Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Always Personal

At the close of last season, Nucky put a bullet in Jimmy to show he wasn't some half way gangster without any blood on his hands. On "Bone For Tuna" Nucky had himself an "out damn spot" moment as his dreams were haunted by the memory of the boy who once loved him like a father.
The usually unflappable Nucky wore his inner anguish on his face throughout the episode as his inability to put Jimmy's death behind him may prove to be his undoing. With pillow talk a thing of the past as far as Margaret is concerned, Nucky tried to raise Billie on the phone on several occasions. His uneasiness grew with each unanswered ring, as he struggled to reach out and touch someone... anyone.
Nucky confessed to wanting to be removed from his business, that it would just run itself. All the man really wants is to not be alone. Margaret is becoming more and more cunning the less she is able to care about Nucky as we saw her dupe the hospital head in front of the bishop. Billie most certainly has other men occupying her time but Nucky either doesn't care of doesn'y care to see the obvious so long as she keeps cookin up dat bacon like she does.
One of the biggest stresses about Nucky's job has got to be constantly dealing with head cases like Gyp Rosetti. There just is no pleasing men like him who, as Nucky put it, "can find an insult in a bouquet of roses." This guy though is a whole new breed of crazy the likes of which we haven't seen before. Proof being when he made that cop look like the cover of Rage Against the Machine's debut album.
Nucky, for the most part, feels pretty safe on his home turf of Atlantic City, but what will happen if a man like Gyp can recruit the likes of Gillian to join his efforts to take down the coastal king? Gyp, of course, had no idea why Nucky snubbed Gillian like he did, but he quickly added it to his list of things he took personally.
If he can get her and Eli on his side Nucky could be in for a rough ride and I'm not talking about the kind Sara Jay dishes out. I'm not too worried. Nucky is the kind of man to always and ace in the hole and based on what we saw this week, that ace may very well turn out to be Richard.
Few characters can deliver such hard hitting scenes with such limited dialogue like our resident masked man can. 63!?...In a row?
Life certainly is better with friends and Van Alden seemed to be reaping the benefits of such at home. Yes, his job is less than ideal, but at least he has traded in the self mutilation for a loving woman.
While I was disappointed not to get a second helping of Chalky this week, I did like seeing the Lucky/Lansky storyline advance. How about Meyer showing he is as good a shot as he is smart? Photobucket He certainly was smart to decide to cut Masseria in on the heroin business but unfortunately never got a chance to do so. We did get a glimpse of that famous Bugsy Siegel temper though. I wonder if he brought back any change for Lucky.

PhotobucketSo two wars seemed to be brewing by the end of this week, the inner city squabble over street corners and the intracity beef Gyp now has with Nucky. Can Nucky entice the young entrepreneurs from Manhattan to join him in taking down some higher-ups? He certainly isn't getting much help with his current staff of fools. Where will Rothstein stand when lines are drawn? What did you think?


  1. Ok so…..Right off the bat I can say that at the very least this episode was better than last week’s (obvi) and fro the sounds of it (spoiler alert) NEXT WEEK’S IS GOING TO BE THE BEST ONE EVER!...IN THE WORDS OF BART SCOTT…CANT…..WAIT!

    Have to say, when I watched Sleater read “BONE FOR TUNA” I was FLAT OUT racking my brain trying to figure out what the fk he was talking abt….luckily, we had the ever calm gyp rosette there to freakout and let us all know what the eff was going on there….and YOU KNEW that Sheriff Tommy boy was in for it when he said “and you’d stay a lot healthier that way” to my man in the diner…(pls read the Tommy boy reference includes his general appearance AND his propensity for horsing around at the gas station, problem was my man Gyp was the “maniac on the floor”

    It’s odd to see Nuck starting to feel remorse for wacking my man jimmy out (gd do I miss him) but I guess at the end of the day, what would you expect, guy took out his right hand man! And what would any of us do w/o our right hands!?? Start using your left!?? I think ima work myself over tnt and call it “a mickey doyle” (im srry I’ve said too much)

    PS—where the fk is Billie all night?!?! Can someone please tell me, and can we please view some of it….is that too much to ask?! I mean luckily I’m now looking at Agent wackdoo’s wife in a whole new light and couldn’t be happier that im a failing salesman after that episode, I may even start taking my act door to door!

