Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here's To Flying Horses

What can I say about this week's boardwalk? A lot I guess so here it goes.
Richard Harrow might not be to smooth with the ladies, but his performance this season so far has everyone talking sweep comes award season.
We almost lost him though if not for Rin Tin Tin intervening and leading him back to Pete and Glemore. At first I half expected to hear banjo music playing as I conjured images of Deliverance. Thankfully the two hunters were of the non ass raping kind and offered our broken soldier a warm fire and some squirrel.

I very much liked the subtle way Glenmore reminded Richard "these woods is for living, understand me there?"

With one failed suicide attempt under his belt, it was back to work. Before he could get motivated for another job though he needed to see if he really had something worth living for and Jimmy's friendship for now was just enough for him to go a scalpin. (And I want my scalps!)

Sorry I can't help but think of Inglorious Basterds every time I saw that scene with Jimmy and Richard teaching the Chip-n-Beef captain a lesson.
Speaking of breakfast meats, according to Eli, the Commodore loves his bacon. Ol George wasn't buying it and when he threatened to "tell the world" he had to be dealt with. Luckily for Eli he had already sent young Brian on an errand.
How many swings with that wrench did it take Eli to finish that fat bastard off by the way? After a closer look i found a flaw in his swing. Any hitting coach worth his metal will tell you, you gotta keep that back elbow up.

Jimmy is in a real bind money wise. The look on his face when the door bell rang as he was sharing a nice kiss with Angela was great. He wheeled around as if to say "who bee knockin on my door when I'm about to knock some boots." Reality quickly kicked in and he was pretty relieved when it turned out to be Richard.

Angela was happy to see him too but was a little put off I think with his answer to why he wasn't at the dedication.
Richard wants that family life but in a way I think he sort of has it with Jimmy and Angela. Despite earlier indications that he might be in love with her, her interaction with him has been very mother like of late. Jimmy also has been a sort of father figure, stopping him to ask what was wrong with him, and later putting his hand on his shoulder to show he meant the line about fighting to the last bullet. Jimmy really does care for Richard, ever since they first met on that bench outside the doctor's office.
Does Margaret really love Nucky? I can't say I'm that sure. He was about to get merked by his baby bro if not for her, and all the guy can say is, next time make sure the gun is loaded? Oh it will be Nucky, just pray it's not pointed at your head. I could totally see Margaret going all Karen Hill on him.

How about the return of Shooter McGavin? Was great to see them put the Attorney General in a golf setting.
Can't say the same for Nucky's hat.

That's it for this week. I did like seeing Katie get it on with Sleater. We were right on the over under for how many episodes it would take to see her Danny Boy's. One last item I'll probably go to Hell for pointing out was the one armed guy clapping. I was like come on bro, slap the side of your leg, something. Looked like my one year old son trying to wave goodbye to me.


  1. Chrissy nice job a little late but I respect it ... First off I came to a quick realization when I saw Richard in the woods. Stay with me cause i m in one of my moods... So Richard wanted to off himself and was struggling to find his place in this world .. All Michael W Smith and schit... we all have those moments and we all have come to a point in life where we arent really sure what we are supposed to be doing or bringing to this crazy world. World works mysteriously and leads us on another journey that we may not know why or how but it helps us find where we do belong... So Richard chases this dog who has his face and represents everythign that he sees himself as.. a wooden face being worn by a troubled man that can only do one thing well now...The face IS his life or his life how he SEES it and how the world perceives him.. he cant identify to any other thing but that ..So he chases it and tries to get his life back but when he finds it then Glenmor family shows up ...
    Now stay with me he is found by these guys and they bring himback to their camp where he finds HIS LIFE...BUT he soon comes to realize that thru all this his face isnt his life there is so much more..and how does he realize this you ask? Well allow me to retort... He takes a swig from the booze and says " strong good stuff" ..Glenmor responds we made it ourself ..they talk about the woods and what the woods have to offer.. Many things and people come in there lookig for answers or looking for way out .. Richard has found his way out and his way to add value .. the Glenmors are going to be the NEW booze suppliers & MANUFACTURERs in the woods.. U guys ever hear of Glenmor Whiskey .? well I m polish and I sure have.. Richard found a way to make his life more than the face ...

    When he comes back to Jimmy I think he realizes and knows everythign the Glenmors do he got a ride and probably saw where they make the booze.. that is what he is going to say to Jimmy and why he asks the question ...NOT b/c he still wants to kill himself but to know if he can TRUST him and buld this new part of his life...

