Tuesday, December 6, 2011

That's My Momma

We will get to the giant elephant in the room soon enough but aside from what is rather common place in places like West Virginia and Cleveland, Ohio there was a lot of amazing this week to discuss.

The flash back sequences to Jimmy's days at Princeton were very special. I'm never shocked by Scorcese's attention to detail or his costume departments for that matter, but I am constantly in awe. Case in point was the well chewed pencil Jimmy held while reading aloud to his classmates and professor.
We saw that Jimmy's tendency to "come out swingin'" was a part of him from early on and a byproduct of his upbringing in Atlantic City. While most of his classmates came from well off families by way of schools like Phillips Exeter, our boy prepped at the School of Hard Knocks. His professor found that out the hard way after he messed with Gillian at the school mixer.
I loved seeing Jimmy in the early days of he and Angela's relationship. Highlight though was his room mate self deprecating quips and his referencing Cyrano De Bergerac when he called Angela his "Roxanne."
We knew Gillian has always had a weird relationship with her son bordering on the inappropriate like when she shared with Angela how she used to kiss Jimmy's winkie as a baby, but I never thought they would take us where they did this week. Gillian you were wrong, there definitely was something wrong, there was something wrong with all of it. Flash forward to when she was going over the funeral arrangements with Jimmy and she remarked how Angela didn't really have a very wide circle. Well you would know Mommy Dearest having had your son inside you like she did. Jimmy woke up the morning after and we've all had those face in hands moments after a night of boozing and poor decision making, but this was a whole different ball of wax. Maybe I wasn't as appalled as most because my college room mate had this tape he kept in his sock drawer that I would borrow periodically titled Taboo-The Ultimate Sin, but I do put all the blame on Gillian. Just like Jimmy's fast temper was a product of his upbringing so is his distorted sense of family and sexual conduct. There was no fire wall whatsoever when it came to his mother's sexual exploits and his sense of what a mother son relationship was perverted from birth.
One of the more impressive shots of the season, perfectly captured Jimmy at the crossroads of his life as he looked out the window and saw a car load of coeds driving off screen as in the distance a formation of soldiers marched out onto the quad. In case that wasn't an obvious depiction of the crossroad Jimmy had reached in life, the railroad crossing sign in the foreground left little to misinterpret. We soon realize that Jimmy is aware of Angela's death and the flashbacks were brought on most likely by his dive bombing the envelope of heroin Lucky gave to him. (Great Call btw by Brownie Luche last week) I've seen a lot of weird techniques for getting f'ed up in my day. I once saw Johnny Knoxville stick drugs right up his 2-hole, but this was by far one of the most pathetic scenes of drug abuse I have even witnessed. Can someone get that guy a straw?!?!? Jimmy looks like he and Mr. Brownstone will be spending a lot of time Under the Bridge if you know what I mean.
Meanwhile back home his boys are moving on without him and looking to cut him out of the equation like Boston George. Jimmy hasn't exactly left them much choice with his inability to move their booze. They each seemed to have no issues selling their own lots. Lucky had to only go as far at Hoboken to unload his. I gotta side with the young guns here and say Jimmy was droppin the ball there. How hard is it to sell booze when there is nothing but demand and no supply. It's like Chris Rock once said, "Drug dealers don't sell drugs. Drugs sell themselves...You don't ever really got to try to sell crack. I never heard of crack dealers going, 'Man, how am I going to get rid of all this crack? It's just piled up in my house." Uh gimme a happy meal and an 8-Ball thank you!On the subject of addiction Margaret must have some serious sauce in the bedroom because Sleater may have gotten her off his fingers but she was still stuck in his head this week. She did look pretty amazing as she brushed her hair while talking to Nucky.
Don't look so glum though Katie. If Margaret keeps giving our man the Heisman he is gonna come knocking at your door once again or end up looking like Quagmire.

