Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where was Van Alden?

(HMG Celebrity News) – There was a New York Magazine article last year profiling Paz de la Huerta, written by a one-time fling Jay Bulger, portraying her as an exhibitionist,who’s obsessed with being famous and shocking people in public. Now in the public eye as Steve Buscemi’s character’s girlfriend in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, Paz made quite the spectacle of herself, after she got so drunk after the Golden Globes last night that she was turned away from the GG Afterparty. TMZ has a video of Paz, stumbling around with a breast hanging out of her dress. Once the doorman at the Chateau Marmont convinced her she was too drunk to enter the party, Paz and a male friend began to walk away, until she suddenly fell down and caused a huge rip up the back of her dress. Even after all the humiliation, and probably because she was plastered out of her mind, Paz was still willing to sign an autograph.

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  1. she's probably the only person on the show who could get away with that without being accused of tainting the show's brand because shes in character...