    I said it before and I’ll say it again…Richard Harrow is going to leave this season as the martyer….anytime the guy does anything I want to be standing right behind him like the dude in “trading places” going……YEAH!...guy just fkn gets me! I was PRAAYING that we saw the end of giggles doyle over there but I can wait, cuz u KNOW that’s coming sooner or later

    I DIDN’T REALIZE THAT WAS BUGSY SIEGAL!!! IT’S THE SHT LIKE THIS THAT REALLY SUCKS ME INTO THIS SHOW MAN!! Lansky finally getting his gun off and showing everyone whats what…I have a feeling we’re gonna see some real sht between Chi and NY and this Herrron train soon, going to see what Al, Lucky, Bugsy and the crew are all about….ME LIKEY!

    A post wouldn’t be a post that didn’t have something in it that DIRECTLY spoke to me (coooollld blooded) and I guess that’s where our “UNNNNIIIITY” comes from old friend…it could be atwo man show but I wouldn’t give it up for the world! CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK!

  2. Holler back Bitches. I'm back and caught up, harnessed and readier than ever. For starters, I know alot of groundwork needed to be laid out in the first few episodes now that Jimmy is a non entity in the show's plot, but I had to pause and set my alarm to wake up a few times in episodes one and especially two of this season. I feel it best to hop in now that episode 3 is done and dusted and some action is starting to grab my attention..The hospital scenes albeit the anti Kool-Aid commercial Miscarriage scene "OH YEAH?" was the only attention grabber..that poor bad-milk chugging mama busted through those doors like a red Kool Aid pitcher through a brick wall.Margaret's role in the hospital management represents one part control over Nucky and one part symbolism of women's pivotal era of feminism.I gotta agree with my boy Brownie Luc..There's definitely some sexual tension between Margaret and the Smoking Doc. Margaret has a habit of beginning each P-in-Vagee relationship with moments of defiance before things heat up between the thighs. Long story short: Man dismisses Margaret, man shows a glimmer of how he can help her, man is a total d*ck to has his d*ck in her. "ew dont smoke" (but if you continue it it secretly turns me on) type deal.
    Speaking of d*cks.I may be hitting the wrong target audience in this blog , but anyone remember "Mr. Too Big" in Sex in the City? Samantha couldn't even handle him in the episode and she could handle everyone.I wonder if that cockiness (pun intended) stuck with him when he plays Rosetti, lightin people on fire and shit. Takes a big dong to pull that off..Sorry boys. Fantasy over.
    Billie seems to have hooked Nucky. She clearly posseses the authentic "I don't give a fuck attitude" that Nucky is unfamiliar with regarding his women.AND. HE. DIGS.IT. Btch is happy to keep her extra curricular activities separate, enjoy a little old man Nucky ass on the side and cook her bacon.
    The whole "Bone for Tuna" seems sorta like a stretch to me. Its originally from the Italian saying "Buon Fortuna", no im not Italian, yes i did catch the post episode explanation. It means basically "good luck" in this case accepted as a sarcastic "Dear Rosetti,'yea, good luck with this one, jackass, you'll need it', Love Nucky #suckitbitch" I do like the element of Atlantic City flavor in there though...not NYC not Vegas, so we're gonna wing it, bone for tuna sounds close enough..AC seems close enough, but not quite..
    Nucky's guilt still looms over his shoulder. Literally. In the scene when Richard busts into nucky's office, the picture on the wall over Nuck's shoulder is smeared w a vague likes of red blood...or just leaves or something, but it looks like blood to me. One of the few distinct colors i noticed in addition to Nucky's red rose corsage. Flashbacks of Jimmy as a boy haunt him and Richard's point in dragging in the boy who cried murder was not just to spare the guy his life but to acknowledge to Nucky he knows what he did last summer...and spring, and winter, and in general. Also, Richard is letting Nucky know he is a force to be reckoned with. Jimmy was a product of the game, but his beloved Angela was a casualty who should never have been caught in the crossfire.
    I havent watched episode 4 yet, but me so cited for it. Hopefully tonight.