Speaking of weird arm muscles, where did the Commodore get his retard strength from. One look at Jimmy's face though when he went after Gillian told you no amount of thrust practice was gonna stop Jimmy from winning that mortal kombat. Gillian might be weird and twisted, but she is cold blooded son. She wasted no time telling Jimmy to finish the old man off.
I so wanted Jimmy to finish off the Oedipus Complex with some sort of catch phrase to the tune of "How's that for showing you my cock? Can u see my cock now Dad?" Oh well I guess the knife from his pants was all the imagery he needed.
Saddest moment of the week aside from Emily's "magic legs" fail (which we have agreed we have no interest in discussing because it's way too emotional) was Richard's goodbye to Angela. Having mustered all his restraint to not call Gillian a flat out "C" after she basically called him a "re-tard" in front of the police officer, I was amazed he was able to keep it together while he rubbed the blood of his beloved Angela between his fingers. If we don't see him avenge either with or without Jimmy, I will shit a brick. Scalping won't even come close to what he thinks up for Mannie the butcher. Maybe he can borrow Chalky's daddy's tools.
Well that's about it for me this week, I can't wait to hear your comments. Till then I'm out da door like Van Alden.


  1. nice job chris, thanks again for another enjoyably entertaining recap on one of the more interesting epsiodes i can recall. unlike you, i will not diminsih the elephant in the room, or speak about it as though its normal every day business. the kid fucked his mother- period, the end. i dont care where youre from, what oedipus you suffer from, he fucked his mother. thats unacceptable by all accounts, and quite frankly, i cant beleive the writers went there. that is just such a bizzare and freakish subject manner to take on, im just besides myself. and now nearly 48 hours have elapsed since i watched it, and im still shaken up over it... but i digress.
    excellent episode aside from that- really did a great job of taking us back in time. once again i truly hope this show wins best costumes, cause every week they continue to outdo themselves.

    couple questions im left with:
    1. why did jimmy start strangling his mom?
    2. why did she instruct him to finish the commodore?
    3. why did the commodore try to kill his son, for gillian?
    4. why is darmandy trying to strrike a deal with the adulterer? and why did he not accept it?

  2. Did I diminish the elephant? I think not. I addressed it in full if i do say so. I just got off with Mutedric and he and I admitted to each other that we both fast forwarded thru the incest scene. Not 4 bar fast forward but definitely two times at the least.

  3. Marc asked: 4. why is darmandy trying to strrike a deal with the adulterer? and why did he not accept it?

    He meant to say Mickey Doyle not "darmandy." Just to be clear. I'll let you all address any questions as u see fit and fill in after if I think there is need. TIME TO GO HAM FELLAS!!!

  4. well ill be the first to admit that i didnt fast fwd it, as im able to suspend disbelief... and lets not kid ourselves, she is hot as hell.. i found myself watching closely, but more so with one eye closed, ya know... like a train wreck. but damn is she hot.
    if you guys could address some of the other questions, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.

  5. Watch with "one eye opennnnn, grippin your pillow tight!"

  6. 1st time, long time Chris...great read. couple things I see happening next week...I think Van Alden now on run takes up Mickey Doyle on his proposal...but instead of splitting the dough with him, kills him or rats him out to the boys..he grabs his nanny broad and the baby and is off...which leaves Nucky with just his brother to contend with as a credible witness...the "blood is thicker than water" line will come into play in the last episode...I think Eli does the right thing and sets us up for Nucky being back on top next season

  7. Lemme start by saying that i LOVE the title of this weeks post "you may remember him as junior from the christmas episode of "thats my momma"...hahaha well done sir.

    I would have to agree w/ Jell here Marc (no surprise there)....i would say that i feel there was certainly significant attn paid to the elephant in the room ESPECIALLY w/ the post starting out the way that it did but at sompoint i think we all have to start talking about it so as we dont all vomit on ourselves right?...i mean, i have never had teh heebie jeebies more in my life than i think i did when i saw those two going after it, i mean i literally havnt called my mom or respnded to an email she has sent me in three days....not sure i ever will again.

    I have to admit that I have woken up many a time and felt pretty awful about what i did the night before as im sure that we all have but jimmy "motherfuck (well done) my life moment takes the cake!. I have to agree that joining the army and requesting permamnt front lines would probably be the only option left for me, either that or "grenade tester" (non jersey shore/every day of my life kind either).

