Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's Put Some Lipstick on This Pig

On tonight's Boardwalk Empire, Gillian said dreams are where we should live, as she checked out further from reality and found a man to fill the void left by Jimmy's death.
Maybe it was the gypsy man, or possibly the Pooka, but regardless of who was to blame, my dreams of a great episode went up in flames as quickly as Nucky's greenhouse.

"Ging Gang Goolie" had its moments, but my hopes of seeing the show move forward on certain fronts was hamstrung by the resurrection of storylines I had taken for dead and buried. Gillian looked like she was finally accepting Jimmy's death until she went out and got herself a new man whose side-shaved haircut was anything but subtle.

She wants to call her handsome hoosier James? Really? I thought this creepy storyline died with Jimmy, but apparently we were not so lucky, as Gillian got a second chance to play the creepy mother hand.
Oh she chose the name James because "he was a king?" So you like getting nailed by the king do you? I guess we can expect to hear some of this in upcoming weeks? 

Fuck Me, Your Majesty!
Lucky might want to cash out and go into business with that trick he got fired.
Esther Randolph thought she had gotten a second chance at the one that got away, too, only to have the boat's captain cut her line. The courtroom proceedings actually provided many of the night's best entertainment. From Mr. Gold bragging to Nucky about his "wholesale" hooch operation to the judge's line about Randolph not seeking to give her life purpose in his courtroom.
"Miss Randolph I sympathize with your desire to bring purpose to your life, however, this courtroom is not the place to do it."

The best part of Nucky's trip to Washington, though, was when he asked the clerk if he could break a hundred to settle his five dollar fine.

I was happy to see Richard back on screen. At first I was surprised to see him go to the aid of the man who had called him "half moon" the night before, but I think Richard, more than anyone else, could see just how much Skorsky was hurting inside.
His daughter Julia certainly made an impression. Richard doesn't give away much when it comes to his feelings, but you just know that when he got the scrapbook out, he had some feelings of love brewing. Good for Richard, he deserves it.

I was relieved to get a week off from Margaret's medical mission, but instead of spending the screen time on someone like Capone or Rosetti we got a nauseating amount of scenes about Teddy and his creepy antics.
His poor sister, hasn't she been through enough? Now she has to share a room with that penknife wielding pyromaniac?
Helping me keep the faith were scenes like the one where Esther and Nucky had breakfast. The prospect of them taking down Remus, Daugherty and crew together could be very interesting. Mix in the diabolical Mr. Means and I am sure we would be in for some serious drama.

Also loved when Mickey asked if it was true that Rosetti was wearing a dog collar. He is always good for a laugh.

Were you happy Owen and Margaret got back together as sparks flew in the greenhouse for the second time in the episode? What do you think the future holds for her and the children? Is she going to leave Nucky? Can she afford to?
P.S. have you caught Jack Huston's new Guiness Black commercial running during football games?


  1. Honestly, after all of these different shows and post’s we have gone through together, I have LONG awaited a time that we would be in an agreement on one of the episodes actually sucking, and to be flat out honest, I wish that we hadn’t, or that it didn’t, or neither, both. Because this week sucked!! I actually told a couple of the other guys in my office to “not even to bother” it was literally that bad. Luckily…as always, as I go through this post it gives me SOMETHING this week to smile about because…..this sht, just wasn’t right to do to us

    I’m literally not even gonna discuss the Gyspy man, or the pooka, or the greenhouse but I can tell you that I love and respect you for continuing in the rich tradition of shtty Buscemi characters and throwing the big daddy hobo in the mix as the gypsy, that put special little feeling in my heart and OBVI the pick of my boo K wig put a special little feeling somewhere else (in what was EASILY the most ackward scene in bridesmaids) when I looked at it...i just feel…..right brian (family guy)

    Ps-I loved jimmy to death but was there really more than one person pushing that skater boi haircut that he rocked?...coooommme on dog, we know that’s some bullsht..also “are you really 29?” was this dude for real???..he’s getting to go for a RIDE and not the “take a deep breath lets experiment” kind either…jillian about to clean this guys CLOCK


    Richard harrow was back in the building!! Although it looks as tho he’s looking for his newest ang, and that’s really the side of him that I don’t care to see….it makes me al uncomfortable!....i mean is she really gonna let him break that down….noooot bloody likely…

    TWO THINGS! ONE! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY “his poor sister hasn’t she been thrugh enough? she has to share a room with a penknikfe wielding pyromanicac”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…..

    TWO; don’t ever have me looking at the little girl from the help on a Monday am…luckily im strong enough to deal with that today but that could have EASILY induced tears from brownie luc on a Monday, know ur readers!!=)

    Richard harrow went mainstream on us?? Good for him!! Did u also know that hi sthird career is as our tech guy? True story…new guy signed on that im SURE is him…I will try and steal a pic…..

    Anyway, the good news is that next week’s show really couldn’t be much worse so we have that going for us, and as a mater of fact it looks like rosette is getting ready to wage war on eryone… me something boardwalk!!..Jell u saved the day for me yet again…ur the jur-jell to my ka-lel….LOVE YA

  2. Thx Brownie...and don't you ever forget...You is is is important.

  3. Oh boy.....i just got verklemptd!!!!! not on a cloudy day...not you sean....not you!