Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some Kind of Ruckus

Nucky barely had enough time to clear Owen's body from his foyer before the fight came to his doorstep this week.
With only one episode remaining in Boardwalk Empire Season 3, "Two Imposters" spent a lot of time setting the stage for the finale.
For a man who is accustomed to eating his meals with silver, Nucky showed he was no geek off the street and pretty handy with the steel when it came time to regulate.
He also showed his character when he made getting Eddie to a hospital his top priority. Was it odd he had no idea about his loyal servant's family? Sure, but his affection for the man who has stayed by his side was very admirable considering the threat on his own life.
The scene where Nucky yelled at the hospital chief was just great and was my first addition to this week's list of best Boardwalk Empire quotes.
After being absent for much of the season, Chalky White's recent return to the front lines has been excellent. He has defied the odds his entire life and has looked good doing it. Gyp Rosetti was told Chalky was the man to speak to on the far side of town. Despite Chalky's sharp dress, Gyp seemed to look at him like he was the human equivalent of the dilapidated house from where he emerged. Chalky showed he is no stranger to backhanded comments, however, as he fired back that Gyp wasn't done cooking yet when the Italian mocked him.
Chalky could have also told Nucky to get stuffed numerous times, but having met the alternative, I think his decision to back Nucky was easily made. Just days prior, Nucky had turned him down cold when the club idea came up, but Chalky knows how things are and just how much pride he has to swallow to get what he wants. Nucky is still alive thanks to him, and the price tag will be hefty.

I loved their little exchange at the lumber yard where Nucky mused about the two being stuck with each other followed by the close up on their handshake. Lets just hope nothing causes their new feeling of brotherhood to break apart.

The return of Chalky also meant the return of Don Purnsley, "Mr. Droopy Eye" himself. After the roadside shootout, Nucky and Chalky started talking about just how much this whole escape was going to cost. Don P. knew that it wasn't a good idea to stand around in the middle of the road talking numbers, so he dropped this little line (Pictured Below to bring them back to reality. In essence he was saying it ain't cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving fellas, let's get goin.
While Nucky and Chalky discussed a last stand, Richard was preparing to wage a war of his own. He endured insult after insult from his batty boss, but when Gillian moved to keep him and Tommy apart, a switch was flipped.
Jimmy deserved better than what he got at the hands of his mother and Richard will be damned if he is going to let Tommy suffer the same life. Richard and Tommy are meant to be together and pulling them apart is not going to go over well.

Harrow fans have been waiting a long time to see Richard unleash the fury. I think after next week, that wait will be over.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Lucky and Meyer have been having about as much success in the dope game as Margaret had with her maternity classes. Lucky usually defers to Meyer on matters of the mind, but Lucky's gut was riddled with worry about the money they owed and forced him into a bad decision. How did he not see all those lawmen hiding on the roof? Were they members of the Foot Clan? If Masseria is the source of Lucky's problems, it would make sense that he and Meyer align with Nucky if the opportunity or need to pick a side arrives.

We know where Chicago is hanging its hats thanks to a surprise visit from Al Capone, in what was one of my favorite scenes of the season. Capone and Nucky are from different generations and might not see eye to eye on a lot of things, but they both know opportunity when they see it and for that Capone is ready to spill some Italian red.

With just one episode remaining, this mostly was a set up episode, but was necessary. What bothered me were a few other things.
Gillian was more painful than ever.
And her line about Julia not appearing to be blind was below the belt and had me fuming.

Like Chris rock once said, I'd never hit a woman, never ever ever...but I'd shake the sh-t out of Gillian if I got the chance. Maybe Julia will step up and give Scarlett O'Horrible what she deserves.

Speaking of people who needed to get shook...while it was cool thinking under fire for Chalky to summon Samuel, I was a little surprised at the kid's gall. When a man like Chalky White tells you to jump, you ask how high.

Lastly I was shocked to find myself growing tired of Gyp's routine: "I'm pitching my tent hi-ho!" I think that general's hat is too tight and preventing the blood from getting to his head.

That's all I got. Hope I hit on some stuff you liked. Differing opinions are always great for discussion sake but I'm not gonna lie and say I don't love it when I am in sync with my homies. It be like...


  1. So I made a mistake….clearly last week wasn’t the best episode of the season and this week just up and ran away with that title and further more I would put in the top 3 all time (actually 2) with season 2 finale and then last weeks pulling in the rear at third. I know that it’s a prob an un presidented second time that I have disagreed with my man Jell in one season but I’ll tell u this, a set up episode this was not…and this ep was just a set up I cant WAIT to see the the war episode in the finale is gonna bring.