    So now we see where the dark half of our man jimbo comes from, and it coomes as no surpirse but did he really have to take it too his professor like that?...i mean the dude was like "that was your mother!??!?!" as if to say "das my bad dog"...he didnt need to take it to him like that...mistakes were made. (ps, jell, u still have a copy of that tape your rommy had?? something about that cover speaks to me. =)

    agree/LOVE the depth of the shots this week, fro the pencil to the crossroads of teh tracks!...would be lying if i said i noticed it at the time but thats what i got my man jelly jell for..LOVE YA!

    Hate to pull a jman here but i did call that jimmy was going to be hitting that H to deal with the pain of angela's death!!! maybe its because im a sicko and thats what i would have done or maybe because i was hoping that would happen but either way the kid was spot on in that one! and thats my third shot in the post in the last two weeks!! things are looking up for me!

    would be lying if i said that i got the Mr browntone and under the bridge references specifically but i get where its going once you throw tyrone biggums into the mix!....could watch that fool shimmy all day...makes me miss chalky dunner tremendously!

    Where is sleater taking this whole thing w/ maragaret?...with one epp to go its obv that marty going to set us up w/ alot of qquestions and concerns for next season but, i just dont see much coming of this. I DO however want to know what happened to paz and i think that Officer Mcfreakshow is getting ready to shred his babysitter but that may be something for next season.

    btw, that Peter and Kathy ireland (when they are in teh shower) and qquag discivering internet smut EASILY one of the best one ever!!

    All in all i was telling kenny there is nothing like the ole' "twisting your mom and killing your dad (sick MK setup btw)" to keep you on your toes before teh finale but where will this take us? is gillian really ging to try and assume the roll of mom (not yaya) for jimmys son?....is paz EVER coming back?, is jimmy going to get it somewhat together to hanle his BIDNESS? (like whack stuid mickey)...is this fool nuck going to jail? will jell d be able to produce that movie from his college roomies sock drawer?...so many questions, not enough answers

  8. Love that we added to MJC (we love booze) to our already special MGC (miss you boo) this week....i agree though Matty....Van Freakshow prob will take Mikey up on his deal, and either jimbo, or Van alden going to wack him out and leave a world of pain behind.

  9. Great recap as usual Chris. Thanks for all your hard work this season/year with this blog and the many others that we follow.
    I'm going to try to answer Marc's questions with my opinion.

    1. I think he started to strangle her and probably would've killed her because she was going off and implying that his son would forget his mother in a month and that she would basically be his mother. I think it was to protect his son. While they dont show it a lot, he does have a great father/son relationship.

    2. She has always wanted the Commodore out of the picture, so her son could run the town. She is obviously a disturbed person and she truly believes that Jimmy, his son, and her will be a happy family living in the commodore's house.

    3. I dont think the Commodore likes Jimmy at all. The commodore doesnt respect him and probably thinks Gillian really loves him. in a very aggressive slapping the sht out of him kind of way.

    4. I think Doyle knows that he is getting screwed from every end. He knows he's not welcome in the Butchers territory. He knows that his other "partners" can care less about him and would rather him dead. and he knows Jimmy isnt going to have his back at all. He basically just lost $60k.

    I agree with 'I love booze' when he says that Van Creepy is going to try to make the deal with Mickey. He is going to need some fast cash to get out of town and support his kid and the nanny. Although I have a feeling he fails and he's killed off the show. Just a hunch. He's busy working on the next Superman movie right now as General Zod and he'll be in production and post on that for a while. I guess we'll just have to wait and watch on Sunday.

  10. The reason Jimmy choked out his mom and not in a good YouJ.com way was because she was totally dismissing the loss of Angela. While young Tommy may forget her, Jimmy never will and I think he had had it with Gillian's insults. Recall her line about Angela not really having any friends, etc. She basically was saying to Jimmy now that we got your wife out fo the way we can finally get on being the creepy incestual family she has always wanted. He was screaming "I'll Remember!"

