Monday, October 10, 2011

Parent Trap

Episode 15:

Well even though the lack or comments on last week's recap had me thinking about throwing myself down the stairs like our girl Lucy, I took Nucky's words to Margaret to heart. "It's important to always have something to look forward to." So once again here we go.
Our aforementioned mom to be is being kept under lock and key like some "bitch" at a puppy mill. I felt pretty bad for her, but the record player from Van Alden gave me hope that he really does care for her in some dark twisted way. I'd love to see him live out that play Lucy was reading and actually marry his boardwalk bimbo. Tell Molly McTwistinthedark to take a hike.
Lucy was right when she added, "Say what you will about Nucky, at least he was fun." He saw that Margaret was upset and tried to cheer her up with a night on the town. Frankly I think getting sauced with the help could have been fun too. You know that Katie would have started shedding her uniform after a few more drinks.

Nucky apparently is invested to the limit with the land deal, but not showing signs of stressing out just yet. He did try to get Attorney General McGavin to help him out when he called in his favor, but the guy just got into office so he's no help.
He is a little insecure about being out of work so to speak. He thought Margaret gave him a look for still being in his pajamas so late in the day.
When Nucky finally decides to grab a shower and hit the town with Margaret he ran into Jimmy and the Commodore and set the stage for one of the most intense scenes to date. Before he ran over to the Commodore's table like Jack Candy in Summer Rental, Jimmy had a couple great lines like when he corrected Mr. McCoy on his Sunt Tzu quote and then his line about war and Atlantic City.Photobucket
The eventual face off between Jimmy and Nucky was one of the most intense moments thus far. You could feel the rage pounding to get out of Jimmy.
People might not like the fact that the Commodore and Eli screwed over Nucky, but one guy who could care less was good Ole Al who paid his old buddy a visit after delivering the message to Nucky. What an amazing scene this was as well.

So many great lines..."I marry a mick you marry a nagel and we both got sons. Whats that about?"
Richard: How is Odette?
Capone: Who? She's a whore that's how she is.
The last scene though where Capone sadly watched Jimmy and his son talking about tying shoes had me near tears. Tough as he is, if his story about his father the barber was any indication, Capone is a family man and his son's handicap still tears him apart. It was almost too much for me to take.

I thought it was very well done to show Lucky and Meyer all sheepish in the presence of Rothstein and Joe Masseria.
The latter didn't mince words with Lucky when he asked him, "What are you doing with these Christ killers? Come with me I'll make you rich."
I thought Rothstein made his point well, but could have at least taken the 10% out of his half. Lucky and Meyer were like-
The end of this week laid the groundwork for an epic confrontation between our reigning champ Richard Harrow and the newcomer, Irishman Owen Sleater.

Sleater:My talents are being wasted behind the tap.
Nucky: What are your talents Mr Slater?
Sleater: Makin people stop.
Nucky: Stop what?
Sleater: Whatever it is you don't want them to be doin.

So much going down by the shore it's hard to comment on it all. I'll ;eave that top you all hopefully. We will have to see if Nucky makes good on his promise to Jimmy and his pops.
Thanks to "slippinghusband" for some of the gifs used above.


  1. Ok so.....First and foremost, i would like to sincerly apologize for 1:) what the people over at the google machine did to this blog and all of your others and 2;)for the fact that i didnt post last week...i will say that i was out of town so it wasnt all my fault, apparantly its hard to blog when your so bombed up for 54 hours that you cant walk, yeah i know, news to me as well. Either way, im sorry. Now lets make this right

    So its been a crazy two weeks on the show and i think that this year is going much much better than last and last weeks ep was nothing short of jell's motif of the week. IN-TENSE. and the post was no different. Just the way I like Jell D going. H.A.M.

    So what on earth is going on w/ Lt. Van Freakshow and Lucy!? Am i the only one that is confused by why he needs to have her stowed away like she's chunk in goonies (but who i would love to twist), i mean its not like she is going to go and tell Lt. V.F's wife (molly mctistinthedark amaze btw) and its not like keeping in her in the house woul dmake her do that anyway so....where we going w/ this?...maybe it is because he likes her and wants to keep her all to himself (hence the record player) but having her be able to listen to vaudeville and smoke cigg's in teh dark usually does not a family make but what do i know.

    Over the last two weeks two things have really jumped off teh screen for me like the commy's dinner plate (sick gif btw) and that's Nuck and Margarets relationship on both ends and what an absolute G jimmy has become. guy is a baaaad ass mofo, and whle i'm constantly confused as to wherethe historical accuracy really lies i think that jimmy is going to prove to be an absolute thug in AC, just not sure where my man nuck fits into it (or eli, or chalky, or the commy) i mean i guess it obvious that i really dont know sht. but i guess that's what makes it so good, or bad...i dunno.

    I will tell you this; Jimmy WILL NOT TOLERATE nuck poppin sht about his Mom (that he twist). Dunno if it was all that smoochin of the pinga when he was yittle (still not over there) but that connection is not to be fked with, so knock that sht off nuck or you going to end up like those dudes that tried to rob him after the poker game.

    LOVE the return of Al and his relationship w/ jimmy (well pretty much his relationship w/ EVERYONE besides johnny torio. Guy just has a way w/ words, and ur right Jell, that odette exchange was priceless.

    Does anyone else think its odd how richard for such a thug is so tolerant of people?!...between putting up w/ Al's mess, and then that Sleaters standoff guy really does the right thing by people....just really hope that it doesnt cost him in the end. We already knw that the lord wont save him the way his bible is setup so that guy needs all the "luck" he can get.

