Friday, November 2, 2012

Whaddup Fam?

I thought this was one of the best episodes of the season thus far. Loved the sound of the morning dove to open the episode up. That sound takes me back. Now I know not everyone shares my opinion with regard to this week's installment. For those of you who do not share my sentiment, let me refer you to Richard's comment this week:

First off I had had it with Gillian and her creepy incestuous ways, but she showed she is as cunning as she is twisted when she set up her Jimmy look-a-like so that she could have a body to produce and finally get the house in her name.
Now she is free and clear to go get herself that Discount Double Check and refinance her brothel.

I also thought it was interesting to see Gyp in a new light. The way he tended to his suit and worried about getting it dirty at the dinner table reminded me of Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever.

Gyp was bullied and mocked at home by his mother and sisters. No wonder he is so sensitive to the apparent slights by others.
LOVED Gyp's "praying." Then he decks the priest and by the "grace of god" scrapes together enough change to make his draw with Masseria, but still was going to get whacked before he offered to kill all the Italian's enemies. That was some smooth talking Gyp.

Loved the Nucky/Eli sit down. They finally got everything out on the table. I liked the mentions of their mother and how she always put out three red eggs. Am I wrong or has there been reference made to Nucky having a sister or a second brother?

Loved how Margaret tried to open up to June (Eli's wife) and all she could say was "you brought pineapple upside down cake." Tell you what...having popped out 8 kids, June looks pretty amazing. Eli is a lucky guy.

How bout Nucky's juggling?
And his line to Eli: Can I get a drink?
Eli: Right this second?
Nucky: Do I need an appointment?
He got a taste of good family life and all of a sudden wants the fairy tale with Margaret again.
Eli looked like the model husband and the disparity between his family standing on high atop their stairs while Nucky's sham of a fam stood beneath them on the walkway was very powerful.

Very nice gesture though by the oldest son to go and help Margaret's daughter up the stairs. My heart breaks for that little doll. Gets polio and has that psycho Teddy for a brother. Poor lass.

Last but not even close to least, what an episode for Richard. Any time we get to see him scrap booking we win.
He was dishing out death threats and defending damsels in distress all while asking God to keep him ever mindful of the needs of others. He is the man.
How bout also when his B said she is basically her dad's sparring partner? Richard was like "HE HITS YOU." NO NO not like that. Whew. Her dad by the way looked like a meth ridden Micky Doyle didn't he?

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  1. While I did like this ep, im not sure that im ready to go as far as to say that it was the best one of the season but then again that’s what I got you for Jel! right this ship when its wrong and you never disappoint old friend… ya! (although full disclosure I think half of the time the best part of this show is the blog for me so im not sure I would give boardwalk all of the credit)

    Richard Harrow…ive said it before and I’ll say it again…at somepoint in this season we are all gonna stare at the screen when RH merks someone out and scream YEAAAAAAH BOYEEEE! Cuz this man is destined for great things

    I’ll be flat out honest with you, that really wasn’t the way that I thought that the Jimmy look-a-like story was gonna end, but im not mad at that at all. I mean, is that really that bad a way to go? If you told me that I was gonna spend my last days twisting out some nympho coug in her mansion and would end it with my first H high (which I hear is the best one ) I’m not so sure that I wouldn’t ask “where do I sign up?” but maybe that’s just me. I’ll take it a step further I HOPE that’s how this big brown vessel sails out.


    Gyp is just a flat out freakshow and im not sure I like it kind. I mean a mamma’s boy , with crazy fetishes and a weird attitude to go with it?...come on man…that sht aint cool, my boy RH needs to see him and Fast! What sthe over under on episodes that he makes it through ( I obv say that w/o checking my history)…I cant see him making it to finale, but then again I may just be confusing my “thoughts” and “ hopes” again…i dunno

    As far as this whole dynamic between Nuck and Eli and their families coming together and Margaret sharing her problems with Eli’s wife and Elis seeing value in his kids and all that…I mean, that’s that sht I don’t like! (LOVE THAT “don’t sleep on Eli” pic btw…I would have also accepted “the book of ELI” along the bottom of that but that’s why you’re the master and im some schwag padawon. Yeah, that happened) The one part that I can say kind has me gassed up as well is the whole thing w/ maaragarets daughter, I mean what the heck! (ps it does have me think back to a couple weeks back tho with the pic of her and the brother sitting in the bedroom…”HASN’T THIS GIRL ENDURED ENOUGH” hahahah)

    Wouldn’t be right to come full circle and stay focused on RH, guys is a true gentleman….can we PLEASE see this dude finally get some trim for the price of on the house kind? I mean what more does this man need to do? Hook a half faced nucka up!