Monday, September 17, 2012

Nuck If You Buck

As Boardwalk Empire Season 3 opened, most of the characters were busy preparing to usher in the new year - but there was just enough time for some last minute blood shed.
In the first scene of "Resolution" we got our first glimpse of (Nurse Jackie resident D.B.) Bobby Cannavale's Gyp Rosetti and his quick temper. For such a well-healed man, Gyp's skin seemed pretty thin, almost to the point of over doing it. He's a big fan of dropping the insult then trying to play it off as a joke huh? "I said with all due respect."

Nucky did not so much as blink though when the aggressive Sicilian beat his chest before storming out of their kitchen nook conference call. Nor did Rothstein when Gyp lashed out with him. (Note the smile at the end)
Nothing like some anti-Semitic slurs on the eve of the second most important Jewish holiday. Arnold is as cool as the glasses of milk he tends to drink. Important to note from that scene was Lansky and Lucky have finally earned a place at the table. Lucky showed he has matured as he kept his cool when Gyp called him short pants.  Don't you worry, he still knows how to coin a phrase.
Also with them was Franky Yale played by Joseph Riccobene. We have seen him before as the man who shot Colosimo.

Nucky seemed to have taken Jimmy's parting words to heart and showed us he is no half way gangster as he flippantly ordered Manny to put a bullet in Nate the thief's head. Some may argue, though, that unless he actually pulls the trigger, he will forever be a "shook one."
Meanwhile, Jimmy's mother Gillian appears to have been a busy woman. People cope with empty nest syndrome in a variety of ways, but turning your ex-sugar-daddy's mansion into a brothel, I have a feeling, was a first. The new girl Evelyn seemed to catch Richard's eye...(get it? eye?) I think she reminded him of Angela.
Thankfully for young Tommy's sake, Richard has been kept on and seems to have become the boy's attendant. How amazing was the scene where he was winning Tommy all those prizes at the fair shooting gallery.
The owner was like "that's enough pal, move along." Richard complied but you know inside he was like...
I'm not sure why I was initially shocked when we learned Gillian has been telling Tommy she is his mother, especially after all the creepy mommy dearest stuff from last season.
As Richard ushered in the new year by showing Manny's brains the back door out, I initially figured he was on some sort of vendetta to wipe out those who did Jimmy and Angela in... but part of me wonders if Nucky is somehow pulling his strings now.
Dean O'Banion might think Al Capone is Torrio's little puppet, but he might want to start setting aside some Calla Lily's for his own wife, so she has something to rest on his casket. The old scene where Al told Jimmy about his son being deaf was one of the most emotional moments in the show's history, so when the Chi-town florist made light of the poor boy's handicap I was shocked to see Al settle down so easily. He is one dog whose bite is certainly worse than his bark, and Van Alden or not, Dean will have his day soon enough. Al's line about chewing through his leash was one of my favorites of the episode.

Not sure going door to door is necessarily a smart career move for an ex FBI agent who is on the run. He didn't exactly seem to have the Glengarry leads did he? And how about his Stuart Smalley moment?

Van Alden's little Tony Robbins-esque mantra is actually from Emile Coue,  a French psychologist who introduced a popular method of psychotherapy in his book, Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion. A bestseller in 1923 it is still in print today.
In an episode where multiple characters took shots to the dome, I think the one I felt the worst for was the poor little girl who had her stroller force fed to her when Van Alden tried to squeeze by her and her mother.