    I LOVE sleater, while i never have understood how when two men are pointing guns at one another one of them just doesnt pull teh trigger (no one is fast enough to rueturn fire from a foot away especially since when the bullet hits u down down anyway) it again showed there is a nother gentleman afoot. Cant wait to see how the battle between these two ends.

    Jell, ts again for the time and effort a great two weeks and dnt wrry you've got ur own frankenstein to make sure mofos man up in here (and doll's like MGC but she has a legit excuse becoming a maker and all)

    also.....SANTANA!!! LOVE HER!!!!!! THANK U!!

  2. Nice job, lots to talk about!! How about Margaret's twisted past emerging?? Who is she really?

  3. Cam this is why we do this...TY. After reading you comments about Lucy being holed up like sloth in the basement of the Lighthouse Lounge, I now wonder if Van Alden plans on offing Lucy after she gives birth. Seems improbable given she has visitors and stuff, but i do think he plans on taking the baby as his own. Knowing how looney his wofe is he could probably tell her he found it floating in the river like some Jersey Shore Moses or that God himself sent them a baby for all their prayers and suffering.

  4. Ok lots to catch up on after weeks of missing in action
    1. Lt Van Alden is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO banged up but the thing is I kind of dig it .. the guy is driven by Christ but does the work of the Devil..he has his one time knocked up bang bang friend living in Ocean City secluded from reality and trapped Misery style (minus the broken ankles)..He despises her and everything she stands for and represents yet you look at the compassion (or masochism ) n his eyes and I think he actually wants to care for OUR girl… Why wouldn’t you ?? The naked posing in the mirror with well trimmed under carriage was magnificently simple yet reached me in many special places…I mean I ve seen my share of naked preggers and I really dug her look. The smoking and boozing which was accepted then actually made her a lil more sexy in my eyes if that is possible.. I respected the Lt b/c I think he tries to hide the demons whch we all do but he succumbs to them b/c as we all know .. there is only room for ONE HEAD to make a quality decision and his buying of the phonograph shows that..DEMONS always win you can surpress them all you want but n the end they WIN.
    2. Nucky is taking stock in all that is going on around him and taking mental notes. AS history tells us Nucky does go to jail for voter fraud but it is some time after where we currently are in the show.. How does he do it we will find out .. Nucy is shrewd man and has been blindsided by al of this backstabbing b/c he thought he did everyone right by making EVERYONE HAPPY as he stated in the precious episode..but the thing is with money & greed NO ONE is ever happy they want more as Mrs Shroeder stated..he thought he was being fair but everyone else was jealous and they don’t know how much Nucky did for them and how smoothly he ran everything to make everyone happy.. this will come to a head as season progresses,, It’s not easy being in charge and everyone thinks they can do it better but they don’t realize the hard work it takes to do that …Nucky will win this battle and this war even when he goes to jail..he has too many cards up his sleeve.
    3. Mrs Shroeder…obviously the research she did was on her ..she came to states but I think she abandoned her family to marry her dreadful beating husband and bc of that they have disowned her in typical Irish manner.. if you leave the family you are dead not physically but as the person you were before …that is why she is destroyed her family doesn’t want or know her any longer.. part of that has made her stronger but she still misses them ad is lonely… She is very impressive strong woman for that time she knows how to be sweet and how to be shrewd .. when to fold them and when to lay um down ..
    4. Jimmy.. this kid is a dynamo and beign torn in many ways .. he wants to be the man his mom and dad want him to be but he is torn about the loyalty and life Nucky gave him .. Jimmy and Eli are going to turn on the Commodore and jump back in Nucky’s corner ..Jimmy sees what he has done is wrong and Nucky is more of a father to him than the Commodore ever was .. Jimmy respects that loyalty deeply going back to his service days with 2 face… the fall othe Commodore will be epic hopefully they bring in Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin to get the job done 9-5 style
    5. Capone, Lucky & Meyer-these guys are going to rise to power swiftly and with some bloodshed .. booze train will be connected with Jimmy and these guys and they are going to make a killing .. the Columbus crew falls apart quckly as history states bc McKinnley comes under major pressure during his administration b/c of the various shady dealings.. Check out the Ohio Gang on Wiki and their transgressions…

    That is all for now

  5. Mute

    Ur a peach; you really are....

    "the fall othe Commodore will be epic hopefully they bring in Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin to get the job done 9-5 style"

    a real gem.....

    now here is my question and i guess in part my one "beef" with the do you have a show that actually is historically accurate and at the same time has a character that doesnt actually exist? and if someone says titantic they getting shot, belee dat. I'm actually more than fine w/ it all being fake so i can see more people getting killed, b's being twisted etc etc but teh mmargaret thing has me perplexed; as liz brought up and mute answered could it really be that her family deserted her because of her b beating hubby?...i feel like it wil be more than that no?...(how about i hope that it will be more than that)

    either mway, more twisting please...

    Jell, i dont see Lt Van Freakshow keeping teh baby for his own unless he was planning on marrying her and i dont think that sht gonna happen or why would he be having Moly Mctwistinthedark come by @ all...i feel like its something that he is going to try to get rid of to protect his virtue; w/ his wife and w/ the man upstairs.

  6. Brown I think Scorcese has taken some poetic license in the show's course. There are real life characters mixed in with fictitious ones who are put into historically accurate AND fictitous scenarios. I'll give you an example of another such a show...Young Riders starring Stephen Baldwin as Buffalo Bill and Josh Brolin as Wild Bill Hickock. Used to be one of my favs growing up.

  7. i respect that answer.i really do.....only u pal.

    ps-WHERE IS MGC!?!?