmy's wife's china out of the side of his mouth ???