The premiere did well to remind us of most of the story lines from last season, be it the political aspect with Shooter McGavin (Harry Daugherty) or Margaret's infidelity with Owen Sleater. Throw on top of all that, this new storyline of Margaret's involvement in the hospital - along with Chalky White - and we have a recipe for amazing. I loved how Margaret didn't throw that young doctor under the bus for telling her about the lack of prenatal care at the hospital. She and her family might be in for some trouble though. The way Gyp Rosetti handed her the dog he took off the motorist he killed seemed like a bad omen. It may have well been a severed horse head judging by the face Nucky made as he watched the scene unfold. Nucky might beat Gyp to it though when he finds out she donated the land to the church. She already got a talking to at the party for speaking out of line.
Things were relatively back to normal for the time being. Margaret continues to feel like a trapped bird wanting to fly, Nucky has himself a new mistress and the people of Atlantic City still kneel before his altar of booze and debauchery. I will be there along side them each week as well, as I feel we are in for a great ride this season.




    so you KNEW that once you even saw Gyp Rosetti at the get go that this guy was gonna be some kinda problem for the crew’s of NY/NJ/Chicago and he sure didn’t disappoint! I tad different from the Glove loving homosexual cop boyfriend from Will and Grace a couple year back but still had that rough around the edges tough appeal that we are all soon going to love (hate)…as soon as the old man put down “regina/scruffie” I knew he was a goner..i was literally like the black guys in the movie theatre yelling at the screen “don’t go in there gril!! Get out of there!”…but alas it was too late. RIP old kind man…at least gyp was willing to give the scruffy a good home (ps—WITH ALL DUE RESPECT! HAHAHA! “is she already wasted??”)

    btw, it goes without saying that I would be SHOCKED to see GYP make it out of the end of this season after he went after AR, Nuck, Lucky and crew like that I mean that sht made me feel VERY uncomfortable “fk u, fk u, you’re cool, fk you and im out” but my man forgot to tell anyone that they were cool! Tsk tsk!
    (ps—now u got me watching all these program highlights again…..andithanku)

    Have to love my man Richard Harrow trying to do the right thing by Tommy (and have to hate that son twisting Jillian trying to threaten him like he was the retard Lennny from of mice and men) but you have to think that at somepoint this guy is going to play the hero in this season, and lrd knows he’s off to a good start when he peeled back Manny’s cap at his front door, I think that there are big things in store for Mr harrow this season and im calling it now, this guy may become my knew favorite character (behind my man lucky)…I don’t think nuck is pulling any strings as of yet I think that RH is on a crusade of his own to make sht right in the world…just need to see how far he’s gonna take it, I like where its going tho

    I have to admit that I was kinda disappointed in the way that Al allowed himself to get punked like that in the flowershop by agent wackadoo and O’banion but I guess even the best of us can get got from time to time, helps us to more appreciate when Al does get him and you KNOW he will.

    Speaking of Wackadoo “im good enough I’m smart enough” (well done) so I forget is the babysitter now his lady?....did they ever make it an official deal? I couldn’t remember but I can say that she is a heck of a lot cuter than I remember her being hopefully they don’t cheat us and we get to see the bidness, if not WE MAY HAVE A PROBLEM HERE NUCKA

    Between Nucky walking out the door and going to shred Billy and Maragaret longing for her freedom (ps anyone else think that plane was a little low) there is no question that this season has a chance to be better than the last, question is; whats gonna happen with Nuck and Maggs, Gyp rosette gonna take some of this consortium out the game?...Agent Wackadoo gonna join the darkside in Chi? All I know is that I love where this is heading! And Look forward to a ganr gnar year! Bring it!

  2. Enjoyed the strong opening ..nothign like some peops getting capped to start and end a show .. My favorite new character was the Doctor who runs the hospital.. Remember that dude from Die Hard with a Vengence ?? he was the henchman for SImon's crew that had the hot wife who was sleeping with Simon.. Think hs name is Pargo...
    Have to admit not sure I like the Irish guys going in with the Van Creepy.. THe guy obviously aint going back to the FBI maybe he turns into Bruce Willis in that movie where he is hired killer for the Italians and Irish ..Last Man standing ??
    Nucks is startign to become a real gangsta and he knows he needs less layers ... Love seeing the smug smile on AR 's face and the look of utter defeat on Lucky's & Lansky's priceless look there..
    Not in good place but Gretchen Moll is starting to weird me out.