  11. thanks for all the answers guys... def helps set me up for the all important finale. im finally coming to terms wtih the incest scene; though i still wont endorse it.
    speak to you all monday morning (if chris finds an hour to watch it sunday night......)

  12. FYI.. Jell D ..Mute is from the Cleve...Mute did not have intercourse with his mom or any relatives...SO Mute does not appreciate the shot at his hometown...Mute has special place in his heart for the Cleve and it's bad enough everyone else piles on so Mute would appreciate if you didnt join on the Lebron train and pound his hometown..And Mute Thanks You ..
    OK now that Mute is doen with that.. EXCELLENT post Jell ...loved the Oedipian ref and the crossroads diatribe well done and very wel thought out .. You have outdone yourself this week and as we come to close on season you continue to amaze..hats off to u ..
    The doctor scenes with the braces was awful tore me apart and still wish they d go away with that story line...I did LOVE the priest ref about heaven/hell with the bowls of food .. the lesson as we all know if you give, you will end up receiving .. like Mrs S .. she gives up her wonderful Vageene to all willing participants and she gets taken care of financially. Life is oe big negotiation .. we cant forget that. So use your negotiation pieces wisely.. So use words, some use money, some use powerand some use Vageene .. let that be a lesson to you ...

    Now onto the elephant in the room .. the mamafuck..Ok felt like this was coming to a boil for weeeks..now I did watch it granted on 2x ff not the 4x ff like the polio scenes..did I rewind ?? um well yeah .. b/c a part of me wanted to know if Jimmy finished strong I mean when u bang your mom do u keep it in or you put a map of Hawaii on her belly ?? what is the protocol there??? I am intrigued by it bc from beginning of time this dilemma has existed obviously bc the Greeks wrote about it ...we all know it is sick and wrong but if your mom is hot and only 13 years older than you does it make ok ..like on a scale of 1-10 ..10 being the worst..if your mom is only 13 years older than you and hot and you bang her where does that rank ?? 1 or or 2 ?? Nowhere near as banged up as if your mom is like 30 years older than you and not too hot which is a 10..Plus if everyone thinks your mom is hot and shes young isnt it kind of normal to want her too??? I dont know jus tsome thoughts but i m trying to get my arms around it ..
    Not a big fan of the brat pack trying to cut Jimmy out I know business is business but Jimmy got this going he deserves his loot. I am very interested to see what Jimmy does to make things right ?? Par tof me thinks he ties up some lose ends..The butcher for sure but part of me thinks that he has a moment of clarity and realizes Knucky is only person who TRULY cared about him and his well being and he comes hoe Prodigal son style..Mute thinks Jimmy takes out Doyle and maybe even Van Alden repays his debts toNucky and takes back AC and his rightful place at Nucky's side..Jimmy knows his role and what he is supposed to be and I think Angelas death has opened his eyes to what is really important and who he can trust... 1/2 face & Nucky and thats it .. But what else does Jimmy do to make things right ???

  13. Van alden is straight freak show but guy is stone faced killer .. saw the shoes and gun from his old partner and didnt flinch and then breaks out of dodge guns ablazing..But what does he do now ?? He is man without a country and with NOTHING to lose . guys with Nothing to lose are the most dangerous kind ..he doesnt have enough time to get the dough from the shipments does he??? Love how this guy went from straight laced GoD fearign man to totally corrupted boozing, humping swindler ...Love what AC can do to a man ..but it just goes to show u no man is an island.. Also his German nanny what is her deal?? Is she hot ?? is she big girl?? If they wrestled would she win ?? Does she have a penis??? Does Van Alds give her moist britches...? Is her bush blonde or brown? If they humped would he need to strap a 2x4 on his backside so he doesnt get swallowed by her hips?? she seems to like his game..What is his appeal ?? I mean he banged Paz and chicks liek the dude..I mean I dont know how he gets them in but he must be doign somethign right ..Lesson to all treat um like schit and they come back for more or they leave poop diaper on your record player..
    Loved the Mrs S and Nucky discussion at end .. him givign her the business about the drama and feeling sorry for herself and her mouthing back while finishign wiht the old " Are u going to strike me now?" Part of me was like hells yeah slap the schit out of her...I mean talk about ungrateful biatch..He gives her a life, a home and everythign else and she wants to testify against him and how does she repay him ?? by banging the Irish help and testifying against him .. Talk about ungrateful...Nucky realizes he is in trouble and running out of allies which leads me to believe he will aprreciate and take Jimmy back .. I dont know but very excited to see how it plays out