    And that is about as far as I will go with all of the disagreeing with you because all your opinions and post and the blog in general from this point on are SPOT on (which is kind of why I was curious as to why you thought it was a setup). Anywho, as you said it….it wasn’t much sooner that poor nuck had to deal with losing his right hand man who was trying to put in some work for him and his lady (to his right hand man) that my man had to “nuck if u buck” and make short work of the hit squad coming in to take care of him and his man eddie….Btw-I don’t know what it is but that raccoon hugging the cat gif really moves me, I have literally watch that abt 50 times today….it just gets me.

    Speaking of “nuck”…..my “nucka” chalky dunne was back in the building this episode and badder than ever!...His demeanor, his loyalty, and above all his swag really threw him back to the forefront of characters this season and it couldn’t have come soon enough! And I’d never thought I say this but he and my man Don P have really become to cats that im pulling for in the finale although I would be stunned to see them both make it through the war, especially droppy eyed don P….but ii do think that when he goes out he’s gonna go out like a hero. (side note, I KNOW that I’m not the only one that was thinkin, there is no way these negro’s wont sell nucky out for 25 dimes right quick but in the end I guess that I underestimated my own people..im embarrassed)

    I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU!! RH GONNA LEAVE THIS SEASON A HERO LIKE RAMBO, AND RAMBOII, AND RAMBO III, AND ROCKY IV AND THEN THE NEW RAMBO THAT I NEVER SAW!!!!.....once I saw gilian try to play my man out like that and him stare him down you KNEW he was going to gather his weapons to come back and shoot the effin place up…there’s no other way!!!.....the one man I did respect was the dude that was shredding the b in the living room willy nilly like no one else was even there, I actually was thinking “does Gillian think that broom is gonna stop him or arouse him more” cuz I know which side of that I would be on…JS. Why couldn’t he have been taking it to that pro ski that had tommy go into the room? I feel like that would have helped me out a bit, but maybe I was just lookin for her to get her “cum-up-in’s” on “on’s” or whatever…u know what im tryin to say

    THE PARTY DON’T START TILL I WALK IN!!!! TIC TOCK! GYP’S CREW IS ON THE CLOCK!! Shout to jimmy in that GIF btw, man do I miss that homey

    Lucky Luciano just couldn’t help himself (thank you for the foot soldier reference)….so now add meyer lansky to the list of mofo’s he has crossed along w/ AR, Nuck, Sleater, and Masserria….shouldnt be long now before he faces some serious danger, although they may save that for character development next year

    And big AL scratch was in the building!!!! Knew that guy was gonna show up and do something in som grand fashion but the end of last wek had me like YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAA! AND WHEN THEY SHOWED HIM WITH THE GATTLING GUN IN THE SCENES FROM THE NEXT YOU KNOW HE’S GOING OFF!!!

    LOOOOOVE how u worked Quinnie into the blog especially ahead of someone snuffing “scarlet o’horrible” in JERRY JERRY JERRY! (btw that is SOME punch)

    Question then becomes….how does “the war” play out?..who dies?...u already know my call oh RH, I think that we may see the end of Don P, GYP is def out, probably masseria, maybe Gillian….who else we got?

  2. GODDDDDAYUM. What an ill episode....Nucky, man of loyalty, balls and leadership. If Nucks doesnt realize now who he has on his team and who he needs to protect, then he never will. Poor Eddie, poppin open packages of dead people in the middle of the night, getting yelled at daily by his boss and doing all the shit work in the house, Nucky now realizes has a family, two sons and a wife himself yet he devotes every day to his job. And takes a bullet for his boss. Literally. While Nucky is philandering around the boardwalk organizing his next affair, booze deliver or assassin, Eddy has been an unwavering control in his life and I think the threat of losing one of the few constants really tugs at his conscience to take care of Eddie first and foremost before even himself.

    Chalky Dunne did it again. Chief stands with iron fist in front of the ramshackle home just feet from Nucky, his potential son in law working feverishly to dislodge and sew back up poor Eddy, Chalks stoically turns down a pretty penny that could have easily set him on the road to open up his club on the Boardwalk. I thought for sure Gyp was going to pull a fast last minute and bombard the house w Eddy still open on the surgeon's table mouth smotered by the hand of Nucky who obviously would be ended immediately.

    I wouldnt be surprised though if one of two things happens. either 1.) CHalky and/or his entourage are offed by Rosetti's squad or or 2.) last minute Chalky turns around and throws Nuck to the wolves Hunger Games style. This game has already become a survival of the fittest, cunningest (if thats a word which i dont think it is), and tactical gangster. So far Nucky has been able to win this game, but not without loss.

    I CANNOT WAIT for Gillian to get her ass handed to her. Richard is DTF her up and while he strong silent side may be reflected by the unmasked unemotional, reserved caring father figure and nurturing aspect of his soul, the other half is ready to get shit done. We got another quick peek what lies behind the mask when he chokes out his girls surly alcoholic abusive father to the ground. Theres more of that ready to be slung around, trust on that. I care about him. Deeply. I have not yet seen the season finale, but plan on catching up tonight. Can't wait.