    Scalpin the dude was awesome especially since teh dudes butler, I cant beleive u didnt see this O'H , the butler is the singer from COMING to AMERICA " queen to BE mutha phucka" That old codger got his due well done by Jimmy

    Loved Jimmy 's moment with his wife and I think the public speaking event helped Jimmy realize he is more capable than even he thought he was...Dont be surprised to see Jimmy on the mayoral ballot... U never know.. Jimmy is becoming a 5 tool gangsta and with his help from Capone & AR crew as well as old guard he can be special
    Ely is basket case mo mo who needs to be a man ad stop whining about doig his best.. he needs a little more effin the prom queen in his act...

    Nucky is in trouble and he knows it why he asked for the guarantee and when he didnt get it ...HE KNOWS he is in trouble this will play out .. FIght scene with his bro borderline on girls in Wendy's slap fight but he ended strong when he told Mrs S to point a loaded gun next time .. That was money ...

    Ok may have more not sure this is off top of my head so i needed to get out

  2. And God's honest truth I saw the Queen to Be look alike but after a closer look I didn't think it was him. Too young I think. I'll have to go back and look at the credits. If I'm right, you can bring me some hot cocoa in bed and vice versa if you are.

  3. Brownie Luciano said...
    Agree that there is alot to say about this weeks boardwalk and i would go as far as to say that storyline wise this may have been one of the best ones i have seen and may be the turning point in alot of these subplots we have going down here;

    First, couldnt agree more, my man phantom of the opera needs to the the mantle in his trophy room ready because he is THROWING DOWN this season. I really was going to be truely sad to see him go, but luckily a fellow solider in rin tin tin saved his life. A friend actually pointed out to me (and not sure how i didnt realize this but) clearly rin was a metaphoor for my man phantom hence why he asked "what he is fighting for" which caused harrow to have the ephiany that he did, and i was stoked that he did. Also, wud it kill jimmy to get my man a lil trim/dual snarl in a parlor somewhere like my man shooter was getting?..i mean, help a brother out!...u dont offer a gentleman of war a service like that one time and then show him the likes of it KNOW that aint right. If i were harrow i wouldnt have been asking "will you fight for me" i woulda been like "are we ever gonna do that twisting thing again" and THEN i would be ready to peels some nggas caps back (literally as it were)

    also, did lloyd and harry see my man trying to off himself in the woods or did they just have a feeling? lets move on

    Clearly, we have a war coming, and lucky for us Eli got his azz handed to him by his bro and had to smash out that dudes noggin w/ the wrench (which was gross AND in bad form as jell added) because jimmy is going to need all of the ally he can get. I have a feeling the beef is going to cook up like some hoppin johns in the next couple weeks ad i cant wait to see what happens (ps, no addressing of teh chalky story?? sup w/ that)

    second week in a row that im embarassed but what chevy chase movie am i looking at here? i'm not good w/ 80'ss, i thought i could feel it.

    also, agree that jimmys nerves are being tested and you could tell when the doorbell rang, and yes he did play a father roll in the house grabbing his piece and to my man richard after that but u can tell he is shook.

    PS-i missed you at the deication this am?


    I def think that nuk loves margaret, although i LOVE the karen hill reference (makes me think of the scene where she gets her bankroll in the kitchen from hendry "ohhh alright") i just think that he was a little embarassed that he almost got his brains blown out by his baby bro and having his lady have to come save him ala baby D (next friday) so he had too come up w/ something to say to her to put her back down. she's a ride or die chick and proves that through and through


    October 27, 2011 11:35 AM

  4. Brownie Luc said...
    Yo, i was a little worried that my man Muteric was getting deep on me and i was moved and then he truely brought me back to where we all know he can be ...was i the only person thinking "r these mofos going to hit this sht after it touched his lips?...i mean i love phantom and i have put my mouth to some weird sht in my day but im not sure that i could get down like that....but on a serious note, i really think that mute touched a level that i could have never gotten to there, im moved rt now, and not in the way where my ankles become exposed and i feel funny, well maybe in that way too, but that way as well.

    As we can see in the scenes from the next, nuk knows that he's in danger girl, and u knew even more so when he went looking for his gurantee and shooter hit him w/ the ole fashined "no dice" right before he took his real act to the parlor...i think we're looking at the beginning of the end for that getleman

    well played by all parties...i respect it gents!

  5. Mute great call on the Glenmore whiskey call.