    Finally the end scene with Commodore pulling old man strength to stop Jimmy ..Amazing what adrenaline can do to a droopy lipped soup eater hunh??? The standoff with both men staring at each other in disbelief as the Woman they loved and trusted is in the middle of them choosing her side... What a great scene and completely closing the Oedipian loop where he sleeps with his mom and kills his father, the only thign we are left with is the king loses his kingdom which seems to be happening with the Brat pack betrayal.. the end to a Greek tragedy unfolding in front of our eyes in 1920s AC...The finish him line was AWESOME .. I was hoping a Cobra Kai memeber would jump out of the background and scream " Sweep the Leg or Get him a bodybag"..The enemy deserves no mercy ..strike hard strike fast no mercy sir ...

    Remember ...We cant choose our destiny our destiny chooses us...and the finale will teach us that I feel .. Or who the hell knows??? Mute Don’t know

  14. Mute I think Van Alden ends up takin down the nanny. Read a spiler alert from awhile back where Paz was out on the town and hammered (no spoiler there) but she let slip that her and Nelson's baby doesn't survive the season. Maragaret is really gettin on my nerves. Was she seriouys with the whole "are you gonna strike me now" line. Nucky knows how lucky he is to have her. The guy looks like he chewed on M-80's as a kid and I'm guessing what he's got between his legs resembles Smeagle from Lord of the Rings. Where does she get off threatening to testify against him. She can't even come clean about Sleater to him, but she's willing to out him in a court of law? Maybe that's her plan. Get rid of Nuck and head back to the motherland with Sleater. Maybe bring Katie along for when things start to get a little mundane.

  15. Great Poste O'hara, sorry i'm late. but this episode was pretty gnarly it made me wanna strip naked, burst out of my window, free fall , faceplant in the snow, make a snow angel mixed with my own blood, shiver from the cold, get hypothermia, DIE, go the pearly gate, say wuzzup to Jesus, do our secret hand shake, look for Buddha, find him, have him reincarnate me into a frog, meet a princess, kiss her, turn into a prince, order my subjects to bring me a a 65 inch TV, watch this episode again, cry myself to sleep. Wake up.. Repeat

    And thats about it.

  16. i have a strange feeling that we may learn soon that Gillian is not Jimmy's real mother, and they are going to lessen the severity of what we witnessed sunday night... i feel like maybe commodore had sex wtih someone connected to gillian, and told everyone she was jimmys mother. i have nothing to substantiate this thought, but i wouldnt be surprised.

  17. Chalky Five!!!.....((i'll bet that dunner will have something to say about that)..with that said, that fkn post was off the chizzarts!!!

    ...moving on...I want too say one thing...mute from the cleave is a real fkn gentleman. there i have said it...if there was a big three, he would bee Bronbron. and thats all im gonna say about that.

    Spolier Alert; (and i not saying i stole this idea and not saying that i didnt) but i think that nuk is going to get into a situation where he has to wack out margaret for droppin a dime on a ngga and sleater is going to be faced with a decision wether or not he can or cant do it! just throwin that out there

  18. Chalky Five welcome. Better late than never. Can only imagine the secret handshake you and Jesus have. Wonder if it's similar to the one Mute and his priest had growing up.

    Marc, you must be hittin the envelope like Jimmy was cause you're dreamin' pal. It happened.

  19. "Wonder if it's similar to the one Mute and his priest had growing up."


  20. Ok 1. Mute was an altar boy 2. Mute did not have a middle part with my hair 3. Mute is God Fearing man but not at all costs of satisfying a sick man who needs a release given from a younger less pubed boy 4. as stated in previous posts Mute likes vageene and Mute likes frickers.