Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nobody Wants To Be In School Forever

So I apologize for the delay in getting this recap out. Thanks to Google+ I had every picture on my list of blogs deleted from their posts. Luckily some of the GIF images were spared, but I am in the process of redoing all the posts on my sites from the last few years. After feeling pretty terrible yesterday I am back and ready to take on the world! We will rebuild! PhotobucketThat being said I felt like I was wronged like my man Chalky was and am also thinking about getting my own "Jew lawyer down from Camden." Apparently they are the best, or at least Chalky seemed to think so. His wife asked if his lawyer was competent to which he replied, "He's a Hebrew gentleman." Nuff said I guess. I love the life he has made for himself. Beautiful wife and his own David Copperfield son.Photobucket
Not sure how much longer Chalky and Nucky are going to be able to "go along get along." For the second week in a row Nucky seemed to have no issues with throwing stones from his glass house as he warned Chalky about "precarious" folks just like he did with Jimmy and his "duplicitous" daddy.I liked the subtle detail by the costume designers having both Nucky and Chalky dressed immaculately in jail but wearing striped suits. Sort of a fashionable nod to their incarceration.

Despite his impeccable taste in clothes, we were reminded a number of times of Chalky's origins and just how far he has manged to come despite his poor upbringing. Examples included his inability to read and his manner of speech which included phrases like "he couldn't lead a pig to mud with a bucket of apples."

Few of the main players though seem to have come from any kind of wealth or standing. Look at Capone, Jimmy, and even our NY boys Lucky and Meyer Lansky.
What a pissing match between Jimmy and Luciano with little Meyer trying to break them up. It had started earlier in Rothsteins office when Jimmy dismissed Lucky's attempt to make light of his own father's absence.
Jimmy asked "oh we're friends now?" To which Lucky brought up his past twists with Gillian, "she begged for it!" Yeah that was plenty of reason to drop the gloves.
Jimmy cleaned house at the poker game though and looked like he was going to get his roll stolen before he went on a berserk rage that would have impressed Eric Northman. Even after slicing and dicing the two hoods the kid has his head on a swivel looking for anyone else who might be lurking.
Eli tried to tell Nucky that nobody takes power, somebody has to give it to them. Well Jimmy and the NY boys must have ditched that class because they are all about taking it.

We got our first glimpse of another famous character this week who also went out and seized his power and fortune. Recall when Meyer sent the young guy "Benny" out on an errand but as he was leaving he squawked in Jimmy's face. Meyer apologized to Jimmy saying "he does funny things." Well if you call creating a desert oasis called Las Vegas funny then yeah he is a riot. Benny's full name we will learn is Benjamin Siegelbaum or as he later on was known, Bugsy Siegel.

Meyer was getting shaken down by the two thugs who apparently were associates of a "Mister Masseria."
On April 15, 1931, Masseria was gunned down at Nuova Villa Tammaro restaurant in Coney Island. Legend has it that Masseria dined with "Lucky" Luciano before his death. While they played cards, Luciano excused himself to go to the bathroom as Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, Vito Genovese, Albert Anastasia and Joe Adonis rushed in and shot Masseria to death. Masseria's four bodyguards mysteriously disappeared.
If I was Nucky I don't think I'd be dining out anytime soon. Nucky is in trouble and his jokes aren't going to cut it anymore. Chalky still has his people as we saw in the jail cell.
Nucky, however, is looking more like the Commodore did last season, holed up at home in front of the fire with only Margaret to look after him. Huge props for her btw for getting the ledger. How about that Commodore and his Just for Men transformation? He got all kinds of looks but no one wanted to point out the obvious. Sort of like when your buddy's girl gets a new set of bolt ons but you do anything but just stare mutely.

That IRA stooge Sleater was definitely making eyes at her, but I think we'll see him straighten out the maid's carpet and mess up her drapes before long.
His boss McGarrigle (Whose name and looks reminded me of a Hogwarts professor) refused Margaret's lamb saying he does not dig on no "cloven hoof." He was referring to the divided hoof or foot of ruminants such as cattle, sheep, goats, antelopes, and deer. A similar foot ascribed to the Devil, was sometimes used as a symbol or mark of Satan. Loved our Irish Rose's sarcasm as she told Nucky there was plenty of lamb left.

There's plenty of drama left too this season. So many characters to feature I don't see this show slowing down one bit. So far I am loving every ounce